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SwSwayay - s/t (cd, 8tx, 36'14'' - Sillas Famosas Rec, distr. Clairecords 'o0) - I first heard Their song called Channel on We're Not Alone vol. 4, - compilation tape released by our local-notsolocalbased Best Kept Secret: extremly pure dreampop, a panning controlled guitar feedback, and female/male voices softly whispered. - Now i'm happy to guest this song, mp3 encoded, here on komakino, so i'd suggest You to go and download it (for free, of course), just to start. - However, this song is not included on this excellent ep, - but however there's what to be happy: here there's a print of american indie-rock background than dreampop; - i mean, yes, guitars have got the main role, and some are à la My Bloody Valentine (e-bow on US Girl, the oneiric flooding of Glitterstiim) but wrapping some others in Sonic Youth-ish/Dinosaur Jr style (I Just Die, with ill-treated screaming guitars, between wha-wha and feedback noise), - and moreover there's the perfect brace of voices (here with an higher volume). A come&go of quick and slowing-down rythms (hear how melacholic ballad of Blood Orange ends, about 1o minutes), columns and rivers of guitar-driven, bliss and blissed out, beautiful noise. - Very good indeed, a balsam to weigh Your-self in the air. - Cd released in 5oo numbered copies, 6$. Here You can read an interview with Andy. // Info and mp3s:,,,

Dynamite Anna & the Bone Machine / Melt Banana - 4 Scheletri Ballano Il Tango della Morte / Tintarella di Luna (45gg, 2tx - Valium rec 'o2) - Well, in truth Bone Machine's title song is in japanese, as well as ADynamite Anna & the Bone Machinenna's sung, - but because i do not have the related fonts, - well, sorry. Anyway They are italians, and share this 45rpm in red vynil with Melt Banana, - and yes These ones are japanese, - but here They sing in italian (!) on Tintarella di Luna (- Moonlight Sunbath) - a 6o's italian hit, sung in past by Mina. - But They cover it with Their own typical style, - that is furious walls of heavy distorted guitars and machine-gun percussions, - a blow-up throwing in the air the tiny voice of little doll Yasuko O, - in a very funny mood (even if They were serious). - Anna's Group, She, an all-redfire creature (as i'm watching on the pictures), is accompanied by a trio of Reservoir Dogs, doing a sort of rock & roll in b-movie tones. It would need i can hear something more to have a better idea, - anyway i guess Their concerts should be very funny. // Info: Andrea Grillo - v. Galilei, 57 - o4o11 Aprilia (Lt) - Italy // - Valium rec - v. Nomentana, 113 - oo1oo Roma - Italy

HypHypnotech 3notech 3 - In Tune with the True Distortion (cd, 5tx, 63'48'' - Autoprod. 'o2) - Ambient, Ill-bient, very very well live-recorded (if i didn't read it on the notes, i never said), sounds coming from the infinitive space, alien manoeuvre, - that is, Alien Space Manoeuvre, - opening track for this cd, about 16 minutes track: did You ever see that kind of out of focus visual effects, town lights becoming long trail of light in movement?, - alright, - because that is the most faithful music arrangement of that, - and John Merral (ex Heaven Piano & Co, canadian 9o's Band lost in a beautiful shoegaze) knows too, together with Michael J. Pawluk. - A cover picture where three lampposts deform/change in mouths. - A cd to be heard in horizontal position, - perfect sound-track for space odissey, - listen to Stella Maris Space Station, or else the ultra-low frequencies in Nine Seconds Of Light (notwithstanding its title, be ready for 12 minutes of sound). Disquieting, dark, light years sleeps, a cold sleep under hibernation. Cd closes with a last instrumental track, different from the rest because of its 'real' line-up, featuring drums, distorted bass guitar, layered guitar, (brief Heaven Piano & Co memory) driving into melancholic loneliness. - It costs 5 usa dollars, featured on Clairecords's catalogue. // Info: John Merrall - 45 Reno Avenue - Hamilton, Ontario L8T 2S5 - CANADA, -

Pcus - Bambina/Religion (45gg, 2tx - Kutmusic Italhouse, distr. Valium) - I believe Pcus are near to White Zombie and Atari Teenage Riot, - i mean, the way to put together heavy guitars and techno drum-machine carpets, electronic loops - with Satan in the background, - listen to Religion, - the Lucyfer's manifesto indeed (la voce nel deserto [the voice in the desert, - he sings]), - male sung, in italian, i'd rather to say 'recited', not properly sung: - i'd say these are songs good to be danced at the end of a concert, - but they're boring on the long distance. // Info: Kutmusic Italhouse c/o Nicola Battista -,

Lo-lite - Sidekicks (cd, 14tx, 35'58'' - 7o2 Records 'o2) - Booze-up with Stooges and Howlin' Wolf, to cite a great black blues man ranging around 7o's and 9o's, - a kind of blues&boogie, acid and rancid on oblique Lo-lite voice, treble level at its highest, - slide on guitar, sometimes out of chord, - quick and dragging on the #6, - with an organ also appearing, - but especially on the 7th, the bottle neck rules at its best. A dynamic album, deutsch combo duet, drums/guitar (sung in english), - - They have just been touring italy last february, and unfortunately i missed their show. - Suggested if You are into Spencer Blues Explosion (but without omnipresent sex-addiction [i know, some of You are just saying ' what remains?']), Chrome Cranks, Countdowns, and Cramps, but with roots in Alabama and not in horror B-movies. Info:

Emoglobe - (cd, 4tx - Co-prod. 'o2) - I'm ready to bet that Emoglobe, out of our local borders would surely would live from income, - even just only thanks to their song Orange (-i kept on putting higher the volume-), - a perfect single which could involve favorably fans of Trent Reznor and friends, - and i'd swear to catch a glimpse of more potential: a great voice (Lu's one), sometimes drifted into distorted effects, and some grunge wakes, - good drums indeed, some samples, - enough friendly for radio stations, - people jumping at Their concerts, - and very well recorded ineed. - I mean, nothing exclusively 'brand-new', - but They surely do such good things than They can distinguish from the masses. // Info: -

Elks SkiElks Skiffle Groupffle Group - Aliens 263 Earthmen 0 (cd, 11tx & 2 video, Happybeat/Poetry Cow rec) - Some weeks ago i received this email: 'Helo Now we have many fans to shrink and take home in a jar because our first record was #1 all over your planet more or less' - ^_^? Hum? What's that? - And its italian translation is even worse.. - I'm a curious komakino, and then i go visiting the website i found linked, - and here You are its explanation: a band composed by aliens, or better, puppet-aliens, and having used an intergalactic translator, and that's why the misunderstanding. - And how cool! They play very nice, - right some puppet-pop, with Casio keyb and other toys, some bass guitar lineas, and video done like toy theatre.. - It seems like Remington Super 60 (listen the duet he/she on No Other Elephants At All) joining forces with Brittle Stars, playing together a concert at Muppetshow. Our Kind Of Universe is a delicate and melancholic song, - when You hear it it's like You see the tiny pink alien with a tear on one of her three eyes looking to the sky, - on Creepy Bugs She sings 'we're not creepy bugs, we are your friends'. And this album seems to be their third release, after The Space Age Sounds of.. and Ring Tone Party, that is 'sci-fi sounds and cheesy jingles for your cel phone or listening pleasure'. More songs: Rice Pudding USA, a very nice 6o's lounge ye_ye with a fantastic guitar, and then a pure pearl: Chrysler Mint Imperial, 'if You wanna buy a car buy a Ford', with 'claps' and final laughs. - Too nice indeed, and clever as concernig ideas. - I guess They have a lot of fun. ^_^. And i cannot but interview Them. - Warmly suggested, this cd costs 10$, free mp3s on Vitaminic and

Dark Muse - Remembering (cd, 8tx, 74'14'' - Self-prod 'o2) - Phyll Smith is a higher spirit, a creature able to forge sounds/sonorities/ambients/spells - strict domain of the Oneiric, - dreams as well as nightmares: - and She can do it, She translates them with a very good taste, - flowing through reverbered guitars, metals, resounding sculptures, ebow, loops, percussions, hand made effects, - and also, pardon, over all her Splendid voice, - siren, Muse, angel. Her Music is a monolith vibrating (Inner Wavelenght) mesmeric powers, appeals for individuality awakening (Bar Code), hypnagocical icons of seraphies pressing eyes because of too much light coming out of heavenly bliss (title-trk), - because the beatitude of this Musa oscura glitters of a different sparkle. - Each time i listen her soundscapes i feel a shiver and keep on loving what i hear without stop this quiver: You have to lay, and let Your-self drift away by this push (You do not have to be guided, but just this push to fade away with Your fantasies). - Remembering is, as She wrote, 'dedicated to the memory of youth & innocence'. If You love Dead Can Dance, together with a excellent dark guitar experimentalism à la Sonic Youth, - or, more simply, if You have heart for Beauty. - Oh well, if You don't get in touch with Her, i guess there's no reason to keep on reading this fanzine.. [ps. here You find an interview i did with Her.. one more past review here] // Info/mp3:,, drop a line to Phyll at

Jennifer Gentle - Funny Creature Lane (cd, 12tx, 6o'29'' - Silly Boy Ent. 'o2) -Funny Creatures Lane, Jennifer Gentle [click to enlarge / clicca x zoommare] To read more collateral effects, visit 3rd feb 'olds', because i would not be able to write better. - About songs, i can say that what concerns vocals and impact, They're what Super Grass will never be, notwithstanding super cool videos and long sideburn, - then add to that the image of an elf who stole the oblong top-hat to Alice's Mad Hatter. - Constant freshness and originality (and eccentricity!), - give a listen to the opening My Memories' Book, or the pa-pa-ppaaa in Locoweed, - i'm ready to state that after Uzeda, Blonde Redhead and probably what Redworms' Farm are going to do, - the next 'great' thing is Jennifer Gentle: that is, locally made People that without make uproar grow bigger. - Hardly digestible for a radio-friendly audience, - but there's the sweetness of Wondermarsh, brief break of strings before dolls drowning into an acid bath come back marching in a line, - or else Mad House, sad-bored and funny fancies load. - Then Floating Fraulein on pianoforte riff. - Former cd, previously fairly good, I Am You Are, released in 'o0, wasn't be daring to promise such a work (or such so madness!). - Funny Creature Lane has got a good distribution in italy, through Giucar, - anyway, i'd suggest You to get in touch with the Band. - I had a long funny interview with them, - and as i can, i'll translate it.. sorry for the delay. Info & mp3s: - Label:

Bugo - Sentimento Westernato (cd, 14tx - 44'1o'' Beware/Bar La Muerte/Wallace rec 'o2) - In recent times, i see Bugo everywhere, always praised. - Sure, i mean on underground channels (mags, fanzines, radios), - and also with a tv appearence on italian mtv 'sonic'. - I read more than once people writing 'what a genious'. Ok, i don't want to be the next one. - Sincerely, i don't know exactly what i can write. I guess i ever liked Lucio Battisti (italian pop music icon, especially in 6o's), maybe i would be for the same bell. But there's something more: You have to add something à la Beck, less 'freak' stuff, - or at least a flannel shirt (my mind is wandering), lo-fi folk, sometimes sounding fuzzy (Bicchiere nella Birra, Benzina Mia), sometimes bluesy (Son Drogato di Lavoro), a drink of bad red wine (association of ideas), a foul-mouthed geezer with wisdom hits, sit in a country pub, alienated from the rest (of decrepits), (sometimes very fucked-off) lyrics phlegmatic in italian. - Well, as regards me, i'd never buy this album (because of being always perplexed by italian sung), - and why did You involve three record label to produce Your album? Do it Your-self! - Just kidding. Bugo does his own thing, - surely better than a bunch of craps i see around (i'm doing a compliment): Siamo Stanchi, Pepe nel Culo, L'Amore è Spentoff, Era un Casino che non ti si Vedeva. - Cd in cardoboard digipack, low price available at Wallace. // Info: Wallace - po box 52 - 2oo6o Treazzano Rosa (Mi) - Italy // Bugatti Cristian - v. Vigevano, 89 - 28o69 Trecate Novarese (No) - Italy

Buio Omega - I (cdr, 4tx - 25'24'' Autoprod. 2oo1) - Art-work and info at strictest about this north italian quartet (from Varese), hanging out post-Slint derivations in very good guitar riffs and drum beats. A whispered male voice, or screamed, - recites thoughts and/or lyrics (in italian language); - very good indeed the last part of Deserto. - However, no novelty/originality, but it stays some good effect and presence. - Sometimes they remind me another local band reviewed on former komakino, that is Madrigali Magri, - but Buio Omega show some more dynamic distorted escapes, listen the end of Oblio or else the very good Vino, - reaching a good outcome each time it rids of voice. - Right, why do You must put the sung à la post-rock? Triter and triter.. // Info: Luigi Foscarino - v. s. martino, 54 - 21o19 Somma Lombardo (Va) - Italy - Email

AA.VV. - Nonostante Questo, Siamo Felici (cd, 9tx, 42'12'' - Riot Maker 'o2) - This italian record label oozes cleverness in each movement, - from the mini-catalogue introduced on the cover by Tatù of Fantasy Island (my generation should remember of this lounge-serial tv of early 8o's), to some groups' name (Fare Soldi [that is Make Money], to some titles (The Mac Gyver of Situation, Back To Seymandi [Maurizio Seimandi was a 'vip' of italian tv in 8o's, running a hit-chart], - and also concerning motto: 'a totally indiependent record label, but notwithstanding that, we're happy'. - Anyway it's not a insane-rock label. And about engingeering, packaging, art-work, it's fairly good. - On this sampler You find six6 Riot Maker bands and three guests (Aidoru for World Too Small rec, the screaming (in what language?) Es from Fosbury, - differing from the rest in punk/beat no-sense, - and then the pleasant break-beat ambient of Phun-Phool-Llah, after Heartfelt rec), between sonic-post rock (Fare Soldi, Carne De Res), and electronic modulaions of sampling (Misha, taking and playing with a soul-man voice, Riccio Bianco is on the right way, - and Luka Carnifull too, lost in robotic promenades). And there are the Amari too, but personally, i'm not into their kind of electro-dub pop. To do a criticism, this sampler lacks someone who breaks louder, a cherry. - Price: 2,6o euro, - so get in touch. // Info: Riot Maker.

Carne De Res - s/t (cd, 5tx, 28'52'' - Riot Maker 'o2) - And when i wrote about excellent art-work in packaging, here You are an example (as well as concerning production): trasparent booklet with a man/marionette on the cover, with included a small book of pictures, several leaves under different visual effects. - Carne De Res's Le Sue Foto Più Belle, is a single with some successful potential indeed, a hit, even if sung in italian, - i mean, some good quick riffs, lots of guitars, male vocal fitting perfectly, very good recorded. Hard to describe, - i'd talk about a sort of indie-rock, drifting, some 'emo' vein, - and the top with the instrumental called Queue, something nocturnal, psychdelic explosion across reverb/delay, - coming also with a well done remix, operated by Misha, who changes it in an fairly good 'ambient'. // Info & mp3s: Riot Maker.

L'Invasione degli Omini Verdi - Veniamo in Pace (cdr, 1otx, 29'17'' - Pota rec 'o2) - A punk squat Band. - Really need i add more? - Ok, fucked off (and funny) male lyrics in italian, punk-rock/ska drillings, over-loaded percussions, - well recorded, fast and speed, ironical, - not a rara avis, but enough good to enjoy jumping at their concerts and free Your mind (Libero, Giorni Instabili). // Info: - Pota Rec c/o Stefano Brevi - v. Campagnola, 32 - 24126 Bergamo - Italy

AA. VV. - La Strategia della Tensione (cd, 12tx, 45'o2'' - Nail-Sin Organisation/Aua rec'o1) - It's a cd compilation, a good idea coming from Nail's crew, record shop & label (Sin Org.) located in Udine, north-east italy. Deison opens, tuning in within 45 sec his cerebral waves in Oval-ish style, - then Barracuda draws an ambient on beats and signals from outer space, - the Sun Plexus, eminent noisers, make trembling feedback and distorted guitar strings as a infernal gate slamming together with some drums.. But soul of this cd is also on post-punk/post-rock experimental lines: hear how Crune suffer, between electronic morbidity and stop&go of heavy guitars and percussions; Blomqvist, creating a sound-track on a dialogue taken from i don't know what existensialist odd movie; the Stayer, on Tragic, open as equalpost-rockers to the situation and then burn their souls with screaming voice and quick causticity. Then it's Redworms' Farm turn, with one more untitled songs, - Their own classic style, sonic-postrock, with a close-up on strong drums and two voices (that remembers me of 3 Mile Pilot), repeating a couple of lines until the final explosion. Bravi. And still, Deep (on obscure harsh-noise), The Railway Humanoids, Etoile Filante, Znorty, - and to turn off the stereo, again Deison. - I'd say a very good panoramic on italian indie bands. // Info: Nail records - v. di toppo, 38 - 331oo Udine - Italy