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12-Feb-2007 - Read komakino news @ 12-Feb-2007 10:22 AM, You can win a free book of Loveless 33 1/3, by Mike McGonigal.

14-Apr-2006 - At YouTube You can watch an interview/special featured at Rapido (?)

30-Nov-2005 - Yes, two new peel sessions and the live recording from The Coral Sea, featuring Kevin Shields playing guitar for Patty Smith.

26-Nov-2004 My Bloody Valentine - new links for Your orgasms Here You are Your (as well as my) Orgasm: here, and here, brand new links with mp3s and videos from beloved My Bloody Valentine.

Agoust 2oo4. Sorry but, Expectdelay is not anymore the domain i was referring in past to..

o2 jan 2oo3 - thanks to Neale Bairstow for sending me the scan of the ticket ^_^, i truly envy You.. // I found all these songs thanx to Napster, gods bless it ('till it stood free, then a bit less). Unfortunately these songs have not been very well recorded... On Soon or Slow, for example, Kevin's voice is nearly imperceptible. I suggest you to start with only shallow, honey power, feed me with yr kiss. Anyway, if you really love the Band, you can't miss it. I took these pics (except the 1st on above on the left) from 2 sites, www.di.uoa.gr/~postg21 and the marvellous Expectdelay, where you can find a lot of free My Bloody Valentine mp3's. If some download doesn't work or You can help me giving me more info about these records, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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last update: November 3oth, 2005 - new peel session and video update + The Coral Sea

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Peel Session, 1988

1. - Lose my Breath (2,9mb)
2. - When You Wake (You're Still in a Dream) (3,2mb)
3. - I Can See It (But I Can't Feel It) (4,2mb)
4. - Feed Me With Your Kiss (4,9mb)