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A. to A. - Cyprus (cd 8 trx, 17'50'' - 2oo1 Autoprod.). The A. to A., that is Art to Abandone, a duo from Rome, born from the collaboration between Vono (!), young sound manoeuvrer but also turntablist and guitarist, and Barbara, here featuring her soprano-like voice on ethereal melodies re-echoing over the endless space, and also playing piano, keyboards und electronics... This demo-cd run over actual suggestiveness à la Mille Plateaux in an 'ambient' style, but also a bit disturbed, and things recalling very melodical experiments and overabundance of 4AD-ish delay effects. Somes of the 8 titles call the japanese culture, i.e. Yazuka, a well done song based on some loops with particular glitches and drones, buzzing and impression of malfunctioning... the 4th track, Mademoiselle Pogany, show hazily signs of digital dub style but ready to sink again in other sounds, - it seems a quote of Pole... All songs are somewhat brief, as Tetzuo's Girlfriend which doesn't reach the three minutes and fades in a digital rain scenery. On the last song Should the Waves, the voices comes back on that particular style of the opening trk, - just like they want to describe an electronic circle drawn by this beautiful demo. Info: Barbara - barbaracorre@hotmail.com, /italy/ tel. 347/6o49427, Vono tel. o6/541o313. by_Nikkozz

Arturo - Conversazioni (cd 18tx - 57'45 - 99/o0 Mastello rec/ Smartz rec) - Another kick-ass band, a 22okm/h band from Turin (italy), kind of impure punk/hc, with sometimes electronics/samples stains, and labyrinthic bass guitar riffs. Gigio Arturo sings in italian (but on Mildred, here in english ), and even if i don't love italian singing, anyway he's got his own strenght (a lot, how it seems), - but maybe the vocals-mix is too distant from the other sounds. By the way, You'll start moving Yr legs, - that means that the 4 Arturo can involve You in their music. Best episodes: Velluto, Alcolica, - anyway in playing punk/hc is a bit hard being original, - personally i'm not able to separate and recognize everything from the rest. Well, i can always recognize their power (and especially the live impact, listening to this cd). Info: Arturo c/o Marco Prati - str. Scaravaglio, 19 - 1oo98 Rivoli (To) - www.arturo-hc.it

Bellicosi - Torino Rock 'N' Roll Starz (cd 11tx + 1rom 37'o2'' - 'o1 Smartz/Sborra rec + Frienz) - It's hardcore!! Mommy it's fucking hardcore! Turin hc! Lele Giraudo, besides being a good friend of mine, He's also bass guitarist in the Bellicosi's furies. - Once ago He send me the 7" Nuovo Rock Italiano ('98) but according my own ears/tastes it was pretty terrible (but there was a cool thing to note, a picture of Sabino (vocalist) together with Cristina D'Avena, a woman who sung (and keeps singing) all the cartoons' themes). On that, sounds were too muffled, there were also some keybs, ouch. Instead, some months ago, i saw them live and loud in a squat house in Turin called 'El Paso', - they've been really funny people, overall because of Sabino's posing, - i mean, from live they have got a different powerfull impact. Ok, this cd sounds stereo, They shoot a bunch of hardcore bullets, and in italy They tour a lot (They had also different dates in Germany) - What can i say more? Ultra-fast, drums-machine, rage, a lot of rage - here the songs i suggest You Gli Anni Migliori, Il Cacciatore, Quanto Ti Amo, No Future. Moreover on this cd, there are in mp3 the above mentioned ep + Il Disco Dell'Anno, of 96 and also a video. Info: www.bellicosi.com - Smartz c/o Lele Girando - str. ponte rosso, 8 - 1oo9o Foglizzo (To)

Dark Muse, aka Phyll Smith (california, u.s.a.) doesn't write songs, but explicitly mesmeric invitations in meat-sound (if sounds have meat), invitations to abandone, leave Yr-self falling, to the dreams, to the obscure and charitable nature of the uncertain Melancholia. Pure inspiration, ecstasy, sudden views on endless landscapes, - i consider Her Music brilliant, pure shining. I always use to do a division between 'dark' and 'darkettone' (oh well, i don't know how translating this word in english, pardonnez-moi), - that one i love is gothic, the ladder is baroque, - in italian we have light violet (violetto) and violet (viola), i consider the first is dark, the ladder darkettone. She's violetto, - just like when in koma#7 i was talking about Slowdive, - i think They had been a sort of evolution for the 'dark movement', i'm talking of 'shining', originality of style - while on the contrary, a bunch of bands keep on cloning the 'big' Names (You know, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Siouxie &tc for the 1st wave, Christian Death & Co. for the 2nd, and Xymox, Fields of The Nephilim & Front242 for the 3rd): what a bore! But luckily we have Dark Muse, a spirit into ethereal/darkwave intricacy, - that means playing not just properly music in the classic way, but overall 'sounds', dreams-echoes. And be sure, she does. White Lines, Suffer, - hypnosis, ecstasy of hypnosis, smothered voices, seraphic voices, wind drifting, - guitar taken on riverberation or wrapped into caos, cello, spiritism - You can lay Yr-self on the bed (Once Amid a Dream.., Lilacs in Bloom), dive in to the darkness, - sit down to the window and open a book, Yr own diary, that one with a lot o blank pages. Ambrosia, a 1o minutes song, gtr feedback looped into echo, a real trip. Wonderful. [-> interview]. Info: www.mp3.com/thedarkmuse

Demi - Vuoto A Rendere (cd 3tx - 1o'15'' Autoprod.) - Demi plays some kind of electro-italian-pop, a sort of so-called 'novelty' that downhere some years ago had had enough success (unfortunately). making the fortune of some terrible comercial bands as lacrus, subsonica. Sort of easy-listening electronic music, mixing a bit of dub, jungle. But this cd doesn't come from Bristol, - Demi is decidedly far from komakino's tastes, so, i don't know really how keep on this review. Btw, Fabrizio Fassio, with it, has got his own soloist project (helped by some friends, and formerly member of other bands as Echi, Marasma, Kryo), - i'd state You can also dance this stuff, and maybe with a better production.. anyway since i had a go with 're-birth', a very cool music program, electronic music is dead. On this cd there are 3 songs, maybe too similar and anonymous to conquire exposure, - but maybe the forthcoming songs will, in the above mentioned 'scene'. Info: faxsoft 2ooo - v. pontetto, 23 - Avigliana (To) - tel. o119369436 - faxsoft@libero.it - http://demi.34x.com

Giardini di Mirò - Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting (cd 8tx, 53'18'' - 'o1 Homesleep rec) - In italian underground, there are two bells about Giardini di Mirò: the first praises and supports them as few do, - on the other side, the ladder quickly brands Them as strummers/thrummers with ultra-soporiferous live acts. What am i for? Well, i hate bells, but giving a listen to to cd and to some mp3's i found on the net i've formed my own opinion: well, surely the Music They play is not a discovery (i feel safe to state the same about Mogwai, the band that more frequently i read They've been drawn near with), - what i know it's They play good and lovely, Their music sounds sincere and full of pathos - yes, sometimes They're too long slow, - sort of (very) idyllic everlasting sad sound trk (Penguin Seranade), -> slow delicate guitars, violins, trumpet, dancing riffs and and hanging arpeggio, slow rythms, and univocally melancholic, - all songs from 5 to 9 minutes. - In these years when You read 'instrumental' then You wait to read also 'post-rock' - well, notwithstanding Corrado him-self (guitars) introduced me the Band like that, i think You can draw a space between GDM and post-rock - for example on Pet Life Saver, (a video should be extracted from it, with Emidio Clementi (Massimo Volume)), - written and sung by special guest Matteo Agostinelli, Yuppie Flu (he also took care of mastering the cd), - a fleeting ballad for broken hearts. Here it is, for example i never believed in Yuppie Flu - i always considered them clones of Pavement - but around i heard voices that now they have their own style, - who knows. Anyway this song is very pleasant, agreeable. With Paul Anderson (from Tram) at vocals on Little Victories They play a sort of electrified alt-country, - i'd be ready to state that a singer like him is perfect for GDM, very lyrical. A thing to add, maybe, - these atmospheres - they're not properly 'songs' - are very similar between them, so maybe there's the risk You can jumble them, - but anyway these songs follow a common line, as they want keeping to tell You the same story, with different moments, rage, sleep, abandone, - just like the lovers hug on the cover. // 3 questions :k: A Band or an Orchestra? Corrado: You can cosider us as an orchestra just like a half-a-score of rappers is a crew. It gives an idea of a 'post-rock' collective. that's all.. k: So, have GDM ever been a real Band? When the change? C: Time ago, when the band played Jimy Hendrix and Doors covers. I remember of a birthday party where i played a 4o minutes guitar solo on Little Wing. People, bored, went away. We looked into each other's eyes... something had to change. k: What do You think Yr music transmit to the listener? C: Hard to say. Surely, in our music, the geographical-landscaping aspect is a fundamental component, i mean, the place's influences where we live (paranoiac Emilia [italian region - ndk]... does it mean anything?) - and also the oneiric component, that is, related to the flowing and dense/thick part of our conscience. Giardini's music is a *serenata per pinguini* [Penguin Serenade, just like the title of one of Their songs - ndk] or a tribute for an utopian, fantastic 'elsewhere'. Anyway, we don't use to characterize our-selves with too pessimistic aspects.. We're not Apocalypse knights, and neither the trumpets for the Deluge :)) There's a big ironic component in our compositions (maybe well-hidden... but, you know, we're not some comedians..) Taking Yr-self too seriously can be dangerous and self-defeating. We do songs, not treatise on philosophy, - 5/6 minutes songs, which leave open most ethical/philosophical matters... i'm not able to state if that's good or a limit. //// Together with this cd, there's also a double-vinyl release, - together with a new version of Little Victories on a compilation edited by Pehrl rec, You Will Never Hear Form Us Again. Info: www.giardinidimiro.com - www.homesleep.it - Homesleep - v. Saragozza, 156 - 4o1oo Bologna - italy

Negative Pole - The Knowledge's Pain and The Escape Pleasant (1999) - oh godz!, did You know that in italy there's one of coolest/kickass post-core Bands? And i'm not talking of some annoying clone making part of that endless list of korn-likes. I'm talkin' about Negative Pole, - a great powerful Band which could be involved in some everlasting tour around the world, with some live japanese bootlegs, black and white videos with people doing stage diving, angel flight, black covered cd's, over-angry/furios songs, fast and shot, nihilists. Lost Thoughts make You jump higher, - the others songs are pure AAA people for pogo wanted (- please, no comment). I mean, excellent. negativepole@hotmail.com

Chromosomes - Chromosomes on vitaminicMore Time To Relax (2oo1 - Seastars Rec.) - The Chromosomes are a punkrock Band meta-californian style, -> 12 months long summer, carefree, perfect refrains (take a listen to the impeccable end of Siren), ready to shoot millionaire singles (and each song on this tape i got is a potential single indeed). Sure, nothing new (Ramones & Co uber alles, You know), - but by the way Their music is fucking catching, fast skatepunkrock (They know their thing), ready for success, trustworhy at 13o% (Surfin Around, As Long As You Are Here..), well tuned voices and surely fresher than a lot of stuff You have to hear around, mainstream or not. -> Poor Chromosomes! They were born in italy! Downhere They only waste time and money, go abroad, listen to me. A real perl indeed is a score, a typical score taken from some movies with Bud Spencer & Terence Hill [what's the author's name??] and a very mentally deranged thing (probably i'm going to be wrong) taken from the 'banana split show', that american tv show for kids, with dogs and other animals driving a car during the theme song. - According to me, They could sign for Lookout rec, so They can pension a lot of people off. Info: seastarsrec@yahoo.it - mp3's on http://stage.vitaminic.it/the_chromosomes // Mimmo from Chromosomes wrote me after reading this review, and told me that the authors were De Angelis brothers, aka Oliver Onions, and both covers were from the Bud and Terence's movie entitled 'Altrimenti ci Arrabbiamo' :)

LaSofferenza - s/t (cd demo 5tx 2oo1) - This band (disbanded some weeks ago) stays in coarse hard-core spheres, acid/sour vcls (in italian), angry to the marrow. Maybe this 'black' effect is also due to the pretty lo-fi quality of recordings. Musically they're ok (anyway, nothing new, as above), - able to perform a live & loud chaos: i'm imaging of a crowd of jumping/diving people - and, forgetting my personal refuse to the italian sung, i can state They're very destructive. Lacrime is a graet thing (in hc spheres). // info: LaSsofferenza c/o Marco Guizzi - v. A. Costa, 11 - 2o131 Milano -> http://clix.to/lasofferenza

Jindra - Guitar+Voice, Volume 1 (cd 9tx, 51'35'' - autoprod. 'o1) - John Jindra, Minneapolis, U.S., is a very refined musician, full of talent and elegance; - the title of this cd introduces well what You are going to feel and listen to: a guitar (acoustic or semi), a man, and the soul They share together, - or, if You prefer, what joins both. Everything hanged on a exquisite grace of an un-plugged, with John - a very skilled guitarist, under blues influences and low spirits, -> to help You, to give You a direction, i can cite some moods à la Jeff Buckley, - but just only 'cause in my limited music culture Buckley is the character more representative, symbolical playing in ceratin backgrounds, - and Jindra does. That means a very beautiful male voice (listen to Rush Hour Stares, Summer), full of shining/spark, - a songwriting often ironical (Icon) as well as sad in his stories, lyrical and impassioned elevations (the chorus of Didn't Seem To Care Much: - i wish, and i wish, i wish didn't seem to care that much at all, people know that i've lost my soul). To listen while outside Yr window is raining, it's full autumn, and Yr heart is broken. // 3 questions to John: k: what does Music mean for You? Where does it drive You? J: Once a trombonist I was working with in a Ska band told me that if i can't keep time then I can't play music because music is "sound through time". Physically you can't get a much lower denominatotor layman explanation. For me, TIME is like gravity. You have to respect it cuz your body relies on it, but, that does not mean that emotion and conciousness always play with consideration to it. Sometimes crashing to the ground is the best part. I definitely enjoy a trampaline of time when working with other players that know the same subtle pleasure, or even on the computer using MIDI sequences with outboard synth modules and samplers. Music drives me to "where ever". Truly. I'm open to that and those times are my communion. If it's been a week since I've had this communion I'll start to notice how poorly I deal with little shit in life. My views on humanity will go much lower than they normally are already. So, music drives me deeper into music. k: what do You feel when You play Yr guitar? J: I honestly don't know what I feel. I feel like a child whose lost his parents or had some significant trauma. Analysts can tell the child what it's feeling and why it acts like it does, but, the kid doesn't give a fuck, it's only acting naturally. k: Do You think every guitar had an own soul? J: I'm not very knowledgeable about equipment and instruments. I'm starting to gain an intuitive ear for tone with guitars and other instruments, but this is recent history. Well, I'd be quicker to use the word "soul" with a guitar than with a human. Only because I know I'd be speaking figuratively. Cabbages have aspects of of conciousness but I wouldn't say guitars do; character and personality but not literally conciousnees or soul.

All right, now I really feel like a pompous dickhead. [:-)) ndk]
// Info: www.mp3.com/jindra - http://jindra.iuma.com - email: jestate@qwest.net // cd available also at www.cdbaby.com/jindra2

Luca Sigurtà - La Sindrome di Stoccolma (cd 5tx - 24'53'' - 'o1 Eels For Fun rec.) - 'I did use ruined and treated cd's, broken down keyboards and other devices i created, - everything handicraft' that's how Luca Sigurtà well prepared ne for his cd, sort of electronic minimalism/decomposition, sort of ideal sound tracks for those mute and absurd short-films with frames/by fits and starts where You don't understand absolutely a thing. Five pieces, instrumental-not-instrumental, but on Videotape Machine where a voice (in italian, by Tommaso Clerico, playing also some piano) declaims some words, plundered away by delay effects. For the rest, pure alienation, mental derangement, not-music, endless loops, imperceptible chats between spacecraft computers, broken electric cables moving dangerously into the void. Be careful if You're intentioned in listening to this cd with headphones - it could blow up Yr mind. - Info: eelsforfun@yahoo.it

Luka Carnifull - Furillo (cd ep 8tx - 25'19'' - 'o1 RiotMaker Rec) - This Luka Carnifull's solo project sounds for me a bit approximate, rough, maybe also a bit meagre, - but maybe it's because of instruments mix, each one too separate from the rest, - it seems improvised, - even if his intentions are good: guitar, bass, drum machine + keyb, - instrumenatal trks, atmosphere (how many times did i use this word on this #?). Maybe if he can take advantage of a better production.. by now, it seems a whole of introduction-songs, - the trumpet brainwave (on the 4th) could sound nice, but the sound Roland-like is terrible, luckless. I want You to know, i need to tell You once more, that my opinions are always opionions, ok? The #7 (they are all untitled) plays like a piano bar/detective song. The #8 looks like the best one, as recording as pathos, - but this cd would need other #8. Beautifull indeed the picture on the cover. Info: riot rec. http://go.to/riotmaker - lukacarnifull@libero.it

Malatja - Munnezz' (cd 7tx - 'oo Hungry rec) - oh my godz, consider, if hate enough the italian sung, how much can i put up with dialect? In italy, some dialects are very strong/different respect the 'official' italian language (i.e. Sardinian, Sicilian, north dialects) - and i don't really like when it's used for singing (but some folkloristic old songs - but that's a different story). In this case, Malatja sing in Neapolitan dialect (tien' 'o tifo, cchiù te guard' e cchiù te schifo' - for italian 'hai il tifo, più ti guardo e più mi fai schifo' - for english 'You got the typhus fever [in several years ago, in Naples, this illness seemed to be very common - k's note], as much as i keep looking to You, You make me sick') a chorus for all), they are a sort of metalgrungerock (M'Indisponn' is fucking cloned from Breed by Nirvana, Neapolitan version, (terrible indeed..)), - ultra fast two hands guitar solos (a classic way of playing guitar, a must of official modern italian school), chorusing, show pretty good technique off - but i'm going to repeat ad nauseam: technique means nothing without shining/spark! And with Malatja we are in the deeper dark. I hate to go down in stereotype italia-pasta&pizza, italians-everybodysings, Neaples-pulcinella&mandolino, - but some kind of people do their best to keep on feeding that, maybe also with pride, why? why? Tullio de Piscopo meets the youth. Anyway, notwithstanding my personal opinion they take part to several local music competitions as arezzo wave, rocktargatoitalia, musicagiovane '99. And so what? That's just right i was saying. I understand a sending promo's around, but why to komakino? I'm trying to give an objective judgement as well it's in my possibilities, - anyway this is a wasted cd (also with SIAE registered royalties). Another culture, a different feedback to commons listenings (Melvins, Sex Pistols, i read in their press kit) and, i guess, the official italian 'alternative' music future. // Info: see Free Agency for Proteus 911, - cell. Paolo Sessa (gtr & vox) 328.8567752 / Roberto D'Antuono (bass) o81.947o2o

The Fog In The Shell - Sorry (cd 11tx - 42'16'' - 'o0 Autoprod.) - Guitar and bass player for LaSofferenza, Marco Guizzi has got also his own side one man project called The Fog In The Shell: - forget the above mentioned hc, - because here You'll hear a different intelligence/brain, a different approach: indie bed-room lo-fi attitude, nearly sonic-folk, - a background melancholia with very good cards (Just Another Part of Me), - marked on the rhythm of his spleen, introspective (Autumn - the guitar play divided between the right/left channel is pretty nice), - i'd state also a beautiful voice, somewhat original ideas (In My Room) - with a better production, i guess he could risk to do great things. Info and mp3's: http://digilander.iol.it/fogintheshell

Last Green Field - s/t (demok7 - 6tx - 'o1) - Nu-Metal? Hc-Cross? Post-core? Well, Helmet meet Sepultura/Pantera (i know, my core/metal culture is poor, uh?), - probably a devastately (?) live impact, I Say, Break It, - kick ass songs, heavy guitars, quasi tribal percussions, very angry voice (what a pity, the voice is too constantly under special efx). From the dust of Noisebox and Meatfield, - poor Last Green Field! They're italians too! Again as above, nothing new as well as brainwaves/expedients, - but undoubtedly with an excellent shock wave, for jumping higher & stage diving: another Band that, if born at abroad, would have its own tour and less problems. When they're quick i like, - not much the slow parts of Learn. Info: www.lastgreenfield.com.

AA.VV. - Fire Crawl With Me (lp 7tx - 'o1 Bar La Muerte) - Fabrizio Fasolo from D.S.E. send me (merci) this compilation on lp edited by BarLaMuerte rec, Bruno Dorella's ex-Tijuana, - 1st track: Al:freda (already bass player in Larsen), with Madhya Pradesh, a voice speaking deutch, a sickly, ailing dark atmosphere based on xylophone/keyb. Un épreuve for soundtrk? Maybe too short to leave behind a sign. -> Finally i can give a listen to Daniele Brusaschetto, - probably the man that more than anyone else, i guess, has got invested his money in flyers/ads on the italian underground press, - as You read a fanzine/magazine or You receive a packet, be sure, he's there: hmm, well, the missing or the secret member of CCCP [an italian postpunk band of 8o's, now called CSI]? That's his family, as the song's title [a cazzo? - sorry, i don't know how translating this exclamation] Saliva in Raduno, You know, that kind of declaming theatricalness about the voice, together with some distorted postpunk guitars. That's CCCP fault. -> The D.S.E. with Edel Strasse are pretty good, - dark wave 8os style, good instrumental song with a looped voice into echo. I guess this is the best episode together with the extraneousness of A Tribute To The 2oth Century by [R], a lovely piano riff, 5o's love-song style with the sensation that outside the door the atomic bomb is blowing up. -> The sinister and gloomy Lips Vago's moods are not bad, - minimal dark ambient, - but how can You distinguish from Lava's following track? It's Snake In Assisi - i'm not saying these songs are similar, but that they haven't personality/soul: nice songs, but in ambient music the player risks to stay anonymous. -> The Deep wouldn't be bad if only i can hear what they're playing: techno-noisepunk? - I mean, if this record sounded less lo-fi, probably it would be a good ambient/experimental compilation for mr. Lynch. Info: Bar La Muerte c/o Bruno Dorella Via Gioia 82 - 20125 Milano Italy - http://tijuana.kyuzz.org

Proteus 911 - Sinfonie Dal Mondo Delle Cose Perse (cdr 5tx - 'o1 Hungry Rec.) - I'd say they're too much soporiferous, - on the letter i received together with this cd from Free Agency, i read 'post-rock/dark, experimental', but i don't think so, - They simply play some music without voice, nocturnal moods, precariously too similar songs - a whispered voice (in italian) on a couple of pieces, technically sufficient, but with low/poor personality, [komakino radar: no shining detected]. - This is just a personal objective opinion, and i know, this is no sense - anyway, they have been selected for Arezzo Wave festival of last july, they have reached the final round of Rock Targato Italia fest -> but You know, that's the same thing i was talking before about Malatja, - so it's not a contrast. They stay anonymous. // info: mp3's on vitaminic.it, proteus911@supereva.it, - Free Agency c/o Luca Assante - v. pagliano, 34 - 8oo55 - Portici (Na) - assantelm@libero.it

Red Vinyl Fur- s/t (cd 3tx - 14'55 - 'o1 Autoprd) - Red Vinyl Fur are 4 sweet melancholic Girls from Manchester, UK - since the first song of this single cd, i recall to my mind some cool '9os Bands as Pale Saints, Veruka Salt: angelical, struggled, sad, walls of guitars and pathos, sensual female vocals (by Alison & Mandy). Unfortunately three songs only, but Zero Point with its shot riffs breaking the other two slow songs could be an indie hit, -> breaking hearts songs, - if You are sad this Music is going to dry up Yr tears (Shattering). On the compilation Do They Knnow It's Xmas these Girls play Ramones' Merry Xmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight. - Get in touch with: http://www.redvinylfur.com - info@redvinylfur.com.

Twig Infection - Home is Female Tomorrow Singular (cd 1o+2tx - 46'o2'' - 'o0 Freeland rec) - This cd has been released in 2ooo by one of the more interesting italian indie Labels, but all these songs have been written in 98-99. Twig Infection, from Sicily, italy, on these songs remind me a Sweep The Leg Johnny live concert, you know, the impact wave, and also because of the jazz-post-rock roots. Ok, this 'post-rock' and by-products is over-inflated, (moreover Francesco from T.I. wrote me about new recordings (of forthcoming release), - He says - on a somewhat different line), and, anyway, i listened also to some mp3's on Their Iuma.com page, as Away When Far Is Not Enough, and on it, You hear a different attitude, kind of Unwound-ish. Well, Twig Infection play really good, they could do even better than this (2 Eyed Man, Frog Jobs For Unemployees), and moreover this cd has got a formidable stereo mixing; - my mind runs, and image to watch Them live in some club, having my drink. So i have to get up, because They start playing Tribeca Dreamin or Fase IV td and i have to move head and legs. This cd is able to create a certain tension in its slowest moments, - jazz fogs, crash and rolling drms, the night and its creatures. Maths guitar, bass (wonderful sound) & drms (affected by tarantism), sax + strange toy instruments. // 3 questions k: Who does listen to the Twig Infection? Who is the ideal listener? Francesco (gtrs, vcls): Beautiful question. Such so beautiful that it doesn't need an anwer. And so be it. k: i saw Yr page on iuma.com, what about? F: We're using Iuma as an appendix for our official website, because it allows us to resolve some tecnique problems (real player stream audio, free space, etc.). The fruits? Some curious americans' email, about a hundred of contacts per month and some download... k: Is Yr music happy or not? F: Our music has got a smiling sense of failure. //// info: twiginfection.iuma.com /// www.twiginfection.com - www.freelandrecords.it - p.o. box 1o6 - 95o3o Gravina di Catania (Ct) - Italy