3 Cornered Season

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Eco - super superficial (4 tx - '98) - Marco C.'s soloist project, - do U already know Harold? - here involved also in playing gtr, bs, drms + vocals. This home-made self-release is only the preview of the forthcoming one He should come out sooner or later. Great sound for being on 4 tracks, - his voice is distorted, and the whole creates a very melancholy/gloomy atmosphere, darkenly, especially thanx to the drum machine He uses.. Amongst his influences, Cure and Joy Division, but now don't believe He is one of several clones of Them, 'cause you'd  be wrong; inspiration of this songs is prevalently of new-wave root, but Marco expresses uniquely his individuality, - and how! Cool indeed the development of his 'ten lights', - it induces You in buying a flanger, a delay and a chorus effect - and play right now yr gtr.. A demotape able to inspire.. i don't know how much it costs... drope Him a line..      Info: Marco Calderisi - v. G. Pisano, 64 - 56123 Pisa - Italy   (free mp3's on         ___bY yrkomakino@gmail.compAo mice

Harold - s/t (4 tx - '98) - Harold come from Pisa, they have pop/sonic blood in their vein. Line-up sees Marco G - bass + vcls -, Federico M - drums - and Marco C (see Eco review above) - gtr -. Their muzique, they say, looks them sound noiser when They play live, in comparison with the cleaned print of this demotape, rec. with support of hard-disk (= quasi hi-fi), - but as regards me, They have some good ties with the marvelous Psichedelyc Furs, - but this is a very personal link... They love electro, dark, noise pop (ahh! Take care!) music.. lyrics (in english) are cool.. in a word, this guys are ready for a CD and i shouldn't wonder if They have a large following.. but here we are in italy...  Info: Marco Calderisi - v. G. Pisano, 64 - 56123 Pisa - Italy   (free mp3's on  ___bY yrkomakino@gmail.compAo mice

3 Cornered Season - s/t (3 tx - '98) - A New York quartet these t.c.s., - but english-oriented sounds immediately reecho, My Bloody Valentine but cleaner, Swerwedriver, Ride. A sort of shoegazing, but this word is maybe unsuited. The 3 songs of this demo have a name according to their lenght (4:18, 4:37, 9:00) and they're well mixed. B-side recall some indie-area bands, un pò sfigata stuff, as Further and Idaho, and the singing flyes over psychedelic carpets calling other accessible worlds.. Info: t. c. s. c/o Keith Hopkin, 116 Pulaski Road, Kings Park, NY 11754, USA        bY Nikko [interview here]