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Aidoru - …5 piccoli pezzi per gruppo con titolo… (cd 6tx - 'o1 world too small rec) - what a ugly title [translated it is five small songs for each band with title..] and what a cool cd! They've been already on komakino#1 with a demotape entitled simply S, two songs for 15 minutes, kind of pop-indie-postrock atmospheres, preceded by a 7", shared with Ossessione, from the Italian label Freakout. But this time, we hear Aidoru are more incline for that kind of French spirit à la Serge Gainsbourg/nowadays Blonde Redhead, - tragic postpunk/postrock, very melancholic, full of pathos, some Japanese dolls, and a very good production, - by the brand new World Too Small rec (Cesena, italy). This cd opens with oriental_ish tones, as well as the back-cover, - where it seem They play a concert in the centre of tokio/kioto (reality or a fake?), a far far background wailing, until slowly an instrumental intro starts, - it's Zar, where here the singer's voice is in falsetto, sometimes really acute, 70's style, an aching and involving mood, a shiver, - then it's time for 80, kind of slow march that in its middle becomes faster, you put the volume of Yr stereo higher, it loads on the drums, until here U are that typical guitar style whose I talked above, - that one of lyrical arpeggio, divided between slow and fast distortion; - on the end, they risk a chief-d'ouvre. Nero, instead, is the result of two suites, the first, very quick, leaden by a distorted line of bass-guitar (I love black! - He screams), and so a slowdown followed by a piano, thrown in a sad movie of that period, along the Parisian long river, a bit mathematic, - at a certain point it recalled me a 80s song by an Italian song-writer, Francesco De Gregori, underground version - but, please, don't misunderstand. What the hell am I trying to say? Well, I mean this Band is really good, but for example on the end of sputnik, They play that kind of 70s near to some lenny kravitz - well, a sort of personality crisis, or more simply, a wide area/style - but notwithstanding that, this cd is really worth of attention. Info: Michele Sapignoli - World Too Small rec - v. giordani, 2 - 47023 Cesena - microbug@libero.it - http://toosmall.andrew.org

Royal City - At Rush Hour The Cars (cd 13tx - 'o0 threegut rec) - Hey, Having a breakfast listening to the Royal City's cd has been really great ! Total placid neofolk [c][a][l][m], good feelings, sad stories and collapses of broken hearts, bitterness (rosy my cheek - simply wonderful) - I have absolutely to buy that bloody rocking chair to taste it better, 'cause you are the sun in my eye - Aaron Riches sings on the title-trk, sort of natural hero of these perfect struggling perls, kind of alt-cowboy [also character for a Robert Munsch's children book], together with Nathan Lawr, Evan Gordon, Simon Osborn, other friends and also Jim Guthrie, guitarist with also a solo project, a sweet pop sensation, take a listen to the funny riff of jigsaw muzzle [free songs on www.mp3.com/jimguthrie]. - Will Oldham drinks some Velvet Underground coffee, while Clem Snide falls into Low's pocket - that's how Tyler Clark Burke introduced me the Band in Her email [I put some songs on my juke box at mp3.com, (((wave noise pillows)))], and being pretty right (even if I'm an ignorant, who Clem Snide is?), - She, together with her friend Lisa a day decides to give to the light their creature Three Gut records (TGR is a little bigger than a bread box, is written on the very funny f.a.q. about Royal City and the label, included in the longest press-kit i ever got), small and cool label who sees also Gentleman Reg, Costantines and the above mentioned Jim. Yes, this is a band really into its suggestive inspiration, - I cited bad words as neofolk/alt-country, but just to give a direction to perceive Their roots, - the rest is pure talent, a sincere deep melancholy leading You far, far in a small town lost in the snow, two hearts, and a lot of loneliness. . // Get in touch with: Three Gut records - 9 St. Patrick's Square - Toronto ON / M5T 1W8 - Canada - www.threegutrecords.com - www.mp3.com/royalcity (free mp3's).

Lowsunday - elesgiem (cd 12 tx - '99/o1 selfproduced + Project Rec) - This band, from Pittsburgh, sounds as an entity raised on Modern English, Sound and the Smiths, 80's roots, lysergic nucleus, rotating around Shane Sahene (vcls, bass, gtr, synth, kimball valencia (?)) and Shawn Leslie (gtr) - here together with A. T. Vish, and now also Bobby Spell (bass), - finally signed by the Project record, that is the same one of Lycia and Robert Fripp, just to cite some. Wallpaper Room e She Follows Rain, are two war-horses, two episodes of a serie of dreaming songs, hanged between incorporeal notes, sweet and aerial musics and lyrics, where Shane's voice invokes sky and stars looking for a celestial answer - oh yeah, darkwave memories, with strength and chillness, listen to the top of Elevet Her. If You are lovers of intangible sonorities, at half between dreampop and dark music, the excellent Lowsaunday will be Yr travelling companions.. Info: Lowsunday - po box 10651 - Pittsburgh PA 15235 - email: lowsunday@mindspring.com - www.lowsunday.com // www.mp3.com/lowsunday (free mp3's) - ProJekt Records po box 9140 long island city, ny 11103 www.projekt.com.

Jennifer Gentle - I Am You Are (12 tx cd - Silly Boy self-prod. 'o0) - Bring Them calls early 7os, hallucinated Velvet Underground, but our JG look on with an amused air, kind of jugglers with guitars, cymbals and pipe. On The Strumpfhose Melodie They seem more properly gone mad/drunken, - it seems as They recorded Their album in a small for wood, as on the cover of the cd.. But, suddenly Caterpillar Song arrives, and They throw You over a struggling and consuming ballad. Who are They? The first time i read of Them on the italian Blow Up magazine, so i listened to an audio sample on homesleep rec. website, and feeling very inspired i went buying Their cd through audioglobe, italian £2o.ooo. For some common moods, They recalled me of a sweet Band i reviewd some time ago, a Bryanorman, always related to that kind of Bowie-ish songs, where voices are a bit Velvet Goldmine-ized, but here They are and have an own particular schizophrenia, kind of manqué flower sons, singing and exploding all together brandishing a jugful of beer (husbands). The Pilots is a row!, it sounds as a demotape with treble peaks at top, but They have also a remedy, the valerian Since I've Seen The Seas, delicate voice, as on No Mind In My Mind, between pink flying elephant and other stranges things floating. Really nice indeed, original. I put to Marco of Jennifer Gentle 4 slashing questions before closing this number of komakino: k. are You the fellows on the cover of Yr cd? M: No, we aren't. It's a picture of 70s, what you see it's singer's parents with a friend of them. k. Who of You is Jennifer? M: No one. k. who of You is gentle? M: No one. k. What song do You usually start Yr concert with? Sweet Girl, I love You! // Info: sillyboyent@hotmail.com - Marco Fasolo - v. S. De Ceto, 6 - 35133 Padova // Audioglobe - v. aretina, 240 b/c - 5o136 Firenze - audioglobe@audioglobe.it

Mahogany - What Will Become Of The Key Of Reason? (ep 4tx, '98 Clairecords) - Let's stay by Clairecords, because i get along well with Them. Mahogany are an all special trio (or not?) from Brooklyn, usa, Andrew Prinz (various instruments and vcls), Lorraine Lelis (gtr + vcls) and Robert Pietrusko (programming) [even if i'm not too sure about the line-up.. ??]. Dazing, stunning, Stereolab's relatives (listen to the cantata of In Fulfillment Of The Enthusiastic), loud, sequencer, electronic and elegant, - a Girl, kind of a worn-out sweet Girl (syncromie #1) and overhelmed by a fairy-tale, narrated by the voice of a Boy (il dinamo de luce, quasi recorded in the bootom of a well, with a lot of droplets which when fall they resound). On mp3.com/mahogany there are 5 songs, very nice indeed, whose one from the ep i went buying, dated some year ago, 75o copies. The Age Of Rectangles (what a title!) has got some recalls of Factory home, - on Metro, She reaches some acutes as far as possible, between mixed drums, and one riff of guitar and bass. Deeply ecstatic, i need another dose. Info: Clairecords. Discografia: Dual Group EP w/ Auburn Lull (Burnt Hair Records), Nocturnal Electrics 7" compliation (Liquefaction), Luminous Constructions 7" (Tinseltones), Solutions and Remedies compilation (Clairecords), In the Presence of the Crepuscular 7" (Amberley)

Launderette - Concrete And Glass (cd 8tx '99 Gamma Pop/Free Land Rec) - Maybe this is the first time i won something, yes, just because i got this cd answering to a question (and i've been really rapid!) of a little quiz organized by Freak Out'zine's newsletter [c.so v. Emanuele, 43 - 8oo59 - Torre del Greco (Na) italy, £2.ooo - www.freakout-online.com]. Well, the Launderette are a trio from Senigallia, middle east coast, Marche. Well, in any way, bands of this kind here in italy shoot up like mushrooms (Slint! You're to blame for it! - June of '44..), personally i feel tired of them, but as always, there's someone thinking different [just freakout writes on the issue#27 <<behind this name could hide a new sensation of home-grown indie rock […] let's try not to make them run away abroad>>). Ok, well, they are between post-rock (pauses, synchopated, voice as handbook page 4) or what is emo-derived, with also some variant à la Pavement (another inexplicable recent influence of all this clone_bands), = self same old story: they know how playing their instruments, and very well, - ok the first song, ok also the second, c'mon, ok also the third, all right also the fourth.. what? Is that the former yet? (or elese, what? is not the same band of before?). Come on guys, cheppalle! [what a balls?] no originality, - an examination of Yr conscience? As it regards me, that is i call a waste of talent. A curiosity: the last track is dedicated to Vincent Gallo. Gammapop - cp forlì 5, 471oo, Forlì, italy // www.gammapop.com // digilander.iol.it/launderette

Joe Leaman - crappy barband shocklrock (cd 8tx 'o0 Barriera Corallina) - Oh no!!, one more time the Joe Leaman on komakino! :) This is the last time, i can swear it in the name of Giancarlo Frigeri :) . Ok, the trio is back [Giancarlo at voice and gtrs, and sometimes Laura (bass), and Marco to drms, on the pic] - They signed for the italian label Barriera Corallina, and They released, after the interesting Double Penetration (Aua rec), this cd, indeed acclaimed by the underground press of downhere, i.e.. Mucchio Selvaggio writes <<Joe Leaman as italian cult band italiana for the year 2ooo, at least in rock limits? We have few doubts. >>, Musicboom[.net] scrive <<None of the 8 here present songs sounds foreseeable or already known, and the final result is simply perfect>> - overall relating the fact They recorded this cd in only 5 day. Well, as regards me stating they're foreseeable and the stuff about cult-band exaggeration, - but by the way Nuclear Dolls, and Dirge are surely two very nice songs, freely catchy, and about the unexpected Dim Harry As Variant, well they could made a video of. One million $, in example, has got a very winsome chorus, power-pop stuff, always indierock-grunge rooted. Let's perform vivisection on, and cut a song in A, B, C and D: B+D are great (listen to Easily Updated), A+C not enough; and maybe i could appreciate more these songs if they were shorter (Summer Is The Season For A Beer had to wait 'till 3'2o'' to start to become excellent? Without the first 3'2o'' i'd have said oh-lord). I keep saying they're interesting, and i want to hear something cooler from Them. Best wishes: www.joeleaman.com - Barriera Corallina [barcoral@tin.it] - l.go Mazzini, 10 - 56o17 - San Giuliano Te me (Pisa) - Italy // Giancarlo Frigeri - v. Montebello, 51 - 41o49 Sassuolo (Modena) - Italy // email: info@joeleaman.com

Creepmouse - My Nerves Are All On The Edge (7" 2tx - co-produced w/ Area Pirata 'o0) - Creepmouse are interesting, lost and scattered between a post-grunge a bit Jane's Addiction in their brighter moments (take a listen to the chorus of Ss446), and the Bush, pre-electronic periodm in the less happy/faint ones. Attending to me, They could gain in authenticity if They would short Their songs, and play soon on the core of the song with the central riff, which already has a very good mixing. Well, I know, when You self-produce a 7" you try to put all yr-self on two songs before time end. Anyway, they know what they are doing (do I say write guys?), especially the drummer, and with a production more cared, They could result much more winning. Moreover, I'm sure this is overall a live-Band. - Before this 7", a presence on a compilation titled Scorie (Area Pirata rec), and 2 demotapes. Info & Contacts: Jacopo Riannetti - p.za A. Biggi, 3 - 54o33 Fossola-Carrara (Ms) - Italy creep_mouse@hotmail.com.

Giuseppe Cristiano - - is a very poliedric yellow, an italian moved since some years in Sweden, who, beyond organizing over there and now also a bit around the world a creative crew called [Iradidio - www.iradidio.com] in ambit webart/videos/strips/direction webart/video/fumetto/regia [i.e. works for Paranoid Android video of Radiohead, Cardigans, Prodigy and many others], production & more, He's worth of attention also for His wide own discography, oscillating between experiment free-jazz/drum&bass/trip_pop as solo project (that one I personally prefer, kind of ambient and dance-floor music), and his brand new noising-rock band, the Orange Cash, where he sings, and for who he's looking some contacts in italy and but not only. On His site there are a bunch of links to hear for free his music, You have just to choice and click --> mp3.com/jcrist. info: Giuseppe Cristiano c/o Johnson - Dalslandsgatan 5 - 118 58 Stockholm - Sweden

Good news from Horsepower (ex-Rosa Mota) front, that is the Fayetteville cd, coming out next 30th april, but You can purchase it for 1o pounds through mail to send to Sacha Galvagna, 27c Mildmay Park, London NL - 4NA - U.K.. Sacha let me hear 4 new demo_songs, a style different respect the two past album, very friendly songs and with another delicacy, They're back using a bit of distortion material, - or also there's fairytails hopelessly sad and inspired from the in love voice of Ian Bishop. I hope They will officially release all this creativeness. On www.inkoma.com there's a tribute page to Them. // The Music For Nintendo state to play data music; Shawn James Seymour and Ms. Gamegirl are a pearl of electronic indee, - and actually Their two songs i heard look like manqué sound trkx for super mario, but BUT a lot cooler and funny, - i'm talking about ice cream and hamigaki, two little coloured seed pearls, with a japanese Girl singing pouting on electronic loops, a casio keyb (here it is again!) and other toy instruments. When someone talks about electronic music, he cannot but citing Kraftwerk, and You say Japan, You cannot but citing Pizzicato 5. Well, i did it too. Very cool, www.mp3.com/musicfornintendo. // Crazy Love of Fonda has got another of that fantastic acoustic guitars i dream every night of, and a chorus (Emily at vcls) You think You already knew and loved. They are a such_so_sweet band :), for dreaming people, dreaming of that kind of love stories which give You a flue, listen to Exit Five, a bit light Stereolab meeting Dandy Wharols, or the winsome and quck hit One of a Kind, - a beautiful sonic melodius pop, clean and cut, cool and elegant. Hey, just right Dave of Fonda let me notice first the existence of SHADO rec, because They should be on one of their compilation. Moreover, some weeks ago, He let me know They finally released Theyr first cd called The Strange And The Familiar (Hidden Agenda Rec), and They also closed the sound track of a forth coming movie entitled Spy Kids. Info: www.mp3.com/fonda - www.parasol.com.

Massimo - Minimo [ep - 2ooo Staalplaat rec]- Sometimes we hear saying that more innovative artistic flows have always origin abroad. And it's really difficult trying to get free of cultural colonization by the USA. But every so often, also downhere something creative comes to the light able to proceed at the same pace of some more avant modes circulating around the world. That's the case of Massimo, a young artist from Catania, Sicily/Italy, for who the Staalplaat rec of Amsterdam has released a cd, indeed carefull label, with a special eye to experiments in electronic scopes. The disc is entitled Minimo, kind of well-done game between the opposites author-opera. Wonderful indeed the packaging, little wavy pasteboard and also golden - you see it and you have a jewel of style. With some difficulties You can also read the writtens just on the cd self: This cd is dedicated to Sicily, even if of this land we don't find any trace, and You sense also that everything has been realized with the unique use of a laptop, popularly known as note-book. Anyway, what gives you a deep impression is the fact Massimo did realized all this music, in the arc of 2000, being absolutely out of whatever ring and without knowing the various heroes of minimal electronic, at least till His performance at a recent roman festival dedicated just to this kind of stuff: Dissonanze. A false ingenuous? I dunno! Anyway He share with all the Ryoji Ikeda, Oval e Alva Noto the way to produce music: altering of the structure, lean skinny sound, a close-up on digital error, - i mean, all the characteristics of actual minimalism. Sometimes the sound on the Massimo's cd look like scories coming from the New Digital World, - sometimes others feign the cadenced rythms of techno. Then, a good work for this ep, it lasts something more than 28 minutes, and it can align Italy with current musicians looking out-there. by__nikkozz