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    The Melody Unit - Odds Against Tomorrow (cd, 99, 1o1 rec) - Very, very, very, very nice. Kind of trance-dreampop for sincere dreamers. In these last times i'm really into this sonority able to weave intangible webs, - and The Melody Unit deeply know how, - source of strange multi-color northern lights in the sky. Illuminated by a far far light, psychedelic with Their instrumental (excellent daffodil 11), lost in reveries and ecstatic. Kevin (+gtr+keybs) and Jessica @ vcls, (together w/ Tim_bass, Mark_drms and David_gtr), - sing Their particular chorus à la pa-pa-pa - really involving, - You'll discover yr-self whistling Their tunes, - well, it is a good cd and my cd-player and my car know it... The Fugue - i don't know why - remembers me of a 70's japanese cartoon where a golden skeleton always laughed to scare his enemies.. i cannot remember what his name was.. - well, but just only about this song, b.t.w. Jessica is a sweeeet voice, especially on Theme from Frolic. Yes, My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive (i know, i can be a bit annoying.. sorry) got in trouble a lot of moms.. and here You are a prodige son.. Spy Song music for an angelic spy. I like the Melody Unit, - without many difficults They could do a chief d'oeuvre.. Before this cd: 98 --> Wax Cylinder; recently They released Kona song single, - You can hear a sample of it on www.themelodyunit.com, but there are several songs on www.mp3.com/the_melody_unit and You can buy for few $$ Their whole disco. Don't be shy, get in touch! Info: the melody unit – p.o. box 81oo5 Seattle, wa 981o8 – usa.      __by yrkomakino@gmail.compaolo miceli

    Mezzanine~C14 - s/t (10 trx - BreakEven rec, 2ooo) - After Their first digital appereance with machinegun camera Ep, Mezzanine~C14 release for the no-profit label Breakeven (www.breakeven.org) this self-titled cd. Chris Lanza (drms), J Spear (bass), and Will Walker (gtr/vcls), from long island, usa, compose a cool noise trio full of good promises, driven on excellent rancid bass guitar riffs and claiming Will's voice. I keep believing They something sharing with Afghan Whigs, or better, what Afghan Whigs could be without soulmen frills, - that is a sonic entity running free on most desperated and hungry distorsion, - without a grunge past, - even if Mezzanine on this cd sound less dirty respect former cd. Listening to tact, 2° trk, You can hear how Mezzanine can leave behind Their-selves this above mentioned shadow, showing a more (quasi)punkcore way of being, - balck moods falling on owner's leg, several aspects of a perfect threesome [drms-batt-gtr], acid and sour, syncopated gtrs + voice on moil, as well on debauch. The Lounge is.. lounge!.. are You joking? Get in touch: Mezzanine~C14 - 83 wood rd. Trail - riverhead - ny 119o1 - usa. Web: www.mp3.com/mezzaninec-14 (diversi mp3 gratuiti) o anche www.angelfire.com/punk/mezzanine. Will's mezzanine_c14@hotmail.com       __by yrkomakino@gmail.compaolo miceli

    Violet Noise - This is Musique for who is looking for Inspiration (and You should always be looking for It). That kind of mesmeric inspiration whose hallucinated writers need to figure to his hated reader his own r.e.m., the ultrarapid and involontary movement of his dark eyes, spinning over black and blurred abysses of his dreams. Aiguilles, roofs, an apparent collapse riverbering of trascendental sounds. Imploding gtrs distorsions, a piano lost in its echo, burning flames, electrostatic experiments, gtr strings crashing.. Uranium, Electric Corridor, Nansense’s Drift, - these are visions able to fuse listener's mind, - until more hypnotic and velvet She’s Practicing Witchcraft Again, the one of all these who seems to have a more usual way of being melodic, - despite of its alien (?) source. 14 songs reg. between ‘99 and ‘o0, - found on www.mp3.com/violetnoise, coming out from two cd's, violet trasmission and one self-titled. A personal burnin' Shining. Take care, and look for Their own Muse's Art [aka as Music]. Email: violetnoise@w-link.net __by yrkomakino@gmail.compaolo miceli

    D.S.E. (cd 7tx, autoprod.) Well, listening to the first to songs, i found them really boring and ingenuous, and i thought of them as the usual italian pseudo-dark band. But.. but, a song as la notte looks like sounding better, - it could find the right mood, ability of this band, and it could evoke in a better way the obscure 80's new-wave style, with electronic drums, synth, flangered gtr and bass-gtr fully involved into delay effect. The problem with this cdr-demo, i think, is overall the too grey mixing, too deleteriously homemade. Some Yrs ago i bought a demotape, by Honiria, a dark roman (if i'm not wrong) band, and the voice style, singing and reciting NENIE and lullabies is similar to what Oriana does, - even if her contributes are much out of place, too normal, i mean, she talk as she sings, or she sings as she talk, - choice is yrs. A bit embarassing. This band has got a strange name hidden under this acronym, Dipartimento Scuola Educazione (education school department).. ?. Edel Strasse song and Un Buon Giorno are nice, but, i repeat it, her voice, also if looped into the echo (on the first) or left free (on the ladder) is really an interference inhibiting band's possibility. Info: fabrizio.gelmini@tiscalinet.it - http://stage.vitaminic.it/d.s.e./ - fabrizio gelmini – v. 4 novembre, 74 – 24o3o Almenno S. B. (Bg) - Italy  __by yrkomakino@gmail.compaolo miceli

    Acherontia Styx/Tomhet (cd, eye of kephra prod.) This is a cd featuring two one-man projects: 1) Acherontia Styxenter the kingdom pupas fell. "Industrial" - this is a word you have to use with care, because it has thousands facets. Does Acherontia Styx sound industrial? Maybe it could be too easy saying like that, and neither right. So - the fact is that sometimes music cannot be expressly musical., - but it's like telling about a man he's not exactly human, - so words as noise can be used, - but that doesn't mean He sounds as Unsane. Acherontia Styx's trx are as an eye flying over nightmares coming true, or still into an unlucky sleeper's fantasy. Not dreams, but nightmares, wars, orthodox religions, - and this eye don't properly see, but it tells, - translating both input both output together in sounds, chants, little far dirges. It's like a spectator, - and his movements are pure sounds, invisible and lost in the crowd of that mad unconscious actors. Everything is sullen, ultimate, fatalist, - a bit à la Videodrome, to make a cinematographic parallel, and to the apocalypse without apocastasis, to give it in a biblic direction. Excellent to draw inspiration and write about tar on yr lungs. Info: satans@libero.it - diego grossi – v. regina margherita, 42 – 26822 brambio (lo) italy. - [always on the same cd we find] Tomhet – la consapevolezza dell’inutilità. Ok, maybe the trk#5 (title sorriso senza movimento di esso) is a bullshit. I mean, this over-acid flanger effect has crashed my ears. That's ok, 'cause Antonio told me before i got this cd that it was something deeply personal, - and, you know, it used to call it his product, - than maybe it's not exactly music. Maybe it's like He wanted extirpate - take his entrails, so to show them to someone, notwithstanding they're a RAW and still pulsating. Yes, it really seems like that, stolen from his grey material. All the other trx are pure epilepsy - unic sounds consumed by flanger, phaser, singing tones, pitcher effects, - all stellar, unconstructive effects. But he should be carefull - coming again to the parallel human_not_human - not to take flash off that body, otherwise it will rest only some little bones to give to the dog. I closed this reviwe citing what He writes me: that's what i see but i cannot explain. Info: Muzzami Antonio – v. s. angelo, 29 – 26813 Graffignana (Lo) – italy – email:tomhet@libero.it

    Azucena – Goering (cdr 9 trx) – This is an instrumental band, bass-gtr, gtr and drums, following a sort of nocturnal moods, sound track for hermit walkers without a goal, elucubrations, deep breath, a lot of thoughts. Even if their songs are a bit too scarno, in their cdr-promo i feel some inspiration (komakino's website features some free mp3's). I cannot exactly say what music they play, - it's a clean style, few effects, sometimes in a 70s mood, - kind of a sudden recording, with then added another gtr, all done in a day, then not calculated, - i'd state. I'm curious to hear their next stuff, - i believe good. Info: marco antonimi – v. oriani, 45 – 481oo Ravenna – italia, email marculaz@libero.it and jango@libero.it

    Leather Slut Shamu – s/t (cd, 8tx – autoprod) – Lito and Nerissa Vales from Uncletoe’s Portasound, seem to be very prolific, or, if You prefer, They love toying on different sonority, and then here They are with a brand new project.. This time They drive Yr ears on electronic games drowned into reverb and on 4 remix medium disco/jungle of the title-trk (there's mother goose mix too!). Personally, i think Here i go again is the better song between these trx, - Lito's voice recalls me of a young Lou Reed [Beachnuts?] lost into anaesthetic Jesus & Mary Chain. Songs that was inspired by people we hate at my job - Lito writes me, and infact Little Red Corvette sounds a bit as a joke.. You can hear on it an odd voice, a (sheep from mars?) singing title song.. On the other side, Keep on loving You it's a very sweet song sung by Nerissa's voice, off-jey/bored at 1%, - a lovesong, electroluv-song with dark/bright tones.  Ps. On the cover there's this hallucinated puppet, kind of homo all leathers and studs, really demented ! Get in touch: Lito Vales – 31/20 28th rd. #2a – astoria – new york 11102 – usa, - www.megoman.com/uncletoesportasound and free mp3's on www.mp3.com/uncletoes_portasound ___by yrkomakino@gmail.compaolo miceli

    Theta Wave State (freedom downtime cd, 14tx, 2ooo) - Here They are again, - Theta Wave State, with Their first brand new full length. It's a cd released as original music for a documentary (freedom downtime, 2600 prod.) performed and rewarded last july ('o0) @ H2K (a global computer hacker) convention in new york, - meeting about electronic music distribution (read mp3's, napster, scour exchange & Co.), with also Jello Biafra between presents. - In songs as the real takedown, see agent, helicopters over philly, T.W.S. show Their essence/side more prevalently electronic, - already tasted in advance by Keith Hopkin (drummer, together with James Hanna & Rick Hamedani, gtr/vcls, and Frank Iadevaia, bs) editing his friend's site, photographer Noah Kalina. A strange atmosphere here, very frigid under a certain point of view -, - a surprise, - a new thing You couldn't easily imagine of T.W.S..  Nearby a couple of songs taken from previous demotape/12", as comparative ends (here revisited) and symmetry, two lysergical pearls, - on freedom downtime there are new slow dives into oneiric, - i'm talking about these islands, indeed a panoramic view from the top of the sky, - the unique song with a sung (excluding 2 songs above mentioned), placid and modular, - it could teach You breathing - open Yr arms, fall into the void, you won't even try to use yr wings; the You fall, - laid on sonic youth never called us (!), an instrumental with a different way of being with respect to the former electronic presence, (memory guides me to Thurston Moore's scores on Heavy, ’95 James Mangold's movie), - deeply melanchonic and lyrical, - here You are Their own particular involving mood, - kind of sweet elegiaca suggestion. Then You wake up, but without leaving Yr dreams You take another dive into Their shining voluptuousness - Hollywood, tapping on glass, or close watch,  together with celestial Yuki Chikudate's voice. Great Band, bis. Info: www.thetawavestate.com, keith110@juno.com - theta wave state, po box 28, kings park, ny 11754, usa. __by yrkomakino@gmail.compaolo miceli [see also interview and old review]

    Jeanette (cd demo) - Jeanette are a band born to fight summer italian county boredom, - in this case in around Taranto (south italy). It's fruit of a collaboration between 3 guys, featuring 4 trx, whose the first, picnic in july, is a song inspired to band as Contriva, deutch Mina's side project, Stereolab and other musicians feeding today the neo-lounge genre. Drums, keybs, gtrs, to draw a grey sky crossed by some little golden clouds.. Trk # 2, titled Maquillage, is a variation about a presumed tex-mex theme, micro sound-trk of an ideal morriconian western movie. Princess is another attempt to take a picture of sadness into music: with a beautiful progression of the bass-gtr, che sostiene tutto il brano. Terence is the last trk, dedicated to one of heroes of candy candy cartoon. It's the only song performing a voice. Everything runs on a double binary, a intreccio between a calm atmosphere with soft tones and a bluesy explosion, but always meant in a lounge way. A good beginning for a young band who can give much more if these 3 guys (Fabio, Francesco & Vincenzo) keep giving life to their trips in musique!: vincenzo.fedele@tin.it     ______by Nikkozz


    Cadabra – sound moquette (k7, sett ‘o0). (see koma#2). With this new demotape, featuring three winking songs already released on their former second skin demotape ('99), Cadabra present two new debutants, with a new quality will, able to make them notice. This band is as past still voted to pop-wave sonorities, following the electronic dark wake of 80s, - but this time songs are less cold, - much better, with some curious envelopments. Working on the sun climbs to the top with ability, and love target made me think of in Depeche Mode's yr room, when electronic drums stop and "real" percussions come. What's happened? Who knows, maybe it's because the new style of bass-guitarist, stronger and raw, or 'cause of Geppi's voice, - a great timbro or for the simple (as difficult) better mixing , more adapted. Who knows, maybe with some more rage, and a better production.. someone produce Them! – on Terrorweb’zine there's an interview with them. More info: Francesco Radicci - v. r. canuto, 127 – 7oo23 – gioia del colle (ba) italy – email: cadabraworld@katamail.com, website: cadabra    __by yrkomakino@gmail.compaolo miceli

    Hiroshima Rocks Around - (cd-r, 1o tx) I remember when i met Them for the 1st time, when last may ('o0) They split a concert in rome with Frumpies - i have deeply been amazed. Hiroshima Rocks Around are 3 young burnt spirits, addicted to (2) noising and screaming gtrs, with machine-gun_drms, - always in a dirty blues_state of mind. They kick, They rock. Alcholic voices drive on gun cotton-ish brief songs (i.e. "back attack", "ktulhu dancer", - H.P. Lovecraft's punknoise dream?). From live They recalled me Pussiùy Galore, but here on cd-r They have selected some noiseblues moods. Kind of a (john spencer blues) explosion, - give a listen to excellent or isolation bus blues, where an mouth-organ tryes to run @ full speed from distorsion tsunami. Each performance a faint? Great (auto)production. Llive mp3's on stage.vitaminic.com/hiroshima_rocks_around/, email: hirocksound@freemail.it