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Aidoru - s/t (2 tx '99) - Aidoru's demotape is one of freshest and incisivest works of the last times. Inside the tape (its cover is too much nice) there's a flyer where the inscription saying "elettro-surf-punk-noise-post-indie-rock-easy-pop" can let You think of It as a musical genres shake. All wrong! The 2 long tracks S (8:18) and She dressed Blue (7:36) are full of gumption and originality; they fluidly move from aggressive feedbacks to fragmentary intervals quasi post-rock, in front of surf rhythms, suffused keyboards and powerfull electricity waves. The vocals are as much fickle, now sweet now nervous, in a way looking like Chris Leo (Van Pelt/Lapse) in a duet with the Make Up, - some passage remebering the Karate (pre-rincoglionimento[¿ Words in english ?]) and the underestimated Christie Front Drive. Chatting with Them They disclose their own adoration for Blonde Redhead, Sonic Youth, Stereolab, Helliot Smith... when They don’t give a listen to classic or jazz music. Hope in a full lenght lenght out soon. Info: Dario Giovannini v. I. Sangiorgi, 346 – 47023 Cesena Italy ++39 0547331124 http://toosmall.andrew.org              by berny

Mind Vortex - 9 weeks foetus (7+2 tx) - I've had this tape through Lele Giraudo's d.i.y. distro, Smartz. Well, Mind Vortex are a great band, with temptation/GodMachine-like intro & outro and with sporadic washing machine/Sonic YOuth ties, in a setting of acid/coarse gtrs. I would like to see them from live, because they look to promise something marvelous. An applause to their drummer.. Unique stain with this demotape - 'cause its recording is somewhat perfect  = very hi-fy, -  is the voice mixing on several songs - as on pusher  - especially when it's clean.. much over everything, wrong volume.. am i wrong? I think like that.. Giovanna, vcls, reminds me of Uzeda in her style, but she's got another coordinate. The instrumental called # 1 is something wonderful.. hey, there are also two ghost-trx, and the first is really cooool.. the low price of this cassette maybe the last reason to have it.. great post punk noise muzik 4 yr ears.. call THEM  Info: Michele 099/4775157 - 5334524 & Vanni 099/337283 Italy  ___bY yrkomakino@gmail.compAo Mice

VeroniKa Voss – Antipop (8 tx ’94) - It's never too late - II act. I am ultra happy i have met VeroniKa Voss!! I am in loved with Them.. Directly from the homonymous movie '55, by Rainer Werner Fassbinder.. This demo is not what U call recent, - but so, fucking what? It's much BEAUTIFULL!! Pure feedbacks! Great ideas, raped grts, sonic-psychedelic pauses, punk! wave! noise! magnificent voices (girl+boy), angry voices, - burned by distortion or whispered!  I'd bet everything on Them! They loose nearly nothing in comparison with other sonic gods.. non song is something precious, then file 215, they know, naked blade,trasmission lost, do U wanna cradle me, antipop, Every song!! If U won't have soon this tape U take part in the silent kill of italian underground/d.i.y./indie muzik, and so all pseudo-indie bands will go on to rule and to pass their-self off as the alternative.. Assholes Nation   Info: Gipsy Lonoce - v. U. Foscolo, 57 - 74021 Carosino (TA) - Italy - tel 099896249    ___by yrkomakino@gmail.comPao Mice

Ultrafuckers - special latest trux: UF (8tx) - Bring my eye (6+2tx) - Kazuki Kewai and Hideaki Izumi set up a duet where they strum everything - but it sounds as a gone mad country band - and they make them-self to call Ultra Fuckers. Boredoms'spectre wafts over them, but that is not a limit for their unbridled fantasy. Special latest trux: Uf  is a slags radioactive frappé where you can find grind-surf-songs with stadium-like chorus, bedlam cacophonies, alien conversations (or coitus?), as well as caotic psyco-industrial suites. Bring My Eye is the trash apotheosis! As well as you give a look to the cover sheet (spartan a3 photocopy with some hungry dinosaurs and excited snakes) but overall looking at every song title where the word FUCK is omnipresent (first fuck, F.U.C.K., anal fuck... so do the bonus trx !!). Music here is more chosen, but it doesn't lose its freshness or its variety. Here there's a punk impetus crashing rougher electronics, to change suddenly into the more schizoid japan garage music. To conclude, add to all this some electronic pocket games, feedbacks, mother tongue nurseries rhymes .... early Pussy Galore are close, but an ultra mad attitude is closer... Info: kawai@osb.att.ne.jp, centralscum.tripod.com, - UF: Lost Frog Serial Insanity · 5-14-7-201 Sekimakikita, Nerimaku, Tokio, 117 Japan - www.sinkhole.net/pehome - By berny