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Uncletoe's Portasound - Nerissa and Lito Vales from new york together with some friend special guests play a beautiful home_made dreampop/shoegaze variegated with electronic. She, sweet and sometimes lovely out of tune, plays the gtr, some bass gtrs and one keyb, - He, - to the voice,  a bit ā la Lennon (?) + drum machine. Now also Their friend Ken Fernandez takes part to the line-up. 21 trx on the first cd, self-released and self produced, with on the cover the smiling face of this droll child, - the self_same one of Their happy birthday video, a sort of delicate sonorous  greeting card, closed to a cradle song. Strange & curious, - wish i was there as new and the idiotic song, could be one sugar-sugar/honey-honey song, to dance surf style. Away, a far far better place, work and others have all the power of thoughtlessness, but never given for sure. Then the sky changes its colors, and 4 o' clock and to the sea seem to want to give their translation of a dreaming psychedelia, and Their new wave origins rise, like on the cryptical untitled 1978 where the text is one unfinished lyric by Ian Curtis, - or like on in the dark. Therefore Uncletoe' s Portasound is a changing spirit, much light from a side and then deep darkness on the other face with a pair of sacred candles. There is another cd from Uncletoe's, the covers, that is 24 cool covers. 1st trk: elephant stone, by the Stone Roses, that played ā la melodic way of Jesus & Mary Chain, - but I'm curious, and i have to jump on femme fatal by the Velvet Underground whose They perform a really nice live version, as well as also sunday morning that revisited with a electronic battery and without xylophone it acquires a taste more free-and-easy. Then, fortunately gone by the Breeders, creep by Radiohead (here Lito has cooked and burnt and chewed Thom Yorke's brain), two songs by Joy Division, shadowplay (bored sung from Nerissa's voice) and atmosphere, - taxman by Beatles, even white wedding, a Billy Idol's song [!anyone can tell me what's happened to Billy? Where is he?]. Then, Echo & The Bunnymen, Belle & Sebastian, The Who (!), truth by New Order trickled in obscure electric beats, - and so go on. Well, i confess You i liked also Their version of  rio, by Duran Duran. Really cool/adorable/great Their version of are you ready boots? by Nancy Sinatra, where Nerissa gives a great épreuve of her personality. Are your ready boots? Walk! J On Their website there are some mp3's, - you can also download the videoclip --> Worth of being mentioned is also the corner about Lito's figurative art, - visions from past and future, in b/w, - and videocaps manipulations. Info: mp3's on uncletoesportasound and on - Lito Vales - 31/20 28th rd. #2a - astoria - new york 11102 - usa  ----> by yrkomakino@gmail.compao mice

Kizzy - It was around midnight of a torbid day in July when I heard for the first time singing this girl taking her from her dead cat. The song was pourquoi, - here one voice in french, - from the headphones her echoes in my head, angelic and last, melancholic and lone. Then i heard easy and crossing my hands, two containers of lyric memories, in order to slip far away, slowly. Christy aka Kizzy plays one classic guitar, and sometimes also simply pointed out, - adorned with sporadic improviseds of violino.  Her voices in the most beautiful choruses seem those of some sirens abandoned in the desert. Give Them a guitar, and will bewitch you to remain with Them;  - Field opens with the same chords of to be, by the Cranes, even if the game of the voices and violino makes the difference. Deeply is something holy and mesmeric. Nothing released, unfortunately, but on  there are several free mp3's, and also on Save your midnight. W kizzy, and tell Her not to change her name.. _by yrkomakino@gmail.compaolo miceli

Ian C. StewarT - Behind this boy from Dublino, usa, there are a lot of  ideas, musical plans, zines (AUTOreverse) and labels (Bizzarre Depiction). Let's start from Star Pillow (rec 96), (i guess it is his) soloist project, whose tape, that's a funny name for a lobster [phrase sampled from a movie, i think], has an artwork to envy, painted with water color, and a.. a snot attached[!]? Let's say it is a soft part of bread, and stop. 9 trx, a sort of lo_fi indie-rock impregnated of irony on the firs song, where Ian practically sings about the girl he always dreamt about, - his words are really nice. Here some post-rock moods, as well on guess, but without classic syncopated stop&go's. Moreover on the following trk everything changes, there's an electronic drum, and You can hear some early 80s memories, stained with a bit of electronic sounds. Instead, on  leaping from the tallest structure in town there's an folker atmosphere, that special one of whom is alone in his bedroom with his gtr and a tape recorder, - press rec and record Yr sadness. Finally this tape closes with 2 trx stolen to the 80's newave, with ace of spades (motorhead's cover?) and another one,  untitled, a bit ā la sisters of mercy's influence. And the dark music is another face of this guy, considering that on another tape, the one signed Irreligion (eyes of the lonely), where he plays gtr + drms, there's even a christian death cover, death wish, a bit slowed, as there were the type o negative to play it. Here, together with raymond lilly [vcls] e michael million [bs, gtrs & vcls], there are 5 titles of pure oversea goth style, - well nothing new, i think that the goth/dark canons have already been surveyed by then, + some rememberances ā la death in june. It's a pity that the bass is continuously  slapped on the 1st song, which has a very lyric start.. too distant, is a trk completely played by michael, enraptured in the chorus pedal, and maybe this is the more credible moment of this tape, even if something is still lacking.  On there are 3 songs. Ian doesn't stop here, and on the project named Crook'd Finger it plays no_stop underground rave party music, - title aft [?], 6 songs. Crook'd Finger touches their aim. Very flashed, x_ray eyes could be a soundtrk for some movie shot at night, panoramas over the roads where car lights  become blazing and unfocused trail, and who knows what acid inside the veins. You can get up and begin to dance, prey of some trance. Good to be listened too while You're driving. Elettronic, samples, cool_edit, re_birth? This tape is split with Fzzy Pmpr, and because there are not absolutely ingo about it, i don't know who there's behind. Same arguments for this project, continuous mixing, - but in an easier_listening way, not so underground, - a lot of samples, - maybe not so digital, but a sort of  marriage of longplayers dj, - 10 trx, title (try to spell it) fdgybtns. Both the projects are available in realmedia audio on Ian's website. Last proposal in order: Samarkand, continua, out & out maximum cut+paste as specified on the cover's notes. In actual fact, here Ian sews everything: orient, drum&bass, shadow project, syd barrett, michael gira, electro_impulses, voices - but i dare You to  identify something. Everything recorded_looped live in just one day (?) Before this tape, it seems he has released another 8. Info:, autoreverse - p.o. box 3488 - dublin, oh 43016-0241 - u.s.a. - -

Mezzanine/C-14 - I swear i'm not salaried by Anyway, this is often a good resource for anyone who would discover unsigned and underground realities; i think this Mezzanine/c-14, u.s.a., are deeply upset by distortions ā la Unsane and have deep Afghan Wighs_style cuts (gentleman Greg Dulli without romanticisms and soul wills, - then very angry). Super power noise_core trio, rancid bass guitar riffs + drm & gtrs, - screaming outbursts, a burnt voice, - great vigorous loads . Edit: Machinegun Camera EP, and of course a lot of demotapes. I think that their specialist can be a great song, - but maybe They should try to find an originality of own style as far as voice concerns.   ----> by yrkomakino@gmail.compao mice [new cd review on komakino#6]

Moonbabies - june & novas (14tx - cd 2ooo - diy). Oh god, on this issue i'd need more space to talk enough of this Swedish Duet: harmony in its purest invention. The seductive voice of Her (Carina Johansson, also on xylophone, piano, polysynth [?]), and masculine that one of Him (Ola Frick, polinstrumentalist genius), - when Their voices are intercrossed catch up rare harmonic marriages. Cd opens with i' m insane but so are you, sonic pop song with a perfect beat: here as the things are carried out: pop beat shoegaze experimental Indian guitar_driven music, - like the final attack on we're layabouts, after one feeling of easy will, or the magnificent intro of the title trk. On My buddy buddy: the memory of My Bloody Valentin_ish speeds, ā la isn' t anything. Brilliant riff the pa-pappa-paaa-pappa-paaa of City walk, with a retro_taste active per 24h, - like B52' s to an infinitely sonic exponential brit_pop level. Ola is a great guitarist, intuitive demiurge full of good ideas. Count stars/be patient is creative electronic experimentation_drum&beat to its best. The mixing would deserve a premioNobel for the search of the sound (hear the final pop 60s mood of because you can' t explain). It's a band full of desire, - in every song, - full of desire and source of creation. How many times do i have to repeat the word creation? They are tattoed of it. A pearls case, in quasi_melancholic mood and - anyway - happy of being of two lovers (the photos where They both watch themselves could say a lot). A lot of releases (overall demotapes), - among the other things also an italian distribution for Their climbing up these miles tape, throught the best kept secret; I limit myself to cite the 7"' Air>>>Moon>>>Stereo e.p. (' 99). Info: -  (several mp3's) - moonbabies c/o Ola Frick - Kamrergatan 7a - 211 56 Malmö - Sweden. Have a go, and get in touch with Them, - you can buy the june and novas cd at a very low_price. ----> by yrkomakino@gmail.compao mice [interview on komakino#6]

Cinderella's Big Score  (k7, live at haverrock festival, in kachtem, belgium, 13 may '0o, 7 tx) - They are not one Sonic Youth cover band, be quiet. This trio comes from Belgium, and it sees Valerie aka Cinderella on the drums + bckn vcls, Jurgen aka Junne to gtr + vcls and Bavo aka.. aka Bavo, bass gtr. Indeed, with the Sonic Death I find they have few riffs to share, inasmuch they propose a melodical attitude and just a little dirty in the distortion. Anyway, this tape comes from a live They had, it's been recorded enough well, sure, but i guess everybody knows the differences between study and live&loud, as it concerns the output in the amplification (especially considering wide spaces), - therefore there is to left the benefit of doubt.  Moreover, Their intentions - reading what They write to me - seem to want more noisy directions, also with the new contribution of an other "crappy gtr", that one of Geert (already in the local jane insane). The tape opens with trees, and here Their music seems to bet a lot on Junne's voice, a sort of stamp Jim Reid (Jesus & Mary Chain) last period,  but more pop. Then there is the cover of wanna be yr dog (by youknoweverybodyshouldknowWho), and it sounds a bit ā la bubble gum, in order to remain in sonic sphere, - even if the solo is a bit skinny/amputated (hmmm). Candle is looking for its special spleen on the chorus  secret wish/secret wish, looking for a melancholic way like on the end of energy, or break it. Well, maybe on wish, there would be Their way to quot Sonic Youth, but sure it is not Their first aim, - instead, i guess they are looking for Their own way to be. Listening to a piece recorded in study - in real audio on -, that is 2000 (oh, as far as fantasy in the titles...), they seem nearly an other band! Info: cinderella' s big score - jozef deveusterlaan 13 buses 3 - 3010 Leuven - belgium. Ps. - the tape was inside a beautiful all_ducks package!--> by paolo micel

Creeping Myrtle - dooms of love, by the Creeping Myrtle, seattle based band, sounds of one particular lyric beauty indeed, thanks also to the scratched voice and character of Randal Pater. One love song_band? Something of changing, here, yes, a veil that slowly falls on the face of the mistress. Waveform instead has a character remembering dreaming landscapes, rising from an underwater peace, - a moog rendering/tributing honors to the partiture of the gtr, which suddenly is swallowed up by  whirlpools and psychedelic vortices. These two trx as several others pearls are free mp3' s on Moreover, several releases for the BMI, Hear to the Urchin, Kindergarten, Corduroy, Peculiar, Bead, - this Band of dark humor drags on hypnotic plans, is a continuous yielding in theirs elegiac faith.  --> by yrkomakino@gmail.compao mice

Dallas - This Band comes from Estonia, formed in the '92, - They play a musique with 60s influences, between pop psychedelic parenthesis, organ + wha_wha and one thousands colored soap bubbles. There's Something in Them binding the french side of Stereolab (listen to philosophy will die, teenadelic, let's split), Truffaut's movies and the Smiths (your new girl friend), - maybe i  say like that because of the the Lush_like pitching of the voice of Her (Kristi Kindel), or  because of some particular style in playing acoustic gtrs, - for example, who does remember about Frente!? In the 94 They had a certain success covering a New Order's song, and i think that Dallas had something common with Them, - even if here there's  a more sensual approach, in a own lounge style. Ok, maybe i've involved too many People, but Great People, - because Dallas sound really good, especially listening to wendy's outside. In the 98 They released Their first self titled cd, with the High Park rec ( - You can find on several free mp3's. Good listen. --> by yrkomakino@gmail.compao mice [interview appeared on komakino#6]

Angoras - Marked from shove e-zine I go to give a listen to this Angoras, that is 3 grrls and a boy. Really Amusing their web_site, Steak Knife made me to think to B52' s if they had had punk&roll tendencies, especially for the brilliant contribution of the drummer, here also to the voice (cool also the acoustic version), a pretty, fast and brilliant piece indeed in its chorus, like also drive. Sick Dance sounds much likeable and powerful, with some teen horror movie tons (?). Some Bikini Kill memory, good constitution,  bittersweet pills to take at least 3 times to week and before and after the meal. yrkomakino@gmail.comby paolo miceli  

Brasilia (aka LeTigre) - A droning_etheric way of being. The Feedback is literally left nourish behind the bass guitar's shadow (that one of Roy) - in flames, an organ/holy fire serves Mass (Jen), while the battery (of Mark) tries to be behind the sweet not easily caught voice of Jen. Between their influences They cite My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab, Spacemen 3, Hip Hop and New Order, and I would confirm just that the parishes are those (comprised voice). The existing been of affairs is a song which makes you to fear it can explode in Yr face all of a sudden, - but it is a slow outbreak and wrapping and only at its end you notice how much it is penetrating too. Writing on the walls is brilliant in its 58 seconds, - as well as its (voluntary?) liaison with darwinism and the status quo that plays a brief great moment of false_end. Red spot wants you don't take breath, - it starts still before that you press play!, it loads all its melancholia, and it transports in some pleasant places. Unfortunately 5 pieces (all available on  and soon on, but to the horizon there will be new releases. We hope it. Josh of the Brittle Stars had been their former drummer. Ps. Ah, they have nothing to see with LeTigre of K. Hanna. by paolo miceli

SkyWave - the first song I heard of this Band has been got that feeling, which is clearly cloned from early Jesus + Mary Chain. Well, i've really been annoyed from this thing. But, remove that episode people, because i fell in love with the feedback of this Band, with its exploding guitars spitting out all that acid that they have in their body, - and with the voices. Then, the Skywave has Their own originality and dodge all the shadows. I asked to a friend of mine [darrrio] to give Them a listen and He said without little circumlocutions that They make him sick. Opinions. As far as I'm concerned, I guess i can adore Them without problems, especially for the deafening psychedelia of slow in space, a space trip, or the sixties_like parenthesis of under the moon, that is, - this trk  made me to come in mind those cartoons as  scooby doo (did i write it in the right way?) where sometimes suddenly everybody plays light-hearted an instrument. And on this song there is a sort of carefree evanescence, but the voice live its disease. Beside these two episodes, the group lives on exploded distortions (sandune), on reverberant acid cyclones ready to swallow you up (it' s in yr eyes), - all created by bs + gtr + battery, voice and choruses. Great. Info, cd e 7'':, skywave - 204  anderson dr., fredicksburg - va 22405 - usa ----> by yrkomakino@gmail.compao mice


>:./ Mp3 dell'ultim'ora (from komakino # 5): On there's a lot of junk, but also some quality, fortunately, - and for free. To start, give a listen to the Arrogants [california], who open with Lovesick, smart quick_quick dreampop, good for indie top chart, with an infallible chorus by Jana Wittren, already Majestic 12 [?] - on the contrary, listening to the other song the atmosphere changes, - well, lovesick seems to be a unique episode, because the rest is all  concentrated around sad ballads (will you notice when i'm gone - should make a suggestion). Very nice never let u down, too. They released  your simple beauty for the Shelflife rec. - Notwithstanding Their name, Viva Voce are a nashville trio, usa, winsome indie rock (i suggest You he touches stars), a bit ā la Breeders/Pixies, with some good numbers to bet on, and so do also about two side projects, FraNcis - the drummer Kevin, e Fräulein, by the singer and guitarist Anita, released for the VivaRec, that i guess it is of Their production. Hoodoo Wrong - is an obscure band from new_ zealand, drm machine, bs, gtr, everything who has a sound (!) +a voice. For example, pensive smoking is a song who can provoke a black out [you can hear the noise of an electric cable burning!], - the darkness, suddenly the darkness - people screaming ahhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Claustrophobia, sinisterly closed spaces. Nooot baaad. =]              __by yrkomakino@gmail.compao mice