interview to Pierre of redworms' farm

[versione italiana]

Luckily in italy there are not only shitmelodicmajors, but several little indie labels are rising, - in this case let's take Halley rec, - from Padova, who has just released a cd for a new band, Redworms' Farm, - not only a Band, but a real balm for the soul indeed. An anonymous cd at 98%, where You won't see printed singer's face on the cover, assuming a maudit/transgress/fuckme pose. Music is the unique and only reason of being of this cd, - it's about the ascent between angels (trx 5 & 6), - you throw back yr head [and kiss it all good bye!], you're abducted in a vortex, yr blood runs fast into Yr veins, so You fade away, dream, and Yr eyes turn over their-self (!).. Do You recollect 97-MT 3 Mile Pilot's, - when drums begin to load? This is it. And the best Slint's instrumentals? This is it. Add to all that two great male voices, an acid gtr attitude and some pearls à la Sonic Youth. I got in touch with Pierre (gtr+vcls). K: classic old question. Who are You? Where and when... Pierre: Since about 3 yrs, - but obviously it's not only 3 yrs we play our instruments... Everything started long time ago, at school, or better,  during the afterschool or during the holidays, - when we met at our den (a small house in ruins destined to be our den) and between a cigarette and another, we sang and play etc etc. then all that became passion, we bought some decent instruments and we first started playing unhinged cover songs from The Piper at The Gates of Dawn then we began writing some of our own (we've been pretty prolific in this) K: what does it lead You into Music? And where is it going to drive You? Can You give us Yr explanation to the word Music? P: Instinct leads us, what we feel while we're playing gives us sufficient motivations to keep on, and, in recent times, people coming to our concerts. Lately it seems our live performances meet with success. Basically, what is music if not instinct? As what regards our aims, well, it's very hard to say, because there are  many different things influencing our life... well, now our new songs are our unique thought, the rest has to come: we can be patient and wait, even if... K: How do You meet Halley rec? P: Some years ago, i can't remember exactly in what occurrence, anyway Padova is pretty small, and label promoting good music cannot missed to be noticed, - i.e. Infranti (P: do you know them? K: - yes, but i don't like them much, ndk). Anyway, in short time we became friends, mates, - in few words, it's certainly not a job-relationship! K: Any swindle in the past? Sinister surly fellows.. people who promise to let You have a live show in his local only if first You can sell 300 tickets.. strange musical contests.. P: Luckily not yet :) but at the first opportunity, - well, once at the Small in Pordenone one fellow told us he could not pay us (200'ooo poor ££ [about 80$$, i guess, ndK]) because his partner went away... Anyway, the Jaguar parked out of that club will remember about somebody ;) we're far to be vandals, but what can i add?... K: what kind of Bands influence Yr life... P: Everyone i have listened, in particular Touch&Go bands, Barrett, MotorPsycho, Kill Rock Stars bands, SonicYouTh, CCCP etcetc - to cite to all the classic ones... K: You know, when i am in a supermarket, loudspeakers play always some horrible "music", - it comes out from some crappy radios, or, worse, an entire cd arising out from the ultra melodic italian front.. they're not songs, but advertisements.. According to You, should supermarket keep on playing music? Sincerely i would be more scared if they transmit Bauhaus while children cry because mommy doesn't want to buy chocolate.. P: Well, as regards me, they can do what they want, - the real important thing is to teach people to think with one's self mind. You know, it's the shit life they want we live: produce & consume: everything is allowed, but don't break the cycle. K: If i am not wrong, You guys are 2 gtrs + drums, isn't it? Anyone ever asked You where the hell is the bass guitarist? and why do you sing in english and not in italian? (but so, put the same question to Sepultura, Motorpsycho, Melt Banana...?).. P: Oh, sure, but it does not matter, we do exactly (??) what we want to do, We love singing in english. Simply, we like sing them so. Bass guitar comes out by itself... K: Are there some italian Bands you want to suggest? P: well, here in padova there area couple of nice bands. Infranti are a great band as example, with who we often split concerts. Anyway You can hear something from a compilation produced by our Andrea [Volpin, from Halley Rec e Crinoide Rec - ndK] (coming out soon ). K: How did You toil hard for this cd? And why are these all untitled songs? Yr cd is really anonymous.. that deserves You, let's say, Purity, as regards me.. (i mean, Music is important... the rest, it's often frippery..) P: Right!!, oh well, until now you're the only one to understand our reasons. Indeed, it's just like that. This CD came out after 2 hard years of work and very long pauses, very strange matters, - now we're working on a brand new project, it should be completed more quickly and produced pretty better. K: if You look into a magic sphere.. what about future? who belongs future? P: to the DJ's (i laugh)).

Info: Halley Rec c/o cp 35o3o Vò (Pd) - Italy - email: - - Interview December 'o0, appeared on komakino#6, done & bad translated in english by paolo miceli