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s/t EP

(5tx DGTL, 18'22'' - Self-prod. 2017)

 | pall youhideme
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A debut EP, vibrating emotional dreampop harmonies.
Sooner is Federica Tassano's new band, formerly of June Miller and Antigone, now moved in Brooklyn, NY.
I can't forget that show I saw her singing in, with June Miller, seven years ago (oh my). Her performance was something stunning. What a brilliant, effortlessly talent. 
Now with Sooner, her tunes finally fullfill and please my shoegaze/dreampop needs, with a writing feeded with guitars' bending electricity, bass and drums. I must say that, while it's all anchored down by a lo-fi production of sounds, this tracklist is anyway able to tingle the right feel of foreseeing something bigger. What would come out, with a richer production? We can only wonder by now.
Introduced by the mellifluous animus of Evil to me, soon, the balance needle of their mood tends to an inner malaise to be only healed with Music.
Shadower make grow bigger and bigger this soap ball of joy and pain juxtaposition, with a splendid interplay of vocals. Goosebumps. I long to see and hear them performing this piece live. It sounds like a standout track. A balance of poetic emotions and intimate melodies, which later turns reduced to essentials with Junipero: no drums, just acoustic and electric guitars, and her voice, the voices. A calling of urban angels and sirens. It ends soon, too soon. Think of The Sundays vs Soley
If follows About the Blue, the title speaks for itself. Federica is voicing bitterness and feeling blue, sweetened with dreampop medicine, then it goes faster, wild and gently free.
That good, now press play.

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not yet, probably nobody cares, or nobody cared enough to tell something. Also: nobody reads komakino.

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