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The Third Face

(11tx cd, 48'48'' - Supermodern/Indigo rec 'o5)

 | pall youhideme
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After about 4 years from former splendid album Outerbeats, german shoegazer Malory finally release The Third Face, whose beautiful Wake Up already appeared on a single in 2oo2. Sincerely i was expected something bigger, - i mean, 4 years are a bunch of time for recording and preparing/selecting new stuff, and after several excellent past songs, i hoped in a pure Gem as following step. And this is not. And let's forgive and forget for a while the fact They deeply follow coordinates of early Slowdive. - Actually, there are a couple of well done pearls, like Sleeper, Endora and She Has Gone, full of multi-layered guitar carpets, bliss-out calm, You know, - but these ambients sound like Outerbeats out-takes; - btw, i cannot understand easy-listening pieces like Track II, kind of electro-dub dancefloor hit, or hip-hop beats and keyboards of Ray of Hope, as well as Take Me Down - that lets me ask myself: how can You name one of Your songs like one of shoegazest Slowdive's pieces when it's also clear Your songwriting is à la Slowdive? And moreover, when the song is also somewhat mediocre? - Ok, degustibus..

-› sample mp3s (via website):
1. sleeper
2. silence flows through noise
3. she has gone
4. take me down
5. endora
6. track 11
7. ajar door
8. ray of hope
9. want you
1o city lights
11. wake up
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