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Goodbye Ranger Memories and the Sky

(7tx CD/DGTL - Sillas Famosas 2022)

 | pall youhideme
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Big fan of Sway here. Although, to be frank, I did not tend to be fond much with last disc This Was Tomorrow. Too much voice on autotune blending in my cup of tea. De gustibus.
Anyway. New chapter here. Andrew Saks met Gwendolyn and formed this new project, Goodbye Ranger, where their ethereal vocal harmonies intertwining through the spirals of reverberating guitars are the keystone of a superior dream realm. Close your eyes on No One's Listening, headphones on, and you are literally obliterated from your daily weigh. It worked on me. 
Now, We Collide. Here's our dremapop porno. Sway of (masterpiece!Millia Pink and Green on a dream with Cocteau Twins and Airiel. Majestically ethereal and nostalgic. That multicolour dream of sadness. Hypnotic. And later, Remember Everything.. wow, you really serve the best wine of your cellar only at the end of the fest. The duo turns into the full band form here. There's some songwriting too. I mean, this is a record about perception, and Remember Everything leads the way: our altered perception through the fragile boundaries of daydreaming. They know how to paint sonic landscapes burning your eyes often in an exciting drift. Pure poetry through harmonies. That's how I read it. Well done.

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The Bradipos IV s/t

(10tx vinyl disc - Hi-Tide recordings 2022)

 | pall youhideme
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The Bradipos IV are back with 10 songs to get you out of a surf slump.
Talented instrumental group from Caserta, Italy, est. 1996, local heroes of tremolo vs staccato picking, you won't spot any surf boards on their s/t cover, like for Bob Vaught & the Renegaids Surf Crazy, still, their wanging guitars of Endless Bummer and the exotic horns of Waiting will hit you calmly in the face like the sun on the beach, slow burning your skin, waiting for the perfect, epic wave to come. Maybe at 50.  There's nothing that essential or remarkably original here, still, it's fully enjoyable because of passion, their rock'n'roll party is made under the rule of Sloth til death, but, wait, it's not that goofy. It's seriously a music festWhat sounded as a revolutionary genre for its time, for sure, nowadays it's a Tarantino thing to the most, but, it's still also an act of faith for the inner circle, especially when it sounds so genuinely crafted and it got the flow. A party music for others, which defies you not to dance, because The Bradipos IV can also go mellow on Scuola di ballo al sole and at the same time, they know how to call hard for summer nostalgia through When the sirens sing. Cowabunga. 

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