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Dan Peters happy birthday

Gang of Four, Solid Gold

 | pall youhideme
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Dan Peters, born today August 18th, 1967, happy birthday, music pal: better known as Mudhoney's great drummer, and no less, as the original drummer for Nirvana's Sliver - notwithstanding the video released to promote Incestice in 1993 features Dave Ghrol: Dan tells the backstory in this short clip. Pretty interesting: briefly, Kurt Cobain did not exactly excel fairplay here. And later so did Screaming Tree too, which he joined in 1991, on tour. Funny-not-so-funny story.

Lucky for him, and for the entire world of people enjoying punk rock, he went on with Mudhoney. I saw them performing live only once, ages ago in Rome, - how great, they were ace. To me, unforgettable. Check here, pix and vids included, 2006, May 20th.

Anyway, how did everything start for Daniel Joe Peters? Answer: drumsticks gifted to him from his mother's drummer when he was a kid, and some Solid Gold, Gang of Four's Solid Gold. The vinyl which, it seems, changed the course of his life. 

Again, happy birthday. Well, one more time (he) is Good enough for me.

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Stuff by Mark Every song off The La's album as an old film poster

excellent, fabulously kinetic

 | pall youhideme
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From Farnborough, United Kingdom, Mark, aka StuffByMarkUK rethinks every song off The La's album as an old film poster, through a Saul Bass lens: it's not Blue Note album sleeves, it's The La's. Clever and brilliantly crafted indeed!

And here a good excuse to listen again to The La's, here with their BBC sessions collection, songs compiled from recording sessions starting September 2, 1987 with the last track being recorded October 7, 1990. 

And this brought me back to an article I read a million years ago about Guitars and graphics: over a century of guitar music and graphic design, when do the two combine?

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Davide Cedolin Embracing The Unknown

(Vinyl disc/DGTL, 9tx Self-prod, Torto Editions, Marsiglia rec 2021)

 | pall youhideme
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You know, I used to kinda know Davide Cedolin. One life ago. We toured together with his Japanese Gum a couple of times with Sea Dweller. Sweet, friendly guy, talented musician. He and Paolo Tortora were a cool music duo. But you know.. Italy. Once I refurbished Davide with a small stock of Chinotto Neri :-). Now he's a grown, long beard man, I think I would barely recognize him on the street, and he has got a new solo project, a fucking cool new one, I must say, by his own very name. Davide Cedolin. Cool as his name.
Think of Spacemen 3's oblique folk tunes, an army of rocking chairs calling you to seat: once you sit, well, you get enraptured by his mesmeric as well as drunk/drugging swinging motion. That's what happens with Woke, the album's title track Destination Uknown, Loosely, and if you dare to stand up, you go through the slow downfall off the spire of Silver Pines. You might play this instrumental track on loop.
His LP debut record (cfr. discography here) is wisely well crafted. I don't think there is anything similar under the Italian indie music scene umbrella. It gently eye blinks psychedelia, alt-folk music. An Echo and Vanishing Sky are simply two magic sound stones you place on the foreheadof to embrace self-hypnosis. I can almost see those sexy dancing of the gypsy spirits on my chest. Flaming, spiritual movements. His backing band, playing percussions, trumpet, clarinet, bouzouki, organ, chimes, acoustic/electric fuzzed guitars (hey hi ciao there Paolo Tortora!) are the sparks of that holy fire you can see on the artwork.
Marsiglia records, here together with Torto Editions, still so cool. Keyword for this review: cool.

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