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Ware Star Catalogue

(10tx/11tx vinyl/DGTL - Absent Music rec 2022)

 | pall youhideme
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A soulful trip into cosmos. 
Band formed in the 80s in London UK, and now connected again through the internet.
A duo formed by Sacha Galvagna (of glorious Rosa Mota (check komapage), Horsepower, Carta) and Andrew Wilson, DJ and producer, modular synthesiser fanatic, - with the first, singing on most of the tracks with Laurie Loftus
Tracklist is diverse and, at the same time, still driven to psychic allure with a gentle, minimal touch (Star Catalogue), tinted with futuristic feel, elegant and classy, sometimes à la Tuxedomoon (Nerve Agency), - to draw a couple of coordinates. 
New Model - featured also as extra track with a different reprise on vinyl - is an instrumental piece of pure spiritual ascension, slow paced, like also the far and seraphic chants of Sable Bay (feat. Bettina Langlois at vocals), - a soundscore to the enchant of hypnagogic, - while The Apprentice Pillar dances electronically through pulsing vibes straight to the listener's consciousness-expanding. 
And if My Life as a Ghost draws further boundary lines onto the oneiric realm - a shame it's so brief - The Splintered Woods is a memento mori hit song. What a fun house, you might say. Yeah, that's exactly the Frame you may anchor Ware to
Headphones on needed, I feel like this is one of those records to slow down your heartbeat, no frills, search and reach self-consciousness. 
It's all about breathing in and out, it's definitely dark outside. Press play, bon voyage.

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Nico Bonomolo Maestrale/Mistral

animation film maker, painter, drawings

 | pall youhideme
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I met this young man a few times and shared a couple of beers together. What a brilliant mind and friendly human being.
Nico Bonomolo,  Italy, Palermo, 1974, with a permanent collection at the Guttuso Bagheria Museum, is a visionary painter and short film maker, a poet, now his Mistral/Maestrale, short animation movie, is among the Oscar 2023 nominations, featured on the long Shorts List. That cool.

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The God Machine Home

1993, live, Carlton TV

 | pall youhideme
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God (Machine) only knows how I am attached to The God Machine and their single track Home.

I remember the very first time, teenage years, my sister and I  were in the back of our parents' car, both sharing one headphone to listen  at the same time to Scenes from the second storey
Both immediately blown away in their cavalcades, she with the right channel, me on the left one. And then, a renewed surprise when later we did turns to listen to the walkman with both earbuds on.

So, thank you internet people for sharing this live on TV performance, 1993, The Beat, Carlton Television.

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