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Bridget Riley (born 24 April 1931)

The Art of Perception

 | pall youhideme
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Last year in November, I visited Rome's Ara Pacis, since it hosted a very interesting exhibition for Alberto Biasi. Profoundly attractive and very engaging at the same time. Brilliant, especially for its time.
Today, searching more info about the brilliant works of Bridget Riley, in the third vid I posted below, I am pretty sure I recognized some of Biasi's pieces. 

This last one is by a young Brian de Palma

Alberto Biasi, photos by me myself and I.

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Fear Banned From Saturday Night Live

Beef Bologna

 | pall youhideme
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Also known as Beef Baloney, Beef Baiogna, Beef Bologna.. together with New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones, punk rockers Fear performed it on SNL in 1981 Halloween episode, by request from Fear fan John Belushi.
John had wanted Fear to be featured on the movie picture Neighbors' ost (which sees also Holiday In Cambodia by Dead Kennedys), he wanted their song to be used over the comedy's end credits, he also recorded the vocals with front-man Lee Ving, only to discover later the movie studio rejected their song, judged too inappropriate, and then the track got lost until 2015
So, Belushi made it possible, he felt he owed the band, they were able to perform on SNL for the Halloween episode. 
Unfortunately - besides the fact of Fear's obscene lyrics :-), middle America wasn't ready for that sweat on TV, and as they started to play Let's Have a War, they been cut off - run the commercials!  - Ian McKay - of then Minor Threat, - is the one who got on the mic and says "New York sucks, fuck you!", he was invited by Belushi to help and create the mosh pit. 
The band and the audience destroyed the set with their slam dancing onstage, over 200k of damage, as it seems. 
So, lifetime ban from SNL. History of American TV made.

John Belushi passed away a few months later.
Bologna is the capital and largest city of the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy. 


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Ghost Woman s/t

(10tx CD/Vinyl/DGTL - Full-Time Hobby rec 2022)

 | pall youhideme
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Wow, I am looking at Ghost Woman's BC page.. this release, due to June/July 2022.. fcuk, the pre-order is massive.. greetings, pal.
Solo project (I guess), anyway, lead by Evan John Uschenko, from Texas: he's able of crafting a genuine psychedelic sound which reminds me of some early guitar narrative of Paul Kantner (listen to the 12 strings intro of Broke), while his vocals style may deal with the family of Tame Impala. Said that, add a lo-fi attitude, fuzz, tremolo, abrasive riffs, if I had some bucks, you would see my avatar among the many of his BC page. 
Now press play, enjoy the trip.

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