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Black Tail One Day We Drove Out of Town

(9tx CD, MiaCameretta - Lady Sometimes rec 2017)

 | pall youhideme
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Twee-pop nuanced, sweetened like an exquisite delicacy filled with gentle guitar-riffs, this second LP for Black Tail is genuinely enjoyable.
From Rome and Latina, Italy, this four-piece leaded by singer/guitarist Cristiano Pizzuti, somehow this brings me back to June, or also to Loretta records of early 2000s in Italy, which released Senpai's Well. I sense a similar bright flame in (song)writing brilliant indie pop songs. True little gems of pop delikatessen, powered by jangle pop guitar play. Pop, the good indie side of pop.
There's no need of machism to reach indiepop perfection, - there's full of emotive/emotional empathy which leads the way here, and, still, everything goes light and airy: listen to A Fox
While, Campfire, this may you to start dancing like you awoke suddenly in Glasgow, in your favorite record store, and start grabbing vinyls. Outside it's raining, of course.
The Pastels, there, they would appreciate the slacker-pop pace of Slippery Slope as well as Wild Creatures. The soothing breeze of indie, light, yet, deep, in a continuous juxtaposition. That good vibrations.

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Daddy Long Legs The Stranger Rides Tonight

(2tx 7 inches, Folc rec 2016)

 | freddie koratella
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Giorni fa, durante i miei giri tra mercatini, dopo essermi sporcato invano le mani nelle montagne di quarantacinque giri lasciati li a marcire, mi muovo insoddisfatto verso il negozio di fiducia. Devo soddisfare la mia fame vinilica. Continuando a spulciare trovo questo 7'' di cui non sapevo neanche l'esistenza. Lo prendo sulla fiducia.
Daddy Long Legs li vidi al Sinister Noise Club nel lontano 28 ottobre del 2013. Uno dei concerti più belli della mia vita. Il trio in questione viene dagli States ed è una delle punte di diamante della leggendaria Norton Records; un minuto di silenzio per Billy Miller che il 13 novembre del 2016 ci lasciava prematuramente.  
Il 7'' in questione è però prodotto dalla spagnola Folc Records; i Daddy Long Legs non tradiscono le mie attese. The Stranger Rides Tonight è un inno al vecchio blues; nulla di nuovo vi direte. Ma provate a stare fermi mentre l'ascoltate. Un ripetuto ascolto può spezzare le catene mentali che ci legano alla mediocrità del vivere.
Il secondo lato ci lascia in eredità Evil Eye; registrata live in acoustic version al “Born To Be Bad”  show della Sant Boi Radio di Barcellona. La versione è più intimista ma lascia comunque di stucco;  come guardare dritto negli occhi l'inferno. Se se ne esci vivo qualcosa dentro ti cambia. Ti scuote. Ti fortifica.
Comprate dischi; andate ai concerti; strillate quando fate all'amore. È una delle ultime rivolte sonore all'ordine precostituito del ben pensare.

.·´¯¯`·.   .·´¯¯`·. 
   °   °    /_ .K ..· 
·..  º   .·

Days ago, rummaging through underworld flea markets, after getting my hands dirt in vain with loads of 45rpm discs left rotting, unsatisfied, I turn back to my trusted record store. My vinyls hunger must be satisfied. So, I finally find this 7'', whose I did not even know the existence. That's good enough for me, I buy it. 
I saw Daddy Long Legs performing live at Sinister Noise Club in Rome, on october 28th, 2013. One of the best live shows of my life so far. This three piece comes from U.S., one of diamond tips of legendary Norton Records; one minute of silence for Billy Miller, who passed away prematurely last 13th november, 2016.
But, this 7 inches is released by spanish Folc Records; Daddy Long Legs do not betray my expectations. The Stranger Rides Tonight  is a hymn to old blues; nothing you, you may say. But, I dare you to stay still while you listen to this track. More listenings may break the mental chains that tie us to mediocrity of living.
The b-side is Evil Eye; recorded as an acoustic version during “Born To Be Bad”  show of Sant Boi Radio in Barcelona.
An intimate version, able to hold you still; like watching straight to the eyes of hell. If you come out alive, something inside of you has changed for good. It shakes you, It strengthens you.
Buying records, going to concerts; making love and screaming. These are some of the last sound riots left against the preconceived order of good thinking.

Freddie Koratella (Dead Music Roma)

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The Morelings We Were

official video released

 | pall youhideme
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A few days ago The Morelings released a stripped-down cover of The Psychedelic Furs' hit song Heaven
Then, here we go now, a preview single - We Were, - of their forthcoming debut LP, Same Century, to be released next week, Sept 26th. 
Their dreampop whispered verve is fully feeded by a dancy drumbeat and the oneiric blowing of a storm of synths here, while singer Kedra Caroline's vocals don't lose a moment to embrace soon a heart-melting refrain. Enjoy.

Also listen:

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