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Mahogany A Scaffold

(2tx - 180g 12-inch vinyl - Renovo rec 2024)

 | pall youhideme
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About time. (Amazing illustrator as well as) multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Andrew Prinz and guitarist/vocalist Jaclyn Slimm are the Mahogany dual entity since several years, but, they finally released a new title on vinyl together only now. 
A side, B side, A ScaffoldPolyvalence are two faces of the same Ian Curtis dance. I can't think of any different way to dance at these drum beats and bass lines. A dance of two elegant pieces of Music, oneiric, highly suggestive, dream like propelled, yeah, oneirically enwrapping me/the listener into the obsessive sequencer and drum loops, feeding the majestive work of electric guitars weep and bass articulation, reaching saturation of sound. 
Jaclyn vocals style keeps faith to the mood of previous Mahogany's records, and this two track release fits perfectly with what made different and great Mahogany's writing. 
Just bought on BC.

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Half-cocked by Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky (1994)

A wild ride through Southern disillusionment

 | pall youhideme
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First time ever I watched this movie. What a shame. And did you? 
Black and white film, year domini 1994, by Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky, a poignant road movie, portrait of Tara (Tara Jane O'Neil) in her early 20s with a group of high school friends, stealing her brother's van - Otis, played by Ian Svenonius - a van full of music equipment, then they hit the road and to afford food, they pretend to be an 'art rock' band, called "Truckstop" (played by the band Rodan), playing instruments disastrously. An hilarious as well as bitter/sweet narrative, a mix of anguish and youth angst, indie/alternative rock subculture. That lovely. In 1995 Matador rec released a double vinyl discs album: the tracklist is simply insane: RodanSlant 6, Helium, Polvo, Unwound, - just to cite a few.


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Big Black Heartbeat

r.i.p. Steve Albini

 | pall youhideme
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No, it is not that bad joke.

I was like 14 yrs old. I had just bought my first ever and only so far electric bass guitar. And me and my sister had rent this on CD by Big Black. Or maybe a friend of hers lent it to us. Can't recall. I spent days and weeks and months playing my first bass notes on this song and singing it, such it was easy English to me to understand. Abrasive, acid, vitriol like distorted, fuzzed guitar / bass notes, oh dear how much I loved and still today love this song. 
Only years later I found out it was an original track by Wire, then I started to listen to this other seminal punk band. What a "atomizer" track! 

"At a sold-out show in London for 1,300 people, Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis of Wire joined Big Black onstage to play an encore of Wire's "Heartbeat" [..] Albini wrote of the experience that "If I die right now it will all have been worth it.""

Have a safe trip Steve, so long and thanks for all the fish.

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