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Ennio Morricone The Thing

"I got married to your music."

 | pall youhideme
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First time (of many) I watched this movie, I was eight or ten, I think. You can figure how BIG this acted on me.
A couple of years before, my ever first meeting with a horror movie was An American Werewolf in London: I can still remember my father telling and showing me - turning the sound off and on with the clicker - that a horror film without the sound score would not have any horror effect on me. He was damn right.

The Thing’s o.s.t. is sheer horror. Can’t get much creepier on a synth than this. The minimalist orchestral movements, its heart-beat and timing.. simply outstanding.
"A rare instance of Carpenter not scoring one of his own films, although Carpenter did score a few pieces of music with Alan Howarth which were also used in the final film".
About that, Morricone recalls:

"I’ve asked him, as he was preparing some electronic music with an assistant to edit on the film, "Why did you call me, if you want to do it on your own?" He surprised me, he said - "I got married to your music. This is why I’ve called you." I was quite amazed, he called me because he had my music at his wedding. [..] I wrote the music on my own without his advice. [..]. And I had written one, which was electronic music. And [Carpenter] took the electronic score."
[> At the Movies: Ennio Morricone in Conversation. Interview by David Stratton at the 2012 Adelaide Festival]

No doubt Stranger Thingsmusic score is in full debt with this.

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Bikini Cops Number Two

(5tx 7inches EP - Goodbye Boozy Records, A Morte Dischi 2017)

 | pall youhideme
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Raw hc-punk from Perth, Australia, here released on a limited edition of 300 7’’ vinyls by two Italian indies, Goodbye Boozy Records and A Morte Dischi. 5 tracks previously released on tape last year, second release for Bikini Cops: these four young men are fiercely gifted. Restless percussions, rancid guitar distortion, fast bass line, shouted lyrics, - let’s stop for a moment and imagine how - scientifically - Chris Balch, their singer’ vocal cords vibrate and burn.. It’s hard to sound that genuinely punk in this age and times, - they nail it.
This missiles attack starts with Shiver propelled with HC vibe, while Hanging Up is punk’n’roll fun. Fast and hard splinters. Germs are not that far. Impossible (for me, from here), not to cite Aussie punk pioneers the Saints. Pressure, Turpentine, Sick Love are - in an ideal world - food and bombs for the mosh pit.

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Porcelain Raft Pressed Flowers

(6tx DGTL - self-produced 2017)

 | pall youhideme
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Mauro Remiddi aka Porcelain Raft is synonymous of high lyrism, the bright armony of being empathic, a bittersweet writing somehow always able of joyous peaks, and in full grace of its dreampop cut. Truly a poet, if you allow me.
This collection of 6 tracks was published last year ’for a week’, as notes say, shaped after a portable recorder he found and used in 2006, filled with 30sec ideas, plus, a forgotten diary filled with sketches.
Now available again this August to purchase. About 15 minutes of mellow wishful thinking through Music. That’s What I see When I See You is utterly soul-soothing. Enjoy.

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