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mp3s from a spectacular live concert performed at Sentrum, in Oslo, Norway, 18th Dec 93, - with the Cranes supporting!!!!! - I guess these recordings are those ones sold during Their shows to support Their following american tour.

[thanks to Torsten Möller, i downloaded this stuff from His website, where You can find lots of early and not Slowdive rarities in original format]

  1. Machine Gun (5'32'', 5,1mb)
  2. Souvlaki Space Station (5'o5'', 4,8mb)
  3. Slowdive (4'39'', 4,4 mb)
  4. Avalyn I (5'41'', 5,3mb)
  5. Catch The Breeze (4'13'', 3,9 mb)
  6. Melon Yellow (4'51'', 4,6mb)
  7. Morningrise (4'36'', 4,3mb)
  8. She Calls (7'42'', 7,2mb)


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Live 2 - somewherelse.
(thanks a lot to Sandro Sferrino)

4o Days (9'38'', 15,4 mb)
Brighter (3'38'', 3,4mb)
Alison (3'42'', 6,2mb)
When The Sun Hits (5'01'', 8,4mb)
Losing Today (6'39'', 12,7mb)
Primal (3'52'', 6,5mb)
Spanish Air ( 3'48'', 6,3mb)
Colors in Spin (5'28'', 5,2mb)
Curtain And Carpet (uncomplete, 4'46'', 9,1mb)
Ballad of Sister Sue (4'26'', 7,4mb)
(Neil sound check - 1'18'', 1,2mb)
(Rachel sound check 47'', o,7mb)



Alison (9.43mb)*
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Catch the Breeze (11mb)*
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Morning Rise (11,5mb)*
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Shine (51mb)
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Ballad of Sister Sue (47mb)
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[thanks to friend Neale Bairstow ^_^]


more info at http://www.slowdive.co.uk/
free mp3s from early releases at Torsten's homepage
(*first three vids originally taken from: alexmusic.net/indie/)