Interview with ro-robot

Land – (5tx, ep, self-produced) - Behind Ro-robot there are deep post-punk shadows, - joy division serving Mass in several episodes of the voice, and a flanger effect (land ) trying to take You away longing not to come back.. The Ep, recorded – as They state – in an abandoned country house, extricates it-self on the classic trio gtr/bs/drums, with the addition of some interesting & strange samples and a little farfisa-like pianola. A sound that looks to hide a promising future as melancholic, all pressed between distorted ghosts. Get Tested, the last track in order, is a one way ticket of pure spleen..  Interview with Mark Waanders, gtrst & vcls.

K: is the monogram "ro-r-001" Your own label? But, if so, what about the "upcoming artists production"? M: Land cd is self-produced. Things as cover art etc by ro-robot. Upcoming artists label has been a temporary thing for us. Now we're looking for a professional one and another for distribution. Koma: is there a new-wave scene over there, and if so, do You think ro-robot belong it? Can You tell me any name? M: Here in the netherlands there isn't a real new-wave scene besides the one guided by the old new-wavers still plro-robotaying around. K: Are there some bands with whom ro-robot have a sort of friendship? M: A noise band from Amsterdam and some others belonging to a pop-collective down here in Enschede, but we principally stay by our own. K: how do all You feel when You play and what is the difference when You play live? M: Most our live shows are irregular and do appeal to rage feelings living inside our minds.  I think one of our point of strength is we don't have any problem to express our-selves on stage.   Maybe to balance with our daily way  of life. k:  a curiosity: the inside cover of the Ep.. M: Some men taking part to a woodcutter contest in New Zeland in the 1964, pic given us by drummer's father. K:   Is The "land" aboutro-robot You sing & play the Florida? (You know, looking the cover pic..) M: No. K:  what kind of music do all You listen to? You know, in several trx Yr voice remembers Ian Curtis.. what do You think about? M: I cannot list here all the bands we hear. Anyway i don't often listen to the joy division. And surely we don't want to create a clone of that band when we write a song. When you will have listened to our song more often you'll see more (contemporary) influences. K: what is the meaning for You in the word "music"? Is there something else similar to IT? M: Music is a way to express our-selves. In a very diverging way.. K:   can You image or remember Your life without music? M: Whenever there was a good replacement. K: Is there a concert/artist which has changed Your way to see the things? M: When you are a teenager you are initiated to the music and something changes, more or less. There has been  some concerts/bands did that to everyone. For what about me, to do some names: Tc Matic, Motorpsycho, Gang Of 4.

Komakino: what do all You do to live? Marc:  Currently we all work, Hugo as a dental technician, Colin in Logistics and myself is building websites. K:   In how many copies did You released Cd "Land"? Marc:   500 pcs. K: What drives all You in Ro-robot? And where can Ro-robot drive their  listeners? Marc:  We think Ro-robot drives their listeners with musiro-robotc that comes from the heart; very honest so to say. when you attend a  live performance of Ro-robot you will see that there is really no gimmick or air around the band. We are just sending out the songs to the public and stand behind the music for 200%. People react in a way that they like the show to attend. People in the audience will know whether a band "makes" the show or - like in Ro-robot - where the band "is" the show. In practice this approach can result in rather wild and angry performances but that is no concern of us.  __ by pao mice, taken from komakino'zine #3, april 2000 [note: the first questions are translated from italian, because i've lost the original source...]

Info: (several mp3s),, ro-robot – lansinkstraat 10 – 7481 Jp Haaksbergen – Netherlands