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Mommy, what's a tittyshaker?

Facciamo alzare gli indici di gradimento di komakino

 | pall youhideme
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Non è solo questione di sostenere le masse e tenere unita la destra e la sinistra: 'The term tittyshaker is not representative of the contemporary culture of strippers and pole dancers, even if the two do obviously share origins. [..] The boogaloo and funk/soul side was covered off reasonably well in so far as an introduction to the genre can offer but far too many of the low down dirty sounds were omitted. [..] The term ‘Go-Go Dancer' originates from the legendary music venue 'Whisky A GoGo' where in 1964 at a concert a female DJ playing in a gilded cage that was suspended from the ceiling over the dance floor started shakin' her stuff to the grooves she was spinning, she was performing all the current dance steps of the era and was quite literally shakin'! One can only imagine the type of sounds she was grinding to, but it must have been a significant sight to behold for the management made it standard practice to fill suspended cages with grinding dancers from that moment on. '
Il sito cura soprattutto il piacere del lato sonoro più che di quello visivo di un film che potrebbe essere a firma di Russ Meyer: ha una sezione jukebox che nutre il palato uditivo di anni '60, seltz e lustrini riluccicanti localacci e strip-pole nonchè un preziosissimo forum pieno di ghiotti link a perle varie del genere da scaricare.
Gran sito, spettacolare risorsa.
Il diavolo è in quelle chitarre e in quelle donne che vorticano ipnotiche quelle cose, - Won't somebody please think of the children!?
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