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Japanese Gum

Without you I'm Napping

(3tx Digital Download, 15'11'' - Marsiglia rec. ‘o9)

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Sono sempre stato convinto che a Genova ci sia una grande anima, un motore invisibile che muova le sorti dell'ispirazione musicale lungo strade eterogenee ma al contempo molto simili. Questo comun denominatore si chiama  "Passione". Without you I'm Napping rappresenta la seconda mossa del duo genovese sulla affollata scacchiera del panorama indietronico europeo, e questa volta ci si prefigge lo scacco matto con pochissime manovre. Precisamente tre, tante quanti sono i pezzi compresi nel loro nuovo ep in free downloading con opzione "Donate" dal loro sito web, altresí in edizione limitata a 150 copie. Le tre canzoni si presentano come suite oniriche ed eteree, in equilibrio tra rarefazioni, derive ambientali, intensi drones e chitarrismi shoegazing. Chlorine Blue apre le danze, lungi da ogni velleità da intro, ed arriva dritta al cuore quando le chitarre deflagrano incorniciando un incantevole puzzle ritmico e vocale. Cannibalism Next Door spicca per la sua acidità dreamy ed invece Part-Time Assholes è lo strumentale che chiude il lavoro, e lo fa assecondando i canoni estetici tanto cari ai loro concittadini Port-Royal. Un lavoro molto breve ma che si concede a ripetuti e gradevoli ascolti, forse preludio ad una nuova e più nutrita uscita.
I've been always convinced that in Genoa (northern italy) there's something big, a sort of invisible engine driving the destiny of music inspiration along heterogeneous roads, at the same time very similar. This common denominator has name Passion. - Without you I'm Napping is the genoa two-piece band's second move over the crowded chessboard of european indietronic music, and this time it looks like a checkmate is possible with just a few moves. Precisely, three, as many as the songs included in their new ep, released as free download with Donate option on their website, else as limited numbered edition (150 pieces). The three tunes are like oneiric suites, ethereal, balancing rarefied echoes, ambients, intense drones and shoegazing guitar play. Chlorine Blueis the first track, away from being meant as an intro, it goes straight to the point when the guitars explode putting into a frame a  rythmic and vocal enchanting puzzle. Cannibalism Next Door shines strong of its dreamy acid, and  Part-Time Assholes is the instumental track that puts an end to this work, somehow going along with aesthetic rules dear to their fellow citizens  Port-Royal. Something really brief, yet it's perfect for several listenings, - maybe a prelude for a new and more feeded release to come.
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not yet, probably nobody cares, or nobody cared enough to tell something. Also: nobody reads komakino.

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