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Rosa Mota

Acoustic session recordings @ helter skelter (FRA)

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Rosa Mota - Acoustic session recordings @ helter skelter (FRA) | Varie
Rosa Mota, live acoustic session @ helter skelter in 94 Rosa Mota were an amazing Band of 90's, signed to 13th Hour / Mute, also involving The God Machine's core member Robin P. Sheppard often as producer, friend and mate, - magic Band whose coordinates go from Pixies to Sonic Youth, B52's until The Birthday Party and 80s new-wave.. it's a mere shame there are such a few info about Them in internet, - here at komakino there's a permanent tribute page since years, altough that's not enough yet.
Three are the reasons why it's time for me to speak about Them again: 1) i got an email from drummer Justin Chapman (cool!). 2) i recently won an ebay auction for this Asbestos Frenzy 12" limited promo copy, 3) i found this live acoustic session performed in a french radio called Helter Skelter, in 1994, during Drag for A Drag promotional tour, before a gig at Le Rex Club, Paris.
The whole recording is a realmedia file, unfortunately, - and i haven't found yet a mp3 converter (any help?), - btw that's the first time i could hear Them performing live, even if not yet in Their noisy golden age of masterpiece Wishful Sinking, tracks 01 and 03 were great and dreamy.
After Rosa Mota split up [at mute it states: Unfortunately Rosa Mota will no longer be functioning as a band. Due to the stresses of motherhood, illness, extraterrestrial interference and continued bad luck, they have split up.], initially Ian and Sacha founded Horsepower, then Ian with Justin currently play in NeedleXchange, while Sacha play as Sanchez and also with Carta and Charles Atlas.

ƒ˜music [direct link 20mb / page]

Set list: .o1 Are We Having Fun Yet?, .o2 New Closure (unedit?), .o3 Cold, .o4 Flying Spanish (instrumental, unedit?).
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not yet, probably nobody cares, or nobody cared enough to tell something. Also: nobody reads komakino.

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