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w/ La Calle Mojada

@ traffic, September 30, 2007, 4€.

 | pall youhideme
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La Calle MojadaLa Calle MojadaLa Calle MojadaLa Calle MojadaLa Calle Mojada

Both La Calle Mojada and Moka are from Raise records EP sampler Clouds [read past komareview], a slice of photography of local underground music no-scene / unseen scene in Rome. - Not new to La Calle Mojada's Music, i consider myself a die hard fan besides fact of being friends too, - They're totally into 90s dreampop, here meant as a cradle of lysergic romantic sounds and transcendental waves, - a power/gentle trio lost going through a mellow slowmotion made of mellow dynamics and quiet vocals. Slowdive's Just for A Day would be a good coordinate to have an hint of Their sound. - Last night, except for some off-key singing, i found Their performance pretty touching, notwistanding 5/6 songs only. - i already heard an advanced cd of Their forthcoming debut album, release due to the next Autumn, - i'm sort of exciting to get it. If They put in Their set even some faster number, - that would be perfect.
About Moka, what can i say.. i think They're exactly still where i left them 3/4 years ago: and 3/4 yrs ago They were already that good, but, excellent in doing always the self-same thing, - everlasting running along their dead-end formula: 'quite, tension, tension, EXPLOSION', - always like that, no surprise, no music brainchild, - three guitars, a bunch of pedal effects, heavy drumming.. personally i think it's like turning around noisier Mogwai things o tor Godspeed You! Black Empereor, - with the difference, making a parallel with La Calle Mojada / Slowdive, it seem to me They can't or don't even want to reach an emotional memorable difference, an own personality: it's full of tension/explosion instrumental Bands out there, - and ok, it's surely full of shoegazers too, - but, during La Calle Mojada set i felt something, emotionally, - while that didn't happen with Moka, notwistanding unquestionably They have got a big sound impact that can be impressive to newbees (each time They pull down volumes, and then EXPLOSION, - again..). So that's why after 5 songs i quit and went back home. 

ƒvideo mp4: La Calle Mojada, track#4 live @ traffic, roma [15mb].

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 federico writes:
cmq non mi sembrano siano così pochi i gruppi romani a suonare bene dal vivo
(10/10/2007 16:40:00 - ip: 84.253...)
 komakino writes:
de gustibus dudes! buon per i Moka che hanno fan come voi, da invidiare ;-)
(08/10/2007 15:00:00 - ip: 213.17...)
 giamp writes:
ma domenica ero al traffic? ho visto lo stesso concerto della recensione? anche se sono arrivato che già avevano iniziato (mi hanno detto era il primo brano) a me i moka sono piaciuti molto, un live intenso, mi hanno trasmesso parecchie emozioni
(04/10/2007 19:15:00 - ip: 87.7.2...)
 giulia writes:
grandi moka!!! tra i pochi gruppi di roma in grado di suonare bene dal vivo...insieme ai la calle mojada naturalmente...proprio un bel concerto, grazie a entrambi i gruppi, spero di rivederli presto
(03/10/2007 14:15:00 - ip: 87.29....)
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