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Grigio Scarlatto


(7+1 ghost track, 24'14'' - Shyrec 2024)

 | pall youhideme
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Okay, we have here a brand new band to be so happy to meet with: Grigio Scarlatto
I received this Detox CD from Shy rec last week, then I also bought it on their Bandcamp page, after a couple of days and a bunch of listenings. May I say CD artwork is pretty ugly? Said that, who cares. Who cares about this review as well. Anyway, to sum up this record, I would call Far Caspian of Between Days under a cascade of reverb and desire to fully explode. How majestically shoegaze it goes. Pure juvenile detonation.
They know how to write songs, although, the real single is hidden as a ghost track: A crack in my mind. My suggest for a title. A special refrain stuck in my mind still after days.
From Padua, Italy, this three young men music act runs adrenalinic and pure. My stereo thanked me. So my headphones did. Totally drifted away by Segni speed. First time in my life I can enjoy a shoegaze record in Italian, - shared with lyrics in English too. It's an emotional record for an annoyed man in his 40s. II wonder why this could not as well engage with a young music lover looking for something different coming straight from his own generation. Adrenaline, swirling guitar distortions, reverb pedal as porn, fast and precise power drumming and bass lines like running over your spinal. And what's good, they play it without copying. The whole tracklist flows so natural, I'm astonished. So SoftlyNodo, NSSP, - shoegaze and dreampop flow, it makes you wanna dance and levitate, with a sip of distress and severance. On heavy rotation for me.
To be released on April 5th.

A special mention goes to their self-produced debut as well,
T9 reloaded, released in October 2023, collecting two eps and demo tracks. Chimming harmonies, blissful tones of indie Music vulnerability, where 5 Gocce is ecstatically propelled with languid beauty and immediate hooks of drum beats and distorted guitar riffs. Everything sounds gently abrasive, youthfully free of letting go. Ahmed makes me wanna dance. Expressive and introspective lyrics, yeah, in Italian. And - wow - it works so fine. Again, I'm surprised. This was an exciting record. And I have bought this one too. Respect Detox, there is not the above mentioned bath of reverb, music here sounds eclectically in love, not aggressive, - and still, so catchy. Kiss Kiss. I mean, this is the first time ever in my life I buy a record sung in Italian, and I still believe I have good taste for Music (sure, de gustibus non disputandum est), with a time machine I think I might face with my younger self and he would agree with me, for fcuk sake. Support Grigio Scarlatto.

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