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Cloud's eye

(10tx DGTL/CD/K7, Shimmering Moods rec 2023)

 | pall youhideme
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Over the last years, I can say I almost lost full interest in watching movies and television series.. I'm in the middle of a nihil admirari and no-time-for-that... fine, to be able to watch an entire movie, you must chain me in a movie theater or I'll chunk it to pieces streamed on demand. So, magic of the algorithm, I ended up watching Detachment (2011, Tony Kaye) during my free time in office: bitterness galore, fed on the stories of a bunch of helpless and lost souls in an almost atonal (american) society growing into vacuum: it's hard to decide which one of them is suffering most  for the messed-up modern decay. Yeah, not a Christmas movie. For sure it's a movie about salvation. Last but not least, there's even more bitterness offered on the plate, thanks to the soundtrack, original music by The Newton Brothers
So, modern times attention-deficit, it happened I was watching it and in another window I was also scrolling through my internet things and  finally komakino's in-box: so I spotted Jaufenpass' message, introducing me to his Music. Okay, I said my-self, time to have a break from all this Adrien Brody pain. But, I was still unaware of Jaufenpass' one: Cloud's eye woud perfectly fit with Detachment's plot. Immersive instrumental ambient music, loop over loop, a multilayered cascading sound trip into self-awareness. Birds singing on Lafàvi are the last contact with the paradise of life we forget we're blessed of being in. These ten titles are meant to elevate the listener to a higher perceptive level, if you give it a chance.
Released on very limited number of cassettes and CD support by dutch Shimmering Mood records, Jaufenpass, - that is, italian Nicola G. Coppola, - he crafts subtle music patterns through repetition, where repetition goes normalized like breathing in and out or like the come and go breaking waves on a neural beach of an astral trip. 
An introspective discipline of soundscaping, driven to the sensory mapping of your very self. Music against detachment. Well done debut.

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