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The Ocean Boy


(5tx EP - DGTL/K7 - Self prod. - 1q84tapes rec 2022)

 | pall youhideme
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Okay, this was for me unexpected and I came for sure late to a party which did not take place.
From Rome, a fukcing good shoegaze act, The Ocean Boy. Would you allow me to bring to your attention that the 'sea' is actually the liason theme among three shoegaze bands from Rome? Oh yeah, Sea Dweller, La Casa Al Mare, and then The Ocean Boy. Apologies for being so autoreferential. Fuck that.
So, you bastardly shy and low-profilish shoegazers, there's a lack of information about this band, which, it seems to me to be already dead and gone. Am I wrong? Hope so. Angelo, Andrea and Luca, gtrs/vcls, bass and drums, are fully inspired to be simply explosive and chatartic since the very first opening track Regret. You won't regret playing this song. Melancholically fierce, burning through the distortions of a perfect bath/tsunami of sound. Drums are epic to me. It follows album's title track Vampires. Slow paced, ready to blow up listener's inner side. Bittersweet storm, dipped into reverb. Then one more good track, Suffer. Jeee.. such a shame this went so under the radar. These first tracks sound classy, nothing slavish or wannabe, they genuinely ride a cavalcade of guitar driven noise. Delusional, - oh my dear, that crescendo on the last two minutes, it really plays emotional on me. Makes me want to grab my electric guitar again and ask to join these guys. So good.
Final track Agony (yeah, a bunch of happy titles, I know), almost suspended two feet above the ground, plays ethereal like Angelo's humming prayer falling off into the vortex of an echo. What a shoegaze maelstrom!
Yeah, I bought it on BC.

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not yet, probably nobody cares, or nobody cared enough to tell something. Also: nobody reads komakino.

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