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Desmond Doom

Surf-Goth EP

(6tx DGTL - Self-prod. 2022)

 | pall youhideme
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Okay, I arrived late to the funeral party. Still, this EP aged fine in exactly one year, and it is still that brilliant. Darkly brilliant, goth-ly brilliant. That juxtaposition.
While the artwork might look like a funny joke (and I am sure it is), once you press play you can't but immediatley appreciate the genuine blend of surf music and 80s post-punk vibes and aesthetics. Surf-goth, not gothabilly. And it's from 2022, from Melbourne, Australia, not from the UK Batcave club. 
So, choose your desolation summertime, if in August or December (Surf​-​Goth B​-​Sides date release). 
And then goodbye, dasvidaniya, sayonara, ciaone proprio, I Hope I Never See Your Face Again is the perfect summer hit. 
Desmond's hollow voice is disenchanted with his erstwhile love for everyday life now gone ("I miss the simple things..[..] Take me back to lying next to you").
One man band, his programmed minimalist drumbeat is thick, cut tight, and the bass lines over the whole tracklist move fast and straight ahead with its enthralling post-punk timbre, mixed with a burning feel of decay and bitterness, a consistent combination of descending fast harmonies. On It's All Falling Down there's also a honest sip of Desmond's guitar skills, remarkable and always kept with a low profile. What a fucking good and missing hit for the goth dance floor. Makes me wanna dance to it.
A gloomy cloud of reverb rains over Get me out, actually, it's that bunch of reverb on electric guitar and voice which makes everything charmingly eerie.
B-sides are no less good. Tears Of Mothers, placed at the end of the tracklist runs flawless. First track Big Brother is black pitch with a remarkable work of electronic beats and chorus pedal on bass guitar. A spatial foregrounding mass of emphasis with Μαύρα Σύννεφα, sung in greek!
And the lyrics for You'll never be a rockstar (that's okay) might be my new anthem, so, yeah, I bought these EPs on BC, and here we go:

"I've accepted that I'm never gonna make it large.
I'm getting older and I really don't want to starve.
All I want is a job that I don't mind.
Alas, the puzzle pieces multiply all the time.

You'll never be a rockstar, that's okay.
They're all self-important morons, anyway.
People making millions off your soul.
You'll never be a rockstar, no no no.

I'm getting better with the cognitive dissonance.
But still, playing guitar just makes sense.
What a whiny twat I must seem.
But it's time to wake up from the dream.

You'll never be a rockstar, that's okay.
All the kids are into Tik-Tok, anyway.
People making millions off your soul.
You'll never be a rockstar, no no no.

Solipsistic, egotistic is the path.
Makes sense it's damn hard to make a living off art.
Never wanted the fame, the money or girls.
I guess there's other things I can offer the world."

Please, also check out Desmond's version of Love.. is a quite nice ;-) - Genius!

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 Not-a-Robot writes:
rock is dead. punk is dead. goth is dead. ...but goth people are able to resurrect!! 👆🏻pater👇🏻etfilii👈🏻etspiritusanctis👉🏻amen
(06/09/2023 15:38:00 - ip: 62.19....)
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