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Barbara De Dominicis

Body Maps

(5+1tx CD, 33'' circa - Folderol rec 2022)

 | pall youhideme
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Inspired by French philosopher Jean Luc Nancy's Corpus, Barbara De Dominicis releases a new chapter of her life in Music after a long hiatus, a three years  work, sharing a sound experience swinging between physical theatre and autonomous sensory meridian response, such her voice is able of gently breaking barriers and turning into a physical touch (Mouth, Hands). 
Headphones on, then: the whole tracklist vehicles auditory stimuli through Barbara's guide voice and the electroacoustic fragility of splintered tunes, she's the medium of this sinking trip through inner self, framed into the body she speaks through. 
Heart Unbeaten tells the timing and pace of haunting and bitter emotions through the classicism of arc sounds and her soothing, sensual narrative. 
Womb is a melodious capsule going through a storm of electronic sounds, and also a reprise at the end of the tracklist, literally tip toeing into contaminated jazz romanticism, growing into a tragic sensuality finale: it suddenly ends with 'did you hear my voice?', which sounds like 'did you make it in time to hear my voice?'. Then, press play again.
Last but not least, the artwork includes a set of cardboard cards created by illustrator Raffaella Nappo, a definitive plus for music lovers/records collections.

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 Phil Heeley writes:
If you want to go on a journey on these Dark January Evenings. You can do a whole lot worse, than plug your earphones in,close your eyes, open your mind and be taken on a voyage around "Body Maps" which is in turn Enigmatic Strange, Sensual and very beautiful. I have listened to this album three times in full, and each time you find a different part which to be captivated by. If I had to pick a highlight it would be " Heart Unbeaten". But from start to finish this album is a delight.
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