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Breadcrumb Trail

by Lance Bangs

 | pall youhideme
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Okay, I know I'm late to the party. Who cares.
Still, it was about time. Thank you internet people. I always wanted to watch this Slint documentary, and I remember my suprise as I only catched Breadcrumb Trail trailer on YT, as it was going to be released, around early 2014. I thought: fkcing hell, they were that sooooo young! My instant reaction. Still today. You can't help it. These guys were not only that something d i f f e r e n t musically - genuinelly creative and fresh -, but, they were it and made it happen at an age when I was still picking things out of my nose.. I mean, they had a vision!
And you know - first thing first - what was great, also? Britt Walford's parents: Ron and Charlotte.. yeah, those songs on Tweez are named after them. They totally left free access to these four young guys to the basement for rehearsals, full support and freedom.. I mean.. this happened to be essential for Slint to.. happen!  PARENTS, bloody hell, support and leave the kids bloom! 
And before Slint, there was Languid and FlaccidSquirrel Bait, Maurice - which opened, invited by, for Glenn Danzing, - they were about 14!
This documentary is packed with juicy narrative. From their 'fart - touch the knobs or you'll get punched' with Ian MacKaye, to the erotic cakes Britt decided to learn and bake in NY - or his hidden identity as Shannon Doughton drumming for The Breeders' record Pod, - or also the near-fatal car accident of McMahan, singing Misfits' song We are 138 as paramedics called in Code 138, or the story behind Good Morning Captain scream of 'I miss you', that sweaty, heartfelt cry of I miss you.. soon after McMahan checked himself into a mental hospital, diagnosed with depression.. then, the 'forget the smell' legend..
I mean, if you ever wished to be a fly to see what was happening at those times.. jeez, here's your documentary. Their friendship, the genesis, how it started, how it ended. 
All, wisely and poetically crafted by Lance Bangs.

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