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The Great Society With Grace Slick

Conspicuous Only In Its Absence

(9tx - Columbia rec 1968)

 | pall youhideme
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Thank you internet, thank you Cultish channel. As most of you, I knew about legendary Grace Slick's first band, The Great Society, founded with her brothers Darby (at guitar) and Jerry (drumming). 

"Taking their name from the domestic agenda of President Johnson, which resembled that of Roosevelt's New Deal, and first used during a speech at Ohio University, the name itself had become a flashpoint during the turbulent early 60's, reflecting new more inclusive values and attitudes. "

Grace has got this amazing powerful and poetic voice, and, she also plays bass here.
And it blows my mind they got Somebody to Love (Darby (21) wrote it) and White Rabbit then (which she wrote), and later as she joined Jefferson Airplane, she brought up both these two explosive hits.. BOOOM. I always wondered of how these may have sound originally. Now I know. I'll never know how her brothers took it. 
Grimly Forming is anti-war song. Ageless, probably.  And the distribution of instruments and vocals is porn for mono-audio lovers.

Father Bruce and and Outlaw Blues are two fillers.. oh wait, still they sound special, genuinely special (diamonds are never bright the same).. No, it's not Bob Dylan's piece.Often as I may is the unique track here were Grace won't lead vocals, it's on Darby, I think, and there's a majestic psychedelic guitar solo, so genuinely raw fuzzy and nude. Oh how I love it. 
Arbitration is an instrumental track, featuring sax alto, unexpectly intro to White Rabbit.. this gave me the shivers, oh dear gods. 
Wait, jeez.. did I tell you these tracks are all from live performances? The audience clapping at the end.. if only they would know what there was going on..
This record is fully educational, make yourself a favour, and listen to it. Dive into it. Pure psychedelic rock.

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