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My Bloody Valentine

February 14th, a MBV guide to

 | pall youhideme
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Every Valentine's day I dream of most of these verses.. so, here's a short list of those songs by My Bloody Valentine which perfectly fit with my idea of love.  

"Close my eyes, feel me now
I don't know how you could not love me now" - Sometimes
This is about the utmost of being in love, that burning, emotional feel for the beloved one. Pure abandon, and happily disarmed.

"And I love you
When it's slipping into fantasy" - (Please) Lose Yourself in Me
Again, about that helpless buzz in your head, open eyes, closed eyes - it does not matter. 

"Please, please stay with me tonight
These lips will find strawberry wine
" - Strawberry Wine
Yeah, sure, strawberry wine.

"You come to me
Thoughts that I can't see
You're never realPretend to me" - Moon song
- It's about when you think it's hard to believe it's real. And it is.

"Bring your kiss up to my lips" - Sugar
- Each time my eyes accidentally stumble on your lips.

And last but not least.. Soft as Snow (but Warm Inside), 'the' shoegaze poetry song for sexual climax.. it is like the What Lotta My Love of dreampop.

"Soft as snow but warm inside
Penetrate, you cannot hide
Feeling lost forever
Really need you
Harder you come down on me
Sink away, you look happily
Come inside, it's warm in here
Better now to have no fear
Touch your head, then your hair
Softer, softer everywhere
Fingertips are burning
Can I touch you there
Soft as velvet, eyes can see
Bring me close to ecstasy
High away to heaven
And I'm coming too
Feel the big happy
You're exploding me
Soft as snow and warm inside
Penetrate, then redivide
Slip away forever
Do we need you"

Above pic from Reddit.


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