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Men I Trust

Headroom LP

And singles

 | pall youhideme
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May Men I Trust be your Valentine, today. Because this is love.
Frankly, this Band is so refreshing. They reached this special soothing balance of funky bass lines, measured drumbeats, dreampop guitars and lovely-to-death female vocals.
While with their debut Headroom, dated 2015, Men I Trust played - allow me - a minor, downtempo key for reading the multifacets of alt-pop soul Music, with last three years singles, they made a solid difference.
Can Music be that exciting through calmness? Yes it can: and Men I Trust proove it. 
"I'm Happy as I am / Cause I'm leaving [..] We'll be all right  / Stay here some time / This country dog Won't die in the city " (Tailwhip)..  I keep playing this track, and singing this refrain since months.
"I dream of my future / Remote from time bounds / Becoming myself / Without any end" - Dear god.. how this sounds so good.
The melodies weaved around the above mentioned lyrics.. it is like when you find a treasure, and you're not that sure you want to share it with anyone else, such it sounds.. a treasure.. You feel richer inside with these tracks. And an instant crush for their (now lead) singer, Emmanuella Proulx (Emma, also active with her solo project Bernache) is soon on the table: her singing speaks straight to your emotional self, such it goes catchy and easy, so easy to enjoy. It's pure talent and sweetness. You want to dance to these melodies. And - again - frankly, it's a pleasure watching the whole band playing - they genuinely enjoy what they're playing.
"I'm turning around / I'm having visions of you"..
"What he saw was different / He should have gone to bed".. 
You deserve this. No, I mean, you really deserve this harmonic slowness crafted with the Faith-tinted bass line of You deserve this. It goes gently mesmeric, nostalgically beautiful. This track makes you want to dance with your lover.
Humming man, featuring also Odile Marmet-Rochefort at vocals - check her project De La Reine - (that cryptical SOK sung over and over) reaches soon an ethereal as ecstatic climax through a crescendo of breakbeat minimalism.
"Narrow vision, you're the scapegoat / You fix things that have never been" - music here is driven by these new tints New Order-ish bass and sick-tone guitars.
There's a voice I always trust..
Disarming, enchanting and beautifully stunning. Last but not least, add that they self-produced with exquisite taste all of their videos.

I love this captured moment of honest, naked and disarmed joy.

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 my sweet nameOpen new window writes:
i love men i trust, currently looking for all the information on their music that i can find lol
(27/04/2024 00:34:00 - ip: 24.6.5...)
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