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Horrible Snack

Your Neighbour's Shingles Will Ruin Your Garden

(16tx CD/DGTL -  OMe rec 2018)

 | pall youhideme
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Two brothers. Damn young ones. Edoardo and Sebastiano  Omezzolli, 19 yrs and 16 yrs - repeat this after me, sixteen. S I X T E E N. 
Fukc. How dare you making such so good music at sixteen? 
Said that. Third record, oh my. From northern Italy, Arco.
Under the key of being and playing always genuine, never caressing that easy boundary of slavish or snooty hyper-technicism arrogance, common to loads of bands of the same age, embarrassingly trying to ride the current hype and related mannerism, Omezzolli brothers feed their 16 (again) titles with brilliant as nervous post-punk shots - catchy shots, actually, from 41 secs up to less than 3 minutes, - except done for the final track - Never Wanna Go (4'27'').  
Male vocals, frenzy electric guitars and propelled percussions. Horsepowered. Frantic, splintered, jumping left and right. Another Clan, Weak Suctions, as well as Permanent Hole brought my mind back to londoner Twisted Charm' , although we have here a different indie vs pop punk attitude. Belly's obsessive pace is pure adrenaline. Also, listen to the rapturous acceleration of Flower. Again, that brilliant. This (fucking) young Band marks a real difference over the national panorama. Hopefully someone is going to buy them a ticket to get away soon.
Although, IMHO there is not a 'hit single' piece - still -, Horrible Snack represents a full breath of oxygen. I wonder what might happen with a bigger production. Full respect. Now go and play this record.

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