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(7tx DGTL - 46'', self-prod. 2018)

 | pall youhideme
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Directly from the hidden, invisible niche of Italian indie & DIY music no-scene, we are enough lucky to be alive and hearing again from Werner
This collection of 7 tracks, revisiting some of their previously released tracks in a slowcore/noise-key, is balsam for the soul of a indie-music addict. 
Annie is so fragile. You want to take care of this fragile thing while you listen.
Winter '74's pace goes like Low vs Codeine, with Stefano Venturini warm vocals intertwining Alessia Castellano's breathy one. Molly goes through a hypnotic dream-like fog. It's like learning to breath again. These new versions crush into reverb and fuzz outbreaks. Ecstatic soundescapes. Like, here, Molly's guitar solo. The holy fire of fuzz pedals burning into reverb. Fuck, this is great. And, still, you are under hypnosis. 
Later, Rooster brings you back into a pastoral as psychedelic scenery, - a delicacy of sounds weaved by acoustic guitar and the grave tones of distortion. Pure class which may move you to tears when it touches the right string. Music growing inner bitterness. So melancholically beautiful. We're not made of stone. Spoiler alert: there's a not deserved abrupt ending.
Russian sky remembers us that Werner know how to play their numbers even only with vocals and acoustic guitar, until later electric and drums enter.
Sunrise/Sundown is deadly buried into a bizzarre intimacy between Werner and the listener. It's aching in the background, while the vocals go sweet and mellow.
Last track Ice is thick as ice while breaking. You can slow-motion dance on it.
A good record indeed, such a shame you won't listen to it.

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not yet, probably nobody cares, or nobody cared enough to tell something. Also: nobody reads komakino.

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