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The Warlocks

Live Rome, 12/07/2017, Monk

10 euro

 | pall youhideme
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Holy shit, is this for real the first gig I go to in 2017? Tempus fugit, and so quickly. And even faster than that, because, it seems to me it was just only a couple of years ago I went to see The Warlocks performing live here in Rome... and, NO, it was bloody.. 2010.
And The Warlocks are around since.. 1998. Tempus fugit for everyone, if so, that's fair to me too. Though, only the core-member Bobby Hecksher is the real constant of the line-up until today.
Anyway, the venue, Monk, was FULL of people. No, wait. Not the concert hall. But, the outside garden. There was free-entry for the outside garden. There. And a bar. There. Not inside the concert hall. No opening band, a 10 euro ticket for The Warlocks may sound fair to me. But, fukc, they have closed the bar inside the concert hall, and if you wanted anything to drink, you had to go outside, walk around 30mt, through the party-people outside, playing foosball, and then going back. That's not fair. For the band, for their audience. Us, the audience, we were about only 40 people. 40 Lonesome Bulldogs
Touring with 4 gigs in Italy, to promote Songs from the Pale Eclipse, the show was due to 11pm, but it started half an hour later. I can see that. I imagine how that can be frustating. You see all that people, just outside, and you play inside. With no bar. But, The Warlocks are professionists. They played a full show, plus a three songs encore included. They felt the love of these 40 people. The average age of the audience ranged from 25 to 50, I think.
And I can say for sure there is no a generational turnover for this kind of Music in Rome. There's a Dead Generation missing here. Okay, The Warlocks are not exactly a NEW thing, but do people need new? They are some kind of revivalists of Velvet Underground (Shake the Dope Out is bloody Sister Ray, we all know that, AND it's not that secret, - you know.. that song for Nico), Jesus And Mary Chain, with a hint of shoegaze (recent Only You, Easy to Forget). 
Please, Come Save Us, with your Orange amps-only porn on stage. The Warlocks make you want to dance. They have a good vibe live, buzzing and mesmeric, although they're not Iggy Pop (kind of algid, actually - notwithstanding the venue temperature). And it wasn't because of my then-cold 6 euro gin lemon, grabbed before the show started, so to stay hydrated, but I felt good vibrations, the audience got well, and this was my first show in 2017, or 1967?
Anyway. Glad they made it to Rome, again.

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