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Sue Lyon

Born today

(b. July 10th 1946)

 | pall youhideme
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A rare interview with ms Lyon when she was touring to promote Stanley Kubrick's Lolita, - a promo tour which lasted almost two years, as she explains in the 1987 vid. She was 14 yrs old at the time of filming (1962), 16 yrs old in this first b/w chat.
What a brilliant, clever girl. "I don't really know what specifically I would like to do.  Since I've only done one part, there are so many left (she smiles)"

Please, note the stewart's heart shaped sunglasses at 0'36'' :-)

She was 41 when this interview was given in 1987. She explains her choice of living a private life, away from all the fuzz. Her pause when she repeats fourteen.. leaves speechless.

This fan vid for Donovan's Sunshine Superman recalls the rumour about the affair Sue and the musician had, ended with his accidental slipping of LSD in her cup o tea. Donovan, about the song, later wrote for The Guardian "Sunshine did come softly through my window the day I wrote it, just like in the lyrics, but “sunshine” can also mean LSD. I'd just read The Doors of Perception, Aldous Huxley's book about taking mescaline, and wanted to get to the invisible fourth dimension of transcendental superconscious vision. I tried LSD, mescaline and finally meditation.". But the reference to Sue may be just mere speculation, since the song was dedicated to his past romance with Linda Lawrence ("I wrote Sunshine Superman knowing she'd hear the lyrics and realise I still loved her. I sang: “It'll take time, I know it, but in a while / You're gonna be mine, I know it / We'll do it in style.”").

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