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Affranti / Fuco

La Paura più Grande / Addicted

(7+3tx vinyl split 12'' LP - 2017)

 | pall youhideme
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What do we have here. A vinyl record, a split disc, two bands sharing. A lot of indies, DIY entities co-producing. Strigide Records, Burning BungalowSonic ReducerSmartz Records, TUTTI PAZZI fanzineCSA nEXt Emerson, Dreamingorilla Rec, Klas production, Insonnia Lunare RecordsDove Corri?, Minoranza Autoproduzioni, Equal Rights, Lanterna Pirata, ShoveScatti Vorticosi Records | Salterò. Wow. That's so DIY. A community. So 90's. 
A-side of this split (actually there's no A/B side, you choose), from Savona, Italy, Affranti - nomen omen, translated from Italian, 'disheartened' I may say, - their music vehicles fierce, fierce distress. A collective, more than a classic line-up band.
Recorded by Giulio Farinelli e Andrea Nocco (Gli Altri) of Greenfog Recording Studio in Genova, La Paura Più Grande comes out after six years since their former split with Sumo
Seven tracks of flaming 90's emo/hc, made in Italy old-school, let's say, and they are around since 1995 (check Discogs). Male/female vocals (Roberto, Federica and Vittorio), full of evocative emphasis, desperately cried out (Sulla Scena del Delitto), bombing drums, scrawny, angular guitars distortion. Le Mie Parole plays at best their noise driven tsunami, IMHO, together with the enthralling and propelled refrain of La Terra Bruciata dal Fuoco.
Che Poi Non é Vero and V bring to the top their addiction of oratory art mixed with austere, harsh punk intensity. Hearth-driven, emotional post-HC. Emo, I think it was called in the 90s, right?
A CD version of La Paura Più Grande also available.
After Affranti's load of kicks, Fuco: from Northern Italy's Canavese, a three piece which sees two bass players, Lele Giraudo (formerly of Turin HC legends BelliCosiIsobelKirsch) and Marco Rigamatti, plus drummer Franco Forresu (with Giraudo in IsobelKirsch). More recently, they turned in a four-piece, adding guitarist Danilo Corgnati (3EEMIsobel) which here plays synth on GGU.
Three tracks of smoking dub and nervous kraut ambients, fully instrumental, an ascension to cold psychedelia, where the opening piece is Tina, a grown up girl born in 70s Hallogallo era, I'd dare to say. An obsessive, cerebral main line of bass, while a modified bass VI plays the phrasings on a guitar amp. Second track Bodo is circular, like a spiral, hypnotic and mesmeric, tingling the libido of losing yourself into sound subconscious. Over seven minutes tripping into this, first as a meditation, then as an emotional catharsis. Not less immersive is the GGU track. Directionless main bass line and calmed-down heartbeat drums leading the tripped-out scene, while the other bass fuzzing around. Recorded by Tino Paratore of Cerchio Perfetto, in Giraudo's cellar studio. Addicted is also available as CDr here. Vinyl mastered by Maurizio Giannotti
Fuco's and Affranti's artwork are by Cristiano Baricelli.

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