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Lady Sometimes records

C16 - Pure Italian Gems

(14tx K7/DGTL - 2016, Lady Sometimes rec)

 | pall youhideme
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"Limited edition of 30 tapes, double colour blue/yellow. Each tape comes with a coloured paper letter featuring tracklist & LS Fanzine #o1 'Do You Remember The First Time?'.  All handmade.
A delightful mixtape indeed, selected by the fine taste of indie record label Lady Sometimes (dreampop headquarter for Weird., Armaud, Lilies on Mars), featuring what they smell to be the best Italy has to offer from the invisible, alternative Music niche in Italy. 
Ideally shaped around the C86 legendary album, it's 2016 now, and so it goes the sampler's title. IMO, there is no Primal Scream and no The Pastels here, still, there's plenty of oxygen, from the acrobatic and obsessive carousel of TIGER! SHIT! TIGER! TIGER! with The Smell, followed by LS' leading band, Weird., with the unreleased Forever Floating Feels, bittersweet shoegazing, to the mellow dreampop sugared by We Melt Chocolate with Space Girl. Later, the buzzing fuzz vibe is loaded by Big Cream with What a Mess. And then it goes psychedelically pop-oriented with How Piano on Pandas Eat Eucalyptus. And later, my favorite act here: Tirrenian, with Odaiba. Greetings, people, this is genuinely bossanova 60s and lysergically Pet-Sounds-ed. Solo-prject by Dario Ramazzotti, check out the whole release here.
The return ticket to indie noise-pop is on Flying Vaginas' Coherence Riot, - probably the real money-maker hit single here: sing-along chorus, gentle female vocals, straight bpm. But, probably, the alternative dancefloor is for Dull Company Myself with Language. Pretty addictive. 
Then it goes back to intangible dreampop, this time, more oriented to electronic, with the whispered, seraphical voices of Diverting Duo, with Your Brightest Day: ecstatically melancholic.
Human Colonies with Falling Deeper lovely bend a warm fuzz pop wind to new wave coldness, adding a light tint of Sonic Youth-ish feedback. Paisley Reich, with Nowhere, are one more interesting band from LS: check out their debut EP here. I already covered Blauss duo here on komakino, .. A while ago. I'm so funny.  I'm curious to hear what new songs they are going to release, hopefully soon. The funeral party's offered by Klam with Klamydia. This choice of making Pornography without porn images, I don't know. I have mixed feelings for this band now. There is like a blanket of fog that still hides (to me) their qualities. But Lady Sometimes put them in a playlist, and it's for a reason. 
The final track is Eyes, by My Invisible Friend: it's like closing credits showing up with granitic bass-line, honey and reverb on vocals, distorted guitar, and no rush.
I don't know, I'm nearly 40, it's 30 years today since 1986, 30 years of a lot of Music with a bunch of more epic releases which have changed (or remodeled) Music, in a way or another, and even the access to Music has so much changed in last ten years.. I wonder if a sampler like this may have an impact on a younger listener in that need of knowing if there is really something alternative. Anyway: enjoy.

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