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Other Houses

Fabulous Dates

(9tx CD/Vinyl/DGTL, 23'' - Aagoo rec 2016)

 | pall youhideme
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While the opening track is a distorted bass/drums/vocals, lo-fi shaped, performed live with sweet wildness, the true nature of  this record goes differently soon later: the second track, album's title track Fabulous Dates, plays like a minimalistic, contemporary rereading of The Zombies: catchy refrain, a memorable riff, baroque pop harpsichords, lush, falsetto vocals, mono channels: that good. 
Same 60s sound formula and feeling with burning bass lines and singing later on See Tangerine: a sort of sedated melodic saturation, whose fierce comes out with the too-much percussive lo-fi of following On A Vanity. I always come this close to skipping this track .
Other Houses, from California, Fabulous Dates is the second release for Morgan Enos' band, formerly of Hollow Sunshine and Hheaven, two projects of different polarities, indie noise versus a more inmost writing, and, it seems to me Other Houses is like the Middle Earth: this short 9 track adventure lists mellow slow tempos pieces, a romanticism for oddity, like the soulful, mild psychedelic vibe of I Feel Good, as well as the heavenly baroque air of Ferns Are Fine Forever. Also, Jar of Marbles is a sweet ballad, maybe suffering a little of the lo-fi production key which leads the whole tracklist, - still, a good song able to dig a hole in your head. No frills for the last two songs, Quartz on the Table and No Part of It, maybe their intimacy has no the right production of sounds to load the twee-pop thing in them, seen the naked recordings, still - again - you can't say of them they're not dressed with lovely motifs. Enjoy.

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