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The queen is dead - tribute to the Smiths

(10tx internet release, MelaVerde rec 2016)

 | pall youhideme
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It's all about De gustibus non est disputandum, you know.. and, see also, stercus cuique suum bene olet.. Of course, I speak no Latin, I'd love to, yet, I do not. Anyway, the only three pieces of Music I can enjoy from 10 tracks tribute to The Smiths are embedded below, and - let me say - they deserve your attention, your ears, and more related attention to this new Italian indie label popping out, MelaVerde records. 
Quirky, alternative folk deliverance from Johnny Marr intricate jangly guitars and still, bittersweet delicious. Walking the Cow, Werner, - already some of my local favorites, and, new to me, 
Atterraggio Alieno.
If the famous Smiths' title helped the Queen to turn 90 in last days, may this artwork by La Came wish Moz more and more decades of a happy life. Now, press play.

Then, the whole tracklist, enjoy.

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