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Roy Brooks

The Free Slave

Educational listen

 | pall youhideme
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Recorded live at the Left Band Jazz Society on April 26, 1970, then released in 1972, this record is an amazing soul jazz, hard-bop experience, and, - as I read, - probably, the only Roy Brooks' disc that's widely available [ref]. 
"A couple of seconds after your needle hits the groove on this record, you'll hear something cry out" [..] "come one Roy, that's what I want from you".. jeez, this 4 tracks performance is really a piece of Music. Inspiring, genuinely inspiring. Funky and healthy adrenalinic, and so groovy at the same time. 
On this YT full album link, something after 41 mins, as one of comments say, "then there is the audience participation that brings us back to times and spaces where jazz was not being delivered to gray-haired white audiences in slick auditoriums but rather had more of a revival feel.".. fuck, this live performance is simply enthralling, it's audience/musician two way performance. The way he used to regulate the snare pitch while drumming is pure gold (it seems to me he used a 'Breath-o-Tone', as he explains in the following interview, "a device that allows him to heighten or lower the pitch of his drums by exhaling or inhaling through a pair of plastic tubes.".. that crazy!) .
More specifics available on Discogs. Enjoy.

Don't miss, also, this touching 1989 interview. Everything is percussive. His idea of edutainment (education + entertainment), of drum(m)ist (a piano player is a pianist, a drums player is a drummist). Such a talent and humble man.

Drummer since he was 3 yrs old, his life's finale is not of happiest, though, a mental illness brought him to jail and then in a nursing home.. :-( such a beautiful mind He was.

"In the 1990s Detroit's jazz scene waned, and Brooks ceased taking medication [he took lithium to regulate his behavior]; he again began breaking down at gigs, and in 1994 was institutionalized for three weeks. In 1997, he threatened his neighbor with a shotgun during a dispute over a lost set of house keys.[4] He was charged with assault but was declared mentally unfit to stand trial and was sentenced to mental treatment; however, he missed many of his appointments, and in 1999 he threatened another neighbor with a bullwhip and a machete over property rights to an adjacent vacant lot.[4] Sentenced to further psychiatric treatment, he disappeared again, and when probation officers found him, he was imprisoned late in 2000.[4] He served time at Marquette Prison until 2004, when he was placed in a nursing home.[2] He died there late in 2005" [wiki]
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