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Rev Rev Rev

Des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient

(12tx CD/Vinyl/K7, 42'' - Kinotone, Custom Made Music, Northern Light rec 2016)

 | pall youhideme
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Brian Johnston Massacre crashing against My Bloody Valentine's Isn't Anything, while Mazzy Star are watching a vid of A Place to Bury Strangers: somehow, I think this sums the polarities of latest Rev Rev Rev's sound bath, due to 19th Feb 2016, Des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient, title of Rimbaud-ish memoir, follow-up to their brilliant, s/t first release in 2013.
The Italian duo, - from Modena -, Sebastian Lugli (guitars) and Laura Iacuzio (vocals), now joined by Andrea Dall'Omo (bass) and Greta Benatti (drums), makes the record label(s) debut for UK-based Kinotone rec (run by David Mapson Jnr, former guitarist for The Underground Youth), plus, Des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient is going to be released also in USA by Custom Made Music and Northern Light records. Nice catch, you'd say.
Recorded by Alessio Pindinelli (aka La Casa Al Mare) and Fabio Galeone at Wax rec studio, I think the real good time of this shoegaze party happens with the tracklist, minus three songs, - the intro Buzzing Flowers, Nightwine and final piece Aloft, which, frankly, I feel like running a low-profile. Differently Travelling Westbound and We can but dream start the lights sparkling: dreamy melodies of an oblique gentleness, next to be crushed into harsh guitar-driven noise. 
Caffé and Je Est Un Autre blink to the above mentioned abrasive wall of of Oliver Ackermann's Death By Audio, - actually, guitarist Sebastian Lugli is himself an effects pedal maker too, in a constant research for the perfect tsunami. And if you like tremolo pedals, this is your porn: sine vs triangle wave, this is the real and only to-be-or-not-to-be quest(ion) for this record, to be tamed with expression pedals, eventually. Add some tanpura's mysticism to the plot. Tremolo pedal porn.
A ring without an end and Ripples kneel to the dark side of slow-tempo psychedelia, - mesmeric and deep diving, you want to dance like a zombie with it, here and there, like electrocuted -, while, another strong track, maybe the strongest one, actually, is Plymouth Morning, where, finally, Laura breaks out the ice narrow range of her vocals, with just a few lyrics: then a vortex of fuzz takes over. This should have been the single track for a debut video, not Nightwine. Just my two cents.
Blame is probably their bravest and most audacious track so far among all this savagery of buzz, they make some genuine experimenting here. 
Last but not least, Just a spot swings over heavy bass lines and it even dares the only guitar solo of the tracklist. 
Rev Rev Rev. Buzz buzz buzz. Fuzz fzz FZZZ. In tremolo, we trust.

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