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(6tx CD/Vinyl - diNotte + V4V + Indastria rec 2014)

 | pall youhideme
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Afraid! were one of those criminally-underrated-bands from Italy, I'm still particularly fonded with. Actually, I experienced a sort of fetishist thing for them, last decade. When they came in Rome for a gig, last time, years ago, I didn't know what else I could buy from their merchandising, so I took the last t-shirt left, it was a girlie-size one, I mean, I don't even know yet what I am going to do with it.. probably I'll fit to my daughter in a couple of years, so I would give it to her. There are indians and cowboys on, she'll like it.
Now, Afraid! are in a hiatus, or disbanded, frankly I don't know, they've always ran a low-profile, been secretive, so, I only read here and there all or most or some of them are now in this new band called Hartal!, maylisian word for ocher colour (thank you gtranslate). That exclamation mark is still there, but the screamo/dance punk bpm has gone, to leave room to a spacey psychedelic universe of doped, haunted melodies and reverberant male vocals, somenthing somehow tasted in Afraid!'s Megalöklift album: tribal, murky, electrifying rancid . 
Guitars, drums, synth, bass, vocals, live recorded in studio, debut release: after the short intro, Uno, their stoned march takes on, Barefoot Empire, - think The Black Angels, APSE, their tracklist feeds a visceral motion, a spiritual(ist) elevation, perhaps almost zombified, for the listener. The following Old Chicken Makes Good Broth (says an old Italian adage, I don't know if in english makes sense) is the voodoo calling. Auditive mirages, trippy, slow tempo psychedelia.
Only Chasing the Beaver embraces a faster frenzy, dosing darkness and more illuminated peaks of songcraft. A batch of songs remarkably undated. Psychedelia is indeed timeless. And their last track, Ogoniland, verges back to a serene kraut magnificence, fully evocative and abrasive, with the sudden final sax solo, like if Steve Mackay had played for Hartal! his saxophone right after his session for The Stooges' Fun House.
Last but not least: free download.

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