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Rev Rev Rev

Live Roma, 30 formiche, 22/02/2015

 | pall youhideme
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I'm so sick of this town. Rome, for the records. It's falling down, down down, exactly as Laura Iacuzio of Rev Rev Rev sings on Catching a buzz' refrain. No more than 20 people for their show down here, no promotion (at least, not a good one to get more than 20 souls as audience on a thursday night), but, you know, this is the average state of 'indie' events here, - if you give a look here and there to our former live reports, that's our usual complain. And that's practically the case of each Italian band coming in town. Unless it's a crappy one. Or part of bigger hype/happening. But you know, de gustibus non disputandum est sed. Said that, the venue 30 Formiche is a nice one, but not suitable for the wall of sound Rev Rev Rev might feed. Could feed. And bass player inaudible. Bartender and local sound engineer were the same guy. Friendly people, good beers at nice price, nice DJ set, but, whatever, that's no good, not enough. And, also here, not even a poster on the door (not even the venue's name, actually), I mean, not a mention Rev Rev Rev were playing live. There, that sick of this town.
Rev Rev Rev start their set with Catching a buzz, around 11pm, and, without a break, it follows Blue on Red, both from their flaming self-titled record of two years ago. The foggy, messy reverb on Laura's mic, the continuous buzzing of the sound system made the whole tracklist a bit soporific after a while, and, most of those 20 devils left the hall, the free calcio balilla in the next room won again against live music, and that's a pity, because I'm sure Rev Rev Rev could lead a better show, such it Isn'tAnything-good their record, which later I bought. That wanted to be a compliment. Sebastian Lugli delivers acid on acid through his Fender Jaguar, often, it was such a pleasure to deep in.
At the end of their show, it was only left short few of us. A crazy guy next to me asked them to play two more encores, so, in a surreal deja-vu, Rev Rev Rev performed again Catching a buzz and Blue on Red. As once I heard brilliantly answered by the guy of They Came From the Stars: the encores you're asking of are on our CD, now buy it! 
I hate this town.
PS. Drummer and bass player forgive me, I hate to use camera flash, so, they're just ghosts in my shots.

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