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komakino fenice, komakino felice

Yes, that's komakino's restyled website.

And yes, i should place a 'BETA' on the logo, i know

 | pall youhideme
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komakino fenice, komakino felice - Yes, thats komakinos restyled website. | Varie
But i'm dead tired, - so, You just need to know that i'm still working on refilling the koma-archives.
Ten years of komakino are not easy to optimize.
Well, just in case You didn't notice, - komakino has been off for a while: WHY?? Are You seriously asking me why? - It took me three weeks and it's still going to take more, because the work isn't over, - but komakino now is BACK, - now is what-You-would-call a 2.0-internet thing. Don't ask me what that means, - there's wiki for that. I only know that now i put everything on a database, i consumed my brain learning ASP, i nearly lost a couple of EXCELLENT friends in getting precious technical help with that (Sté, Lele, amazing people): and again, komakino is back, - easier to read, to put a feedback on, to browse, watch, lick.. no, not that, not yet.
komakino says farewell, so long to the vintage deaf lady, because because because.. i just didn't want to keep on making a trademark of her, - overall because i - p.m., - did my best to draw what i can draw for a logo  (that is a circle with three black filled circles inside, - fairly good, isn't it?) and decided that was more me-looking-like than the above woman.. love stories end like this..

So, again, komakino is back, - but feel free to ignore this, again.
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 Michel1 writes:
Robba gajarda...come sempre! Hasta la ceppa!
(16/01/2009 12:02:00 - ip: 151.50...)
 pall youhidemeOpen new window writes:
ce la suoniamo e ce la cantiamo, come sempre! grazie.
(14/01/2009 09:58:00 - ip: 89.97....)
 AntoineOpen new window writes:
Ooooh! E andiamo (anche in sala prove, dico...). Finalmente Paul! Stavo sviluppando l'ennesimo disturbo ossessivo compulsivo a furia di controllare se eri tornato online o no. P_S_ -> Buon anno.
(14/01/2009 00:41:00 - ip: 79.19....)
 LeleOpen new window writes:
anche senza 'BETA' spacca!
(14/01/2009 00:14:00 - ip: 77.108...)
 Ste writes:
Che dire mio amico... amazing work! Il mio contributo aspese potrà essere stato d'aiuto, ma il lavorone di concept, grafica, integrazione e interazione adesso disponibile è semplicemente grande! Ancora più bello da vedere e leggere, ancora più un timesink per le mie ore lavorative :D
(13/01/2009 18:18:00 - ip: 62.77....)
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