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Joy Division

Unknown Pleasures

The history of its album art

 | pall youhideme
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Dated 2011, there is a very interesting article by this talented guy, Adam Capriola, which puts in question the eventual copyright of the original cover image of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures.

"The front cover image comes from an edition of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy, and was originally drawn with black lines on a white background.
It presents successive pulses from the first pulsar discovered, PSR B1919+21—often referred to in the context of this album by its older name, CP 1919.
The image was suggested by drummer Stephen Morris and the cover design is credited to Joy Division, Peter Saville and Chris Mathan." [wiki]

Below, it is summed very - very - shortly, but, read more with a click after the jump.


[..] "It turns out the diagram actually first appeared in a January 1971 issue of Scientific American, and is credited to Jerry Ostriker" [..] 

[..] "The image then made a second cameo in Graphis Diagrams in 1974:"

[..] "And finally, it appeared in the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy in 1977, which is where Joy Division drummer Stephen Morris saw the design:"

[..] "I went straight to the source and tried e-mailing Peter Saville to see if he had any comment on the matter. I wasn't really expecting to get a response, but to my surprise his assistant Alice sent a prompt reply:

Hi Adam,

I write on behalf of Peter.
We understand the image as copyright free.
So believe you are liberty to do as you wish.

My best,


And, last but not least, press play..

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not yet, probably nobody cares, or nobody cared enough to tell something. Also: nobody reads komakino.

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