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The Charlottes

Interview, ITV's Transmission

"who do they hope buys Charlottes records?"

 | pall youhideme
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I'm really into The Charlottes, since at least a decade, now. 
It was already too late, I know. But I still think they are fucking underrated. So  much noise, shoegaze, genuine pathos. My recipe.
But, lucky us, there is always a chance that some footage from 'back in the days' may pop up on youtube in any moment! 
Here we go, an interview (from 89/90?) with Simon Scott (fucking good drummer! later in Slowdive, Televise, Inner Sleeve, Keshhhhhh recordings - just to cite a few) and Graham Gargiulo (guitar, italian surname, people! - Later with Barefoot Contessa), from the ashes of The Giant Polar Bears, Fish on your head fanzine.. Now, I just hope someone is going to upload one of their show with Swervedriver or an interview with Petra Roddis (vocals) and David Fletcher (bass). Enjoy.

"so are they potential sex symbols?"

PS. Don't miss their amazing Peel Session, stream it here, and if you want me to share it with you, drop me a line, - so far in time, I downloaded the whole session here.
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 pall youhidemeOpen new window writes:

(03/03/2020 11:56:00 - ip: 5.152....)
 pall youhidemeOpen new window writes:
Glad you stopped by! Hopefully you're doing great, I still love so much The Charlottes, take care! (Now I want cake!)
(25/03/2016 09:37:00 - ip: 5.152....)
 David FletcherOpen new window writes:
Thanks for your kind words, glad you enjoy(ed) the music
(25/03/2016 09:29:00 - ip: 31.50....)
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