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Crown Estate

Julie D Rumsey and Sacha Galvagna

from Rosa Mota on

 | pall youhideme
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As written some posts ago, Sacha Galvagna and Julie Denise Rumsey - originally from our beloved Rosa Mota - are teaming back together in a new sound project called Crown Estate, - if you allow me a couple of coordinates - a sort of electro-pop downtempo with enticing female vocals.
Here we are, I am happy to present you the brief chat I had with both to know more about what's in the pot, so, press play below, and enjoy this interview.


komakino: what's in a day, where's julie gone? walks into town, she takes me all the way down... - so, where's Julie gone all this time? Why is now time to come back making music with Sacha?
Julie D Rumsey: Julie, unlike anyone else in Rosa Mota is still living in central London. I have 3 daughters (eldest nearly 16 and youngest nearly 9) so since Bionic (1996, koma's note) family has pretty much taken up my time. Music never really went away, but the time and space to be creative just wasn't there. Sacha and I did do a couple of gigs together - one of his stuff and one of mine, but even that was some years back now. Music never went away - I always knew I would come back to it - the time is what it is - it was just right and we took it.

komakino: Sacha.. you seem to be a globe trotter.. where are you now? Back in London? No intention of being that intrusive, but, what do you guys do for a living?
Sacha Galvagna:  I am now living in Oakland, California. In the middle of the ghetto in a loft apartment with my cat 'Murdock'. Not sure how I ended up here. Working for a computer cable company, very boring but it pays the bills. I have American citizenship as well as European, so the thought of moving always appeals to me but my 7 year old daughter is near by so I will stick around here to be close to her. 
Julie: I work for a graphic design company that predominantly work for museums. I am not a designer there, I am the business manager - I reserve my creative energies for Crown Estate! Though ultimately my role is about communicating with people and holding stuff together, which does require some creative spirit.

komakino: So, how can you describe your current sound? what instruments do you play here? is it happy or sad music? 
Julie: Describing a sound is always very difficult - especially if it's yours. That makes objectivity very difficult, BUT lo-fi minimalist electro pop seems to cover it. Is it happy or sad? Well there is quite a lot that we have done that is up beat, so I guess that would define it as happy. But then there are more melancholic tracks which could be described as sad I suppose. However it comes back to the issue of communication and emotion really. The music never attempts to be anything other than a truthful expression of a sentiment, a feeling, a moment. All emotions are valid and helpful therefore even if a track could superficially be branded 'sad', if it triggers a connection or an emotion that to me is a positive.

komakino: How did your idea of making Music have changed through years?
Sacha: my idea of music has not really changed but what has changed
are all the ways one can make music. It used to be 'together with friends, one with a guitar and start writing'. Having technology available has changed the way people make music and made it easier for others to be creative. I like to fuse technology software with traditional instruments and non traditional instrument, being a collector of all things that make a noise.
Julie: Has my idea of making music changed? No, not all. The process and the medium may be different, but the approach and the ethos remains the same. Making the best with what we have, when and where we have it.

komakino: So, is it like this now? Each one in his own room, then, you send out to each other everything via internet? Do you miss to meet in a studio for rehearsal sessions?
Sacha: We are making music with an Ocean apart but because we are very good friends and see each other often it feels natural. For me it was a good outlet working with Julie and even though we have worked together before she really suprised me with some really great melodies for
the 'Crown Estate' songs. I was suprised because I was sending her some noises and bleeps and she come back with really beautiful melodic lyrics, so then I had to really start to up my game and try to reach that level musically. I am in two other bands here in California 'Carta' and 'The Co-op' so I am always in a rehearsal room.
Julie: So what is it like now? Well yes we are in separate rooms and everything is sent across the internet, but like Sacha said, as we have known each other for so long we have a really natural working relationship, so the distance just isn't an issue. If anything it has even made our writing process more efficient. The idea is to act, react, lay it down and move on. To ponder to long really is to miss the moment. If something isn't working then maybe it isn't meant to and it is time to move on to something else. Unlike Sacha I do not work in rehearsal rooms......yet! Though my next project is to try to work out how to do this live.....probably without Sacha physically there. I do miss live performance and that sense of collaboration. I also think there is something very special about live performance. That said though I cannot deny how much this project has surprised me as it feeds the same need in me.

komakino: Guys, do you still buy records? Do you still remember the ever first record you bought on your own?
Sacha:  I am back on vinyl after years without it, trying to buy all the records I sold or left with friends in London. Really love the sound of a record. I think the first record I bought was 'cool for cats' by Squeeze, a guy at school had stolen in from Woolworths and I bought it off him, it was pink vinyl. 
Julie: Do I still buy records? I want to say yes, but in truth it is mostly CDs and downloads. First record ever bought? I was VERY young and it was the Bay City Rollers. Wish I could say something cooler - but there it is.

komakino: What is your idea of happyness?
Julie: To love, be loved and be lucky enough to do something you enjoy.

komakino: Do you like reading? Do you like reading? Is there any particular book you read and are particularly fond of?
Julie: Do I like reading? I do. Particularly fond of? Tricky question as it will change depending on what I am reading a the time, But I do have penchant for DH Lawrence.

komakino: Last but not least: is there yet any Rosa Mota's song which sometimes pops up in your mind and you find yourself unconsciously to whistle?
Sacha:  'I get by from day to day, I get by in little ways' always singing that RM song. I think that's my favorite.
Julie: Many RM songs pop up from time to time - varies all the time. though one lyric of mine I do find myself repeating to myself is: 
'Its not the devil who's dogging me, it's just my good-bad self". [Shelf Life, from Bionic - k's note]
(I hasten to add that the lyric was written before 'dogging' became what it is today and to be 'dogged' by something meant to be dragged down by it!)

|||||| interview:_______Jan 2013
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