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I hope it shines on me

(13tx internet release / CD, White Birch + Stordisco rec 2012)

 | pall youhideme
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Free download internet release, recent Codeine's reunion is an excellent excuse to compile a 13 track tribute-compilation of those slo-core pearls unknown to the most, here featuring a juicy slice of the indie cake in Italy. 
Ka Mate Ka Ora's holy fire burns stones on Cave In, then Walking the Cow sings the opening verse which gives the good the record, Pea: extremely touching in its frailty. And thumbs on for Crimen, too, playing D - shivers like I didn't feel so far in time since the last time I heard to The God Machine. Miss the 90s. Werner play Broken Hearted Wine with grace and tragedy. Baby Blue rattle the chaos theory with Castle. Idle God keep faith to post/math rock aeshetics with Cigarette Machine, something to play loud. Shelly Johnson Broke My Heart made their antidepressant version of New Year's, noise pop reloaded, buzzing and perfectly shaped to top an alternative college radio hit list. 
Old Boy feat. The Last Hour choose an electro veer for Pickup Song, - we can go back to the abrasive guitar distortion only later with The Marygold, flaming on Gravel Bed. Verily So, with 3 Angels, break your heart in pieces on a slow pace: poignant vocals. Lights are still trembling and mixing your shadows with Derma, singing Second Chance.
It ends to the daybreak first lights with In a sleeping Mood, Vacancy: no lyrics needed to touch your heart with a theme like this.
I hope White Birch records and Stordisco zine are going to send some copy of this release to Codeine guys, I'm sure they would appreciate. 

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not yet, probably nobody cares, or nobody cared enough to tell something. Also: nobody reads komakino.

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