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French pop délice

Chat with Mathieu and Mickael

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If You love indie-pop, twee-pop, and whatever is genuinely pop music tasty, for sure you have also a soft spot for french-pop, and that's your day, because you should definitely play some of Pendentif's songs and take note to compile the perfect mixtape you're going to carry with you this Summer. Fuck the mp3s. I know, that's just words, but how to forget the tactile pleasure of a vinyl, and watch it spin on the turntable? Dear old gold times.. anyway.
I spent some words with Mathieu Vincent (bass, guitar, backing vocals) and MickaŽl Gachet (vocals, keyboards), from this five-piece band from Bordeau, France, enjoy, press play, read my interview, support their beautiful melodies.


komakino: hi there Mathieu, - let's start from the basic questions: who are you? Who are Pendentif?

Mathieu: Hi Paolo. We are on group of friend from Bordeaux, France. We all have been playing in different bands, before playing together.
Mickael: Pendentif it is a little the memory and the hope at the same time. The crossing between the space and the time, untouchable elements by the hand of the man....

komakino: There is a girl singing in these tracks, - I cannot see her in your press photos I found [that was before they sent me these pictures - k's note]: a recent change of line-up?

Mathieu: Cindy has been singing on the tracks, but she wasn't with us on the first shows. But she is now member of the band!

komakino: I was reading the definition of 'pop music' given by wikipedia: "Pop music is usually understood to be commercially recorded music, often oriented towards a youth market, usually consisting of relatively short, simple songs utilizing technological innovations to produce new variations on existing themes" [], - Assuming that 'pop music' is of a wider range than that, do you think Pendentif match with pop music? I mean, it is like people is learning that pop music means commercial music.. what do you reckon?

Mickael: With pendant, we have our own rules of business ethics, the vision of the pop is a unique, roads are multiple, set by diamond, foggy or badly frequented, the important is to know where from we come, what we like and what we want to make cross and to where can we go... The pop they are questions... We hope that our project will give us some runways and some answers...

komakino: There is this taste for a retro/vintage imaginery in the artwork of your vinyl, besides, of course, the concept of vinyl itself, I mean, - what is behind that? What's wrong with digital and the modern times?

Mathieu: Nothing is wrong with digital and modern times... we have to live with this evolution... But we love beautiful objects, as vinyls... And we love the sound of the vinyl. Some guys in the band and a lot of our friends often buy vinyl for these reasons.

komakino: As time goes on, do you think vinyl is going to be more and more a disc support strictly used by indie bands? I mean, it would be pretty suicidal for any major/mainstream band choose to release a new record on vinyl... maybe in a few years majors will stop releasing CDs and will sell only mp3s?

Mathieu: Majors continue to release some albums on vinyl... they understand that it is a great support. But only on small quantities... and it's sometimes hard to get an album on vinyl.

komakino: What is your idea of perfect pop song? Perfect pop album?

Mickael:  For us, a good album it is as a good meal, is needed an entrance, elegant dishes, cigarette break, of the laughter, the brightness, a dessert and a good coffee, one beautiful introduction, aerations, titles hardly and the attractive end...
An invitation to discovering places, any manners rules is the same structures  in cooking or in music. Our pendant is the key of vault, the invitation....

komakino: Are you going to record more tracks for a full-length album? What's new in the pot?

Mathieu: Yes, we are working on new tracks, we would like to release an album on 2012.

komakino: You are from Bordeaux, right, - can you tell me if there's any kind of indie-scene overthere? Any other band you feel congenial?

Mathieu: Yes, there is a nice indie-scene in Bordeaux! We like a lot of bands as Kid Bombardos, Mars Red Sky, April Shower, Sharitah Manush, Minuscule Hey, Petit FantŰme, etc...

komakino: I see you have some upcoming shows in France; do you plan to make a tour in Europe, maybe in Italy?

Mathieu: We have some contacts to go in England, but not yet for Italy... we would like it!
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