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Elks Skiffle Group

puppet pop from outer space

 | pall youhideme
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Elks Skiffle Group - puppet pop from outer space | Interview

k: hello! i'm very excited doing this interview, - i never interviewed puppets, and neither aliens (notwithstanding i feel an alien and someone told me puppets have a life more exciting than mine). Then i'm having a double experience now. Anyway, i was looking at the cover picture of Your fantastic cp.. on the car bonnet there are some 'humans' drawn.. are You dangerous? Do i have to say to people to stay home when You are in the arounds? Elks: oh yes we are Very Dangerous and must be Obeyed At All Times or not. k: ok, the question is easy: why playing music just downhere on planet Earth? Elks: well you could not hear it if we were on the moon or something unless we had Bigger Amplifiers. k: What does music feel like for an alien? Elks: like a happyface lollipop in a reverse gravitation unit but louder. k: 'Our kind of universe' is my favorite one. Extremely sweet. Homesick? Do You plan to come back home somedays? Elks: we are not sick of home yet so we will probably stay here at least until we get our royalties. k: How is the typical day of a puppet-alien?

8.00 am time to get up
8.05 am shake ping pong balls out of head
8.30 am breakfast
8.31 am plastic spaceman lands on Planet Cornflake
9.00 am answer Important Questions
9.05 am songs for singing and voice lesson
11.30 am playtime
12.00 pm do you want to have lunch or go to the moon
2.00 pm visit shops for Items To Be Acquired
5.00 pm tea and kayks
6.00 pm harmless TV Programming and Entertainment
7.30 pm more tea and kayks
8.00 pm time to get up

k: Janice - 
ElksIs Janice considered sexy between male puppet-aliens? Elks: we are not boys or girls so it is hard to say. k: What's love for an alien-puppet? Elks: many balloon aminals. k: Then, "pink" is the universal colour for girls? Elks: no but blue is the universal colour for Smurfs. k: What kind of groupies do You have? Elks: policemen k: Can You explain me what does Your name [Elks Skiffle] mean? Why this name? Elks: the Elks is an earth aminal with 4 legs eyes on stalks and a washboard we are a bit like that apart from the legs and washboard. k: Would You barter Your flying saucer with a ford? Elks: we could consider a Nebulon Warblecraft and a big bag of Chocolate Chewing Nuts perhaps. k: I'm lazy, so, please do Your-self a question and then answer. Elks: what is stuck in the bHooverottom of a boat and sings white xmas - Bung Crosb [Bing Crosby, lounge music icon, i guess - ndk]. k: Have You ever been discriminated because of Your nature in the musicbusiness? Elks: no that is because we are Very Dangerous. k: What kind of Music do You like listening to? Elks: we want some records by Sooty [Harry Corbett's handpuppet, very popular since early 5o's BBC programs - k's note] the famous english puppet and TV show but Sooty has no voice and we have not found any sometimes we listen to Lawrence Welk who has a voice but does not sing we think it is a conspiracy. k: how many humans need does it take to screw a light bulb? Elks Skiffle Group: we have a copy of Mechanix Illustrated How-To-Do Encyclopedia if that helps. k: what's the perfect moment/atmosphere to listen to Elks' music? Elks Skiffle Group: approximately star time 02.047.03 in the vicinity of Quackulon 4 from a Wub-Wub Orbiter. k: Say something scary to our readers. Elks: Wee-ooo Wee-ooo Wee-ooo.

homepage, pictures and stuff at:
mp3's and realaudio files on:,

Interview appeared on komakino#1o, march 'o2, - by paolo miceli. Grammatical errors due to Elks Skiffle's cosmic translator.

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