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A Hawk and a Hacksaw

w/ Evi Evan

Live @ Init, Roma, 5 Aprile 2011

 | pall youhideme
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Oh shit, how tempus fugit, it was almost four years ago since the time I saw A Hawk and a Hacksaw's show in Rome. Same location, Init club.
So, last night they were finally back in town to promote their latest record, Cervantine, self-released on their own label, L.M. DUPLI-CATION, - and be sure I bought it, - it is exquisite since the cardboard digipack itself. Music that makes you feel like you can survive without electricity and rock'n'roll.
Accordionist Jeremy Barnes and violinist Heather Trost sound totally like born in the wrong country, Eastern/Western Europe should adopt them, and maybe, it actually happened, seen the fondness of their audience in Rome.
For this European Tour, which sees shows also in Romania and Turkey (Jeremy told about that from the stage and looked pretty excited), they have two guys who joined the line-up, versatile musicians for percussions, drum, trumpet, accordion (last time it was Barnes in charge of playing an instrument for each arm/leg).

The opening band was the greek/italian orchestra Eví Evàn, perfectly matching supporter for A Hawk and a Hacksaw's addiction to balkan folk music.
Maybe their set just lasted too long (that means more than a hour), but if I'll ever have the chance to visit Greece some day, I expect to hear this kind of traditional tunes, driven by bouzouki and baglamas while I order something typical to eat. Excellent performers, maybe even too precise. They had dancers to invite people to dance, ms Trost joined a couple of times.

A Hawk and a Hacksaw are one of my favorite bands of these last years. This is their fifth record, and you must be really inspired to write something gorgeous for the fifth time. Their live performance is still utterly passionating, they could fit with an indie club as well as in a street, in a village festival, or in a desert county. Years and years of touring bring the results, - Jeremy is fucking talented in playing his accordion, Heather too, fully self-confident and even experimentalist with her sort of prepared violin attached to a kind of trumpet, with a chord left free that she pulls to create strangely soothing, rattling sounds. Their fanfara is explosive, alternating trance-inducing patterns, sung pieces (Heather singing on Uskudar is pretty funny and infectious - although, no idea about the lyrics..) to wilder dancing.
At the end of the show, while people were going out, they improvised a couple of unplugged encores right in the entry hall, we were all like hypnotized and amused. If I remember correctly Heather and Jeremy greeted everyone by playing the leit motiv of Smoke gets in your eyes, - I told you, they're too nice.
- Photos, one video, - check below.

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