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Sara Lov

Live @ Circolo degli Artisti, Roma, 10/03/2011

 | pall youhideme
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What can I say more about Sara Lov? Reviews, live reports, interview, - it's never enough, I know, - I lov(e) Her Music (Devics included!), Her talent, and She seems a lov(e)ly person, too. Also able to be friendly on stage.
This was my third time I see her performing solo, live in Rome, this turn, promoting her covers record I Already Love You, self-produced this year (though her own record label, called Splinter) and coreleased via the italian indie Irma. Taken!
And again, no doubt, her friend and (for the third time) live band-mate Scott Mercado is a talented beared guy - so, like the last year, - I bought his new record as Manuok, The Old Horse, - I gave it a couple of listen in these days, driving, - I love it, - sort of indie pop and psychedelic breakfast. Charming.
Now the show: surprise, surprise for everyone, unlike what happened last year (actually, until the last gig I saw at Circolo degli Artisti a couple of weeks earlier), the whole audience was perfectly respectful and silent during Lov's show. She notices that as well. Strangely, this time the audience was not that random. They were, are, Sara Lov fans. That's good. Actually, the only noise you heard was the click of photographers' cameras. And I say, since now the cameras are all digital, why the fuck not remove that noise?
Francesco Donadello from Giardini di Mirò was Lov's sound engineer (recently, he also toured China with Devics), and guest drummer on a couple of tracks, - else Lov and Mercado used drum tracks and some (luckly not invasive) pre-recorded loops.
The show started with The Smiths' opus There is a light that never goes out, piano and vocals. But, for sure Lov has captivated the concert hall with La Bambola, sung with an enviable italian accent, - she invited the audience to sing along, too, and probably Patty Pravo's ears were burning (although, I must confess, i hate people sung along at gigs, and I felt like in non è la rai).
Anyway, now and then
BTW, other tracks for her latest record: Hold me now, Just My Heart Talkin', then, not in order, her own songs, New York, Fountain, A Thousand Bees, Animals, Touched, Tell Me How, Frankie. Probably I'm missing a couple, but, frankly, I listen to her records too often, I'm a bit confused if she played or less some.
Notwithstanding Sara Lov started her show apologising for her bad cold, her voice was stunning. And I loved to hear her speaking italian, and yeah, 'cantate' sounds a bit like 'patate'.

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