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Azure Ray

w/ Stagg

Live @ Circolo degli Artisti, 25/02/2011 Roma

 | pall youhideme
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Here we go, with the eternal question: why do people go to a live show just to chat all the time in front of the stage?
Actually, in front, in the back, and in the middle of the venue Circolo degli Artisti.
Tea and cookies for almost everyone. Especially when it's a live show which needs SILENCE.
And there wasn't even too much people.
Anyway. The opening band, Stag, - definitely not my cup of tea. One cover of Luigi Tenco didn't help. Italian pop songs in italian and english. De gustibus.
Anyway, I was there for Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink, aka Azure Ray, - I've been longing them to come in Rome since I fell in love with Burn and Shiver in 2002.
Along these years I devoured their records, - they have got an enchanting gift for fragile melodies, desperate love songs, whispered and gentle dream pop tunes guided by their twin vocals.
Three fender deluxe amps on stage, Maria and Orenda playing two Gibson guitars (a left-handed ES-335, semi-acoustic, vintage sunburst, - and another vintage guitar I didn't recognize, if not a Gibson, a Garrison), then one more guy who alternates guitar, electric mandolin and bass, one cellist switching to bass and keyboard, - one drummer playing also keyboard. Ring Around the Azure Ray.
Someone from the audience called Orenda by name, and Orenda noted that someone told her that her name in italian sounds very similar to 'orrenda', that means 'awful', .. I think Maria made a joke saying her name is Karina.. :-)
I listen such so often their records that I have difficulties to remember if they played some tracks or not. Anyway, I'm pretty sure they did Raining in Athens (undoubtful touching and beautiful), Sleep (introduced as 'it's a million years old'), Don't leave my mind, If You Fall (sincerely lovely, - and I love when musicians can stop smiling when they play a song that still makes them feel good), On And On Again, Larraine, Silver Sorrow..
About one hour of songs, - no encores, unfortunately, - and no CDs to buy!! Only hoodies, tshirts.. how sad.. I just ordered my copy of their newest record, Drawing Down The Moon, via Saddle Creek records' website, - in the meanwhile You wait to receive the hardcopy, you get the digital version. I'm fine with that.
"Drawing down the Moon (also known as drawing down the Goddess) is a ritual central to many contemporary Wiccan traditions. [..] During her trance, the High Priestess speaks and acts as the Goddess." [>wiki]
Azure Ray are definitely my two favorite Wiccans. I hope to see them again live.

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