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Captain Beefheart

(January 15, 1941 - December 17, 2010)


 | pall youhideme
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"Zappa's account of the origin of the name "Captain Beefheart" [..] can be traced back to the lews anecdote or obscene gesture:
"Captain Beefheart was a character I invented for the film ["Captain Beefheart versus the Grunt People"]. His name derives from one fo Don Vliet's relatives who looked like Harry Truman. He used to piss with the door open when Don's girlfriend waked by and make comments about how his whizzer looked just like a beef heart.
" [source]

BTW, Van Vliet gave a different version to David Letterman (@ 11.48) in early 80s:

Letterman.: - 'you have an interesting name yourself, can you tell us the origins of Capt. Beefheart'
Don Van Vliet aka CB: - 'Captain Beefheart.. a beef in my heart against the society. They're cutting the beaks off of penguins.. down at the marina in LA, you know that, the water...'
L.: - 'No, I didn't'
DVV: -  Cutting the beaks off of...uh...not.. the pelicans. Cutting the beaks off! The top beak...'
L: -  'I know, but why are they doing that?'
DVV: - 'I don't know, but I sure would like to find out who's doing that, because they need a spanking!'
L: -  'Well it's cruel, if in fact that's the case. That seems like it might be cruel'
DVV: -  'Not right'

Letterman: 'Do you always have with the hat on?'
DVV: - 'Hmm.. not now'
L.: 'but, what percent of your life you are without the hat?'
DVV: 'I don't shower with it.. I don't shave with it.. ..'

[.. about CB's childhood]
L.: 'now, wait a minute, you were just in this room by yourself, sculpting, and periodically mom and dad slided food under the door?'
DVV: 'oh yeah'..


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